The Growth of Waiakea Bottled Water Company

Bottled water is not a popular drink among the consumers though it is necessary. The main reason why consumers shy away from it because of plastics, which account for a higher percentage of pollution. Most of the bottled water is filtered city water. This is not the case with Waiakea  Water.

According to Crunchbase, Ryan Emmons, who is a native of Santa Barbara, California, got an idea of starting Waiakea Water after realizing a big hole that was not explored by many.

During their occasional summer and winter stays in Hawaii, he noticed that the water on the Island was a bit different to the ones offered in the major cities. For this reason, he and his college friend, Matt Meyer ended up forming this business back in 2002. At that time, Emmons was still at the University of Southern California. He was just 22 years old.

The business grew by 4000% back in 2015 and saw its market share grow as well. This all happened in a short period of 3 years after its formation. Emmons has credited three aspects to the exponential growth of the business in such a short period.

The first reason for this growth is the content of the water itself. Coming from molten ice and rain, and dripping through the Mauna Loa volcano where it is filtered.

This results in the water exposure to minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Calcium. The water also boasts of containing 30mg of silica. All these minerals are important and useful to our bodies. The water also has a pH ranging from7.8 to 8.8, which is naturally occurring.

The business is also eco-friendly where most of the resources used are recyclable materials. The packaging is also made of polyethylene terephthalate, which is 100% recycled and uses an outstanding 85%, less energy than plastic.

The business has also been involved in social work where it has partnered with PumpAid which is a charity organization that helps people in Africa get access to clean drinking water. For every bottle the business sells, they can donate 650ml of clean water.

According to Emmons, a successful combination of these three factors has made the growth of the business possible. The business has managed to lease a well in Hawaii for the next 99 years. They are planning to build a new manufacturing facility and have launched in two more continents.

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Adam Goldenberg Handles The Quickly Changing Fashion Industry


In an interview, Adam Goldenberg has stated that the fashion industry is changing quickly. This is the type of understanding of the industry that one needs in order to thrive in it. Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg is not only aware that the industry is changing, but he is also aware of the direction that it should go in. One of the reasons that his company is so successful is that he takes the time to analyze the performance of his company. He tracks the sales of all of the items that are offered so that he will be able to limit the overhead of the company.


Adam Goldenberg’s approach has gained TechStyle the designation of a unicorn. He and his partners have shown a great sense of business in what they have provided. Therefore, more customers are getting to know not only what they have to offer, but the methods in which they offer it to their customers. For one thing, TechStyle makes sure that the commitment between the company and the customer benefits the customer greatly. After all, if the customer is not getting any benefits, then he is more likely to walk away towards other companies so that they will get the benefits they seek.


Wikipedia identifies that Adam has been highly involved in not only the building of the company but also the growth of the company. What Adam has done was he has looked at where they can go in order to better serve customers. When they were only selling footwear, Adam and his partners have decided to try their hand at offering full outfits to people. They have turned out to be a success. Adam and Don have then decided to look into ways they can offer clothing for customers. One of the most important things they have realized is that it is good to come up with a unique design.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg’s mission with Fabletics from his story in Entepreneur magazine, or follow him on Twitter for info straight from the CEO himself.

Will The Family On A Budget Save With FreedomPop?

There are quite a few families on a budget who are looking for cheaper cell phones, and they are digging through a number of providers to find something that will not feel like a rip-off. FreedomPop offers a free plan that may work for children, and they have paid plans that may help adults. This FreedomPop review explains how the customer may find savings from the firm that has built its reputation on reducing costs.


#1: Why Are Costs So Low?


FreedomPop keeps its costs low by committing to reducing its prices, and they have spent quite a lot of their money to improve networks, pay into customer plans and expand their company. They are running a business that has millions of customers, and they are using the strength of their user base to maintain a low price plan that anyone may use.


#2: What About The Free Plan?


Free plans at FreedomPop are perfect for children and students who do not need much in the way of a phone. They may be handed a phone that does not cost their parents too much money, and they will spend a bit of money on their own phones with a gradual-payment plan. Anyone who needs a cell phone may come to FreedomPop for help, and children will start on cell phones that cannot be overused. Parents will have control over caps on the phone’s usage, and the company does not charge unless the user wishes to go over their caps.


#3: Choosing Better Phones


Those who wish to save money on their phone service will find it much simpler to use FreedomPop as they offer smartphones for low prices. The company wants their customers to have modern equipment, and they sell smartphones that ensure every customer may connect to the Internet and use apps just as everyone else is.


The company has expanded to wifi service, and they sell a wifi package that will cost much less than any other company on the market. They have chosen to be a price plan-driven company with a few proper devices that anyone will enjoy.


The FreedomPop difference is in their pricing, and they are ensuring more customers may use the service in the future by committing to price cuts. Every customer who saves money with FreedomPop will find a service that is strong, a signal that is powerful and devices that are functional.


Exceptional Hair Care

They say your first impression is a lasting impression! Are you having trouble finding a hair care product that suites your needs? I’ve got the perfect product line just for you. Wen offers products that can be used from head to toe. Starting his product line off in Los Angeles and being very successful. Chaz Dean’s focused on producing star quality merchandise! ( Wen has a product in supply that can benefit any individual no matter what your hair texture or care need may be! The Wen Winter Red Currant cleaning conditioner is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants promote the improvement of hair growth this is done by helping to maintain the collagen, which is the hair follicles connective tissue.

Do you desire extra body and gloss to your hair? Wen’s Winter Red Currant Nourishing Mousse does just that! Short hair or long hair, curly or straight this product is designed for you! Winter Red Currant Mousse will give you a light hold, and moisture to your hair simultaneously. These are just a couple of the many products that this brand offers. If you are tired of wrestling with your hair or just simply want to try something new, Wen by Chaz will not disappoint!

Visit for more product information. Follow Wen on Twitter to get notified on new product releases and online deals!

Did George Soros really believe Hillary would win?

Recently, legendary investor George Soros has gained much attention for his colossal donations to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Totaling over $25,000,000, George Soros became the single largest donor of the entire race and one of the names most closely associated with the Clinton camp. But despite the apparent closeness of the race judging from the popular vote, the end result was close to what could be considered a Trump landslide. This result must have been highly unsettling for a political campaign of a career politician that vastly outspent and out-advertised its Johnny-come-lately opponent. The truth is that Hillary Clinton was one of the weakest candidates fielded for a presidential run in living memory, and George Soros was certainly aware of this.

Base hits don’t win ball games

Say what they will, none of the pundit class has any valid claim that Trump didn’t win the election on Snopes. In fact, the final tally of Trump’s 304 electoral votes to Clinton’s 227 can aptly be called an electoral landslide. Liberals like to shout, stamp their feet and shriek out in impotent rage at the constitutional fact that the United States is a republic that uses an electoral college, not a popular vote, for reasons which are as old as civilization and established by men of great learning on Forbes. Therefore, the fact that Hillary Clinton reportedly won the popular vote by a sliver is both inadmissible and spurious. In baseball, base hits don’t win ball games, scores do. Trump crafted his campaign strategy specifically to win the most electoral votes. Had he been contending for popular votes, he would not have completely abandoned campaigning in states like California or New York. Whining about the rules or attempting to change them ex post facto is the sure mark of the most debased form of poor sportsmanship on Investopedia.

This all needs to be put into perspective. We have a stone-cold professional in Hillary Clinton. She was practically born a politician, and she married one of the greatest politicians in modern history, a man who still enjoys a large reserve of goodwill and adulation across the country. On top of this, the entire media was seemingly intent on getting her elected at any cost, including that of their own credibility. The pretense of objective journalism was quickly abandoned halfway through the race, as transparently anti-Trump hit pieces became de rigeuer. Add to that the vast disparities in televised campaign advertisements and you have one of the most lopsided contests in electoral history. And standing unshaken before the Clinton Goliath’s unlimited total-war emerged a victorious Trump. What does all this mean? Hillary Clinton may be the single worst, most hackneyed presidential candidate in the history of U.S. politics and, maybe, of the world.

Soros is one of the cleverest men alive. People who think he wasn’t aware of Clinton’s intractable weaknesses are fooling themselves. That Clinton was ravaged so thoroughly in the Electoral College doesn’t absolutely say that she had no chance from the start, but it strongly implies it. Which leaves open the question what Soros, a man not accustomed to losing, had as his master strategy.

ClassDojo: Innovation in Parent/ Teacher Communication

Modern day parents lead especially hectic lives, with more and more families identifying as two income households than ever before, making it increasingly difficult to be actively involved in the daily activities of their child’s classroom. With ClassDojo, an education communication platform, parents and teachers can keep in touch through various methods available on the app and the ClassDojo website, empowering parents by enabling them to take an effective role in the process of the education of their children and creating a community for open communication.

Based in San Francisco and founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011, the company seeks to change to the way parents interact with teachers from the ground up. Users can visit the website or download the app to access ClassDojo. Parents create an account using an email address and a parent code provided by the teacher. Once they are logged onto the app they can access various tools that help to create a sort of virtual classroom experience that can be accessed easily on any computer or mobile device.

Some of the methods ClassDojo employs to achieve its goals are parent/ teacher messages, teacher provided activity schedules, student behavior reports, and photo/ video updates on classroom activity.

The app started as a way to teach behavioral traits before it was developed into its current form. The future of the app could see it transform even further based on the ever changing need of parents, teachers, and students. One possible function that could be added to the app eventually is online payments for things such as field trips and classroom supplies. Eliminating the hassle of sending cash or checks to school that could be easily misplaced by children.

Privacy is also a main priority for the company, which believes it is of the utmost importance to keep information about the teachers, children, and parents that use the app secure, so all users can rest assured that their information is protected.

The app is now being used in 2 out of 3 k-8 schools in the United States and is available in 180 other countries.

Phenomenon Desiree Business Skills and Her Contributions to the Success of Tidal

One might think Tidal was going down, but you are very mistaken. With Jay-Z as the president and Desiree Perez on board, Tidal remains solid and going strong more than ever.

Desiree is one of the executives in the ROC Nation. She works under the leadership of Juan Perez, her husband. She has also worked with Jay-Z for over twenty years. It is laughable to work with someone closely and fail to have a close relationship. This is not the case with Desiree as she has formed a strong bond with Jay-Z as well as other prominent artists in Tidal.

Perez has strong negotiating skills and her close business associate believe she is a deal maker. The Tidal artists have received a lot of help from Desiree. She acts as the bridge between them and clients. Notably, she was at the forefront in big deals negotiations for Rihanna, TI, Beyoncé, and Kanye West among others. For instance, she was responsible for negotiating and closing Rihanna’s deal with Samsung as well as Beyoncé’s formation tour.

Des has vast experience in the entertainment industry and plays a fundamental role in helping the artist with the business side of the music. She is the one responsible for bringing and maintains customers in the Tidal. Besides, Desiree helps Jay Z in the signing of lucrative multi-million-dollar deals. Des helped Jay to transition from rapping to music streaming.

Tidal company was founded in the late nineties before Jay buying it in 2015. It specialized in selling ringtones, interactive games, and horoscopes among other systems. Aspire owned the company by then. He later sold some of these services to mobile networks. The organization partnered with some of the European mobile phone giants as a way of distributing the Tidal services across the world via cell phones.

Seven years ago, Tidal created a music streaming service. The aim was to enhance the quality of the videos and audios consumed by the customers. Tidal video and audio streaming became the talk of the state as many people became passionate about it.

Tidal has experienced financial and management challenges in the past. However, that changed when Rapper Jay-Z decided to buy the company. Jay acquired the company as it matched with one of his companies and it had a bright future.

Jay-Z ensured that firm succeeded by employing qualified managers, working with Desiree as well as other top artists. Currently, the company has developed an app for customers to stream their favorite music.

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Millennials Enjoy Exclusive Offers Thanks to the Magnises Black Card

Magnises is a black card that comes with lots of offers. Members enjoy cool technology, a thriving community, and special events. Members can link the Magnises card to their debit and credit cards. The card allows one to participate in special concerts and events. The company has in the past opened up concerts for social events and gathers. To ensure that members are always updated with the company’s information, the Magnises team has created a convenient application for members. The program comes in the form a mobile app. Billy McFarland and his team keep members updated on daily deals and upcoming activities. It also gives daily tips and advice according to one’s professional and personal life.

The Magnises card is full of magic and opportunities for members. The card has been growing to other locations in the world. It has already established itself in several cities within the United States. It has plans to expand to London. The company targets popular places and cities. It wants to build a huge customer base of people that want to use the card. The target market of the card is an age group of people that range from age 20 to age 35.

The Black Card by Billy McFarland comes with several offers and benefits in several categories. Members from different cities get to access different facilities at different places. Magnises members based in New York get access to the company’s clubhouse and working facilities. These working offices are usually accessible at extremely discounted prices. Members get to enjoy a work pass offered by the black card.

People that have the Magnises card can also get access to a monthly membership to exclusive nightclubs within New York. Members get to experience time at nightclubs at only sixty-five dollars. The price is usually higher for regular people. Magnises card members get to have fun and enjoy at extremely discounted prices.

Many people that have used the mobile application have been delighted by its functionality. Through the application, one can get the latest information on what is happening in their city. One gets updates on social events and entertainment ventures.

Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary

The Wessex Institute has an extremely well put together eLibrary. The transactions for the Wessex Institute are found here. On-line access is provided so papers presented at the international conferences can be easily accessed. Publications from their Engineering and Science publications are also stored in the eLibrary. The articles the WIT Press International Journal published are available here as well.

The papers the WIT Press previously published are referenced by a system called CrossRef and are seen in publications and reputable reviews on a regular basis. They have been classified as internationally used databases. All of the books in the eLibrary are also archived and catalogued American Library of Congress as well as the British Library.

The eLibrary offers their users over 28,000 peer reviewed papers for download and a search function that is fast and reliable. Papers can be downloaded in PDF format and immediate access can be obtained regarding the latest in research.

There are seven main research areas.

1) Engineering Sciences

2) Built Environment

3) Modelling and Simulation

4) Ecology and the Environment

5) Information and Communication Technologies

6) Biomedicine and Health

7) State of the Art in Science & Engineering

This vast collection can also be seen in twenty-six subjects displayed in the eLibrary.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association: Committed to Health

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association of Austin, Texas has been a long-standing embodiment of the exceptional administration of anesthesia for alleviating pain and anxiety before during and after a surgical procedure for almost half a century. The Capitol Anesthesiology Association excels in the areas of anesthesia ranging from General, Regional, Local/MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care) Obstetrics and Pediatrics anesthesia. The association is bolstered by a team of physician American Board of Anesthesiology or those in pursuit of, along with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists that support the physicians and as a collective successfully provide a safe and comfortable anesthesia experience. The Certified Registered Nurses are all board certified. With the work of over 80 physicians and 130 board certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association provides quality service in more than 20 medical facilities throughout the Austin area. The application of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s abilities is not limited to work in the hospital. They also partake in philanthropic endeavors by donating they time and skills to helping those underserved and less fortunate. Additionally, Capitol Anesthesiology Association serves those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare by way of their new Dell Medical School by which they educate the future of the medical world. Above all else, Capitol Anesthesiology is dedicated to providing quality anesthesia while advancing the medical field and the conditions of many around the world.

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