FreedomPop Is Not Your Average Cell Phone Company

I hate overpaying for a cell phone, and I have been trying for years to make sure that I could pay less for a cell phone. I was so happy when I finally found FreedomPop, and I think that everyone should be using their plans. I was amazed to find out that they have the cheapest plans in the cell phone industry, and I was even more amazed to learn that they still have smartphones. I like having a smartphone that costs less money, and I like being able to get cheaper phones for everyone in the family.

I have FreedomPop phones for every member of my family, and I know that these phones are saving me money. The money that I am saving with FreedomPop can be used for other things, and I love the fact that the company is giving me more function for less money. I put a phone in everyone’s hand that is much less expensive, and I am able to pay a little more if the people in the family need more data, minutes or texts. It is a graduated scale that we pay on, and it is so much less expensive than paying for everything outright.

Our family is sticking to FreedomPop because we get a better signal, and we are using them because they are saving us a lot of money. All of us are able to use the phones to get work done during the day, and we have even considered using the wifi hotspots that they have. The hotspots are very good because we can set them up at home or in the office, and it is much easier for us to get work done because the FreedomPop network is so strong. That is why we are sticking with them and their cheaper offerings.

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Devco‘s $20 Million Loan Puts It in Trouble

DEVCO is one of the most respected corporations in New Brunswick. However, its reputation as a trustworthy and financially responsible corporation could soon be a thing of the past if the allegations about $20 million unpaid loan from CDRA is true.

According to an article that appeared on Press of Atlantic City, the corporation did not pay the interests and principal amounting to $1 million. To make matters worse, the company is already in arrears for five years. People have begun asking a lot of questions as to whether Devco has the moral ground to be entrusted with the city’s mega projects.

The loan, which was applied 11 years ago, was meant to boost the construction of The Heldrich, a hotel located in New Brunswick. The project was widely applauded by politicians including the President of the Senate Stephen Sweeney. The loan was a fraction of the $107 million collected by the corporation to build the hotel. However, the hotel has been a big disappointment to the corporation since it was completed in 2007.

About Devco

Devco is a non-profit organization tasked with ensuring New Brunswick is at par with current development standards required in a city. The company is behind over $1.6 billion worth of projects since it was started in the 1970s. Devco is well known for highly successful projects. Some of them include the New Stockton University City campus building, Middlesex County Family Courthouse and State Theatre Renovation.

The company prides itself in serving the community through a myriad of investments meant to accomplish certain goals. Its initiatives and development agendas are widely recognized in the country. Hence, it has been nominated for hundreds of awards. Under the leadership of Christopher Paladino, Devco continues to traverse the city’s developmental landscape with an aim to come up with a game-changing solution.


Madison Street Capital Has Become One of the Leading Investment Banking Firms in the World

International investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has been chosen by M&A Advisor as a finalist for their illustrious award. If chosen as the winner, Madison Street Capital would become the 15th recipient of the award.

M&A advisor only gives the award to companies they feel have reached a certain level of excellence in the industry. Madison Street Capital has proven it worth with its strong commitment in integrity, ambition, leadership, and service. The award acts as a strong confirmation that the hard work and dedication of recipients have paid off.

The year just keeps getting better for Madison Street Capital. The firm has also been nominated as one of the companies in the running for other major awards such as the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM). The firm was nominated for International and Industrials Deal of the Year because of the influential role it played in Dowco’s purchase of Acuna & Asociados S.A.

Charles Botchway, Founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital, says the company was more than happy to help Dowco with the buy out process. According to Botchway, Madison Street Capital’s dealmakers work tirelessly to make sure important acquisitions like these go as smoothly as possible. The main goal of the company is to cater to the various demands of clients asap to allow for the best odds of steady growth and success. From the moment the firm is hired, it begins making the goals and objectives of clients its own.

Without question, Madison Street Capital has become a leading investment banking firm since its founding in 1998 and it deserves all the accolades coming its way. Unfortunately, the innovative firm will have to wait til November 9, to find out if they are the winner of the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award. The announcement will take place at the New York Athletic Club.
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Video Visitation is Jail Technology for Now

Everyday, people talk to their loved ones on video chatting systems. They do so through the Internet, their desktop computer or their cellphone. It is commonplace in society but something that most people who are in prison do not get to experience on a regular basis because they are not given access to this type of technology. They are now able to do so with the technology that Securus has created for people who want to be able to talk to their loved ones who are in jail. Video visitations is happening around the country and will soon be found in most prisons.


Securus is the company that is behind the genius email system for inmates. It is a program that allows inmates to chat with their loved ones on a secured system and gives them the opportunity to talk to them through another medium besides phone calls and traditional mail. They are able to let their loved ones know that they love them for a lower price to them as well as the jail. The company provides kiosks for jails to install that allow inmates to use the systems that they provide including less expensive phone calls and even commissary. Inmates will soon be able to use the kiosks for video visits.


One problem that is common in prisons is that inmates may not get the visits that they want because their families simply cannot afford to travel to the destination where the prison is at. Securus has fixed this for people with the video visitation. It is not expensive to use and is something that can be utilized by nearly any inmate. It is easier for families because they do not need to travel to different destinations and they do not need to spend the money that comes with a prison visit.


It is also an ideal solution for violent inmates or for inmates who cannot be trusted around other people. The video visitation can actually be used on a cell block and inmates do not need to be transported to other areas of the prison to be able to “visit” with their family members. They will be able to stay in their cell and prison workers will be safer because of it. While video visits may not solve every problem that prisons have, they will be able to help with a huge morale problem that is common in most prisons.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

IAP Worldwide Services’ Making the Impossible Possible

IAP Worldwide Service has built an impressive repute as a responsive and trustworthy provider of global-scale logistics, advanced professional and technical services, and facilities management, who is not only meeting, but surpassing expectations. The corporate headquarters of this responsive company is in Cape Canaveral, Fl, and they maintain another major office in Washington, DC. IAP operates in over 100 locations in more than 25 countries around the world.

When you partner with IAP, this company takes your objectives and makes them their own, and they do not rest until they have delivered the results that you need. According to credible information on IAP’s official website, the company is tireless in their efforts to exceed expectations and achieve their objectives. Since IAP takes personal ownership of each engagement, their clients can breathe with ease, knowing that their tasks are in the right hands.

While other organizations can offer the same services, IAP Worldwide Services remains ahead of the park as none can conceive better, more efficient, and innovative ways to tackle the task. Moreover, this company is able to offer exceptionalism at all times since their specially trained team of experts knows what their work entails. IAP takes pride in the fact that these experts have a level of dedication to the mission that is unrivaled in the industry, placing the company among the best employers in the world.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs, Careers Profile

IAP employees are a unique group of people whose sole objective is to solve problems for others. Each of them contributes their unmatched knowledge, experiences, and skills to come up with a force that is far much greater than their individual abilities for the good of others. Working in IAP, one feels a deep sense of commitment to serve others, ongoing recognition for a job well done, equality, and cooperation. This company empowers their employees with the resources and the information to execute their jobs efficiently and safely.

With creativity, flexibility, and expertise, IAP delivers solutions to critical problems. They do not understand the language of standard solution. The company believes that urgent response is their specialty. Theirs is to do whatever needs to get done to accomplish seemingly impossible feats.

But IAP does not only define success by the way they treat their customers and employees, but also everyone else. They run a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program through which they show their appreciation to the many people who have been an integral part of their rich story.

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The Drive and Zeal of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a very passionate plastic surgeon and dedicated mother who wraps it all nicely to achieve success as a woman. The Texas native returned home five years ago to start her practice, which is now a thriving business with highly- sought after services. Having trained with the best plastic surgeon in New York, Dr. Walden established a Manhattan private practice with her mentor, Dr. Sherrell Aston as her partner. The practice excelled, and she built up an impressive reputation from 2004 to 2011 but decided to return home after the birth of her twins. Dr.Jennifer Walden wanted her boys to grow up surrounded by family members, most of who are in Texas, including her mother.

The Walden Determination

Jennifer Walden is a Texas-born woman who was raised by a dentist father and a surgical nurse mother, so medicine is a passion that runs in the family. For her bachelor’s degree, Walden went to the University of Texas. Then she was on the waiting list of UT Medical Branch but was determined to prove herself, which she did by graduating as the Salutatorian of her class. Jennifer was also the Texas Alpha Chapter president of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. She then went into the UT Galveston plastic surgery program, and that was followed by a fellowship in post-residency aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Center, which is a highly competitive program.

Success all the way

Besides being a highly qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden is an excellent communicator with various media outlets featuring her as an expert commentator in the field of aesthetic surgery. She is also on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery BOD and an American College of Surgeons Fellow.

The creativity and artistry elements of plastic surgery are what attracted Walden to the field. She also loves the fast results that surgical procedures generate. The calm and confident doctor possess intelligence, warmth, and passion, which have seen her practice, Walden Cosmetic Center, gain much acclaim. She has an office operating suite with full accreditation and privileges at Westlake Medical Center. In 2014, Harper Bazaar named her one of the top 24 plastic surgeons in the United States.

The Latest in Cell Phone Service

FreedomPop has been making waves as a cheaper, more fester alternative to cell phone plans with major companies such as Verizon and AT&T. A recent FreedomPop review outlines the unique structure of the company, in addition to the different plans offered and the benefits of switching to this service.

The most basic plan offered is the ever popular Free Plan. The free service includes 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB of data. This is a perfect introductory plan, and many users who enjoy their experience soon choose to upgrade to a paid (yet still extremely affordable compared to other companies) plan.

One such plan comes in at only $5 per month. This is the wi-Fi plan, connecting users to 10 million wifi hotspots in the country. That way, instead of paying for data, text, or voice minutes, the user is paying for connectivity that will give them access to all of these services. However, the one caveat is for those who live in more rural areas where wi-Fi hotspots are more infrequent. In that case, they would not have access to service unless they travel to a more metropolitan and urban area.

Finally, FreedomPop has a $19.99 plan that offers unlimited voice, text and data. Not only is this ore affordable than most major carriers, it is perfect for those in cities or in the suburbs, as users are covered no matter what.

FreedomPop’s service has been rated as fairly strong. It streams all its data, voice and text through Sprint. Sprint is itself one of the major carriers in cell service, and is popular for its reliability and speed.

FreedomPop offers affordable phones for those in the market, but also allows customers to stream through their personal devices. Additionally, they have tablets and the option to purchase lower priced old Sprint devices on eBay, which may facilitate the streaming service. For those who truly enjoy FreedomPop, home Internet service is the newest addition to its lineup.

For those tired of paying too much for products they don’t use, FreedomPop is an alternative that is swiftly growing in popularity.

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Maluf’s Take On UK Exiting The EU

After the announcement of the exit of the UK EU (European Union), elected by a referendum at the end of June, the immediate effect was a large drop in stock markets across Europe, experts point out that this output can generate lasting impacts on the global economy, says the executive Flavio Maluf.

According to numbers released by the European Union for the year 2014, the UK has contributed substantially to the organization.

However, Flavio Maluf notes that, according to the director of FN Capital operations, Paulo Figueiredo, the UK’s isolation block will result in a considerable drop in investment received by the country.

Among the EU member countries, there is a union that allows free trade without tax application and extra quotas on products from other countries. With the block output, the UK will have new rates in relation to what was practiced before, which is likely to harm the country’s foreign trade with the EU. On the other hand, says Flavio Maluf, according to the expert Otto Nogami, this output can also bring further benefits to the UK, as from now, the country may enter into bilateral agreements that were not previously reachable.

With the exit of the United Kingdom of the European Union, Brazil can benefit because it will have the chance to enter into bilateral agreements with the country.

The departure of the British EU is a great loss to the block, because it had as core countries Germany, France and the UK itself, and much of its structure is established in these three countries. Currently, France show signs of weakness and fatigue in its economy, thus it is up to Germany to sustain, in economic terms, the block. According to the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, it is a great uncertainty due to the impact that this output can generate positioning of other countries that are part of the block.

Flávio Maluf is a Brazilian Businessman, mechanical engineer, graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP).  Check him out on Twitter here.

He is president of the company Eucatex and group GrandFood and eldest son of politician Paulo Maluf.

Sam Tabar’s Advice About Diversifying Portfolios

Sam Tabar, a prominent financial strategists who has recently been named the Chief Operations Officer of the Full Cycle Energy Fund, has recently discussed the topic of diversifying portfolios in business. The businessman addressed the topic among a group of his fellow investment strategists during a leadership meeting for investors. Sam Tabar has described one of his major passions as educating future investment professionals. Because of his passion, Sam Tabar often hosts events where he teaches up and coming investment professionals about the ins and outs of the corporate financial world. During this meeting, Tabar explained the importance of diversifying portfolios in investment banking.

Sam Tabar discussed his role as the COO of the Full Cycle Energy Fund during his educational meeting to explain how he helps expand the company through portfolio diversification. Tabar explained that his role in the company is to handle financial decisions in a way that will help build the company’s brand in the long run. By diversifying portfolios for the Full Cycle Energy Fund, Tabar helps to ensure the company’s financial future. Tabar explained to his fellow investors that the financial decisions that they will make on behalf of their companies have the power to potentially destroy the company or make it into an empire.

When advising the team of investors on best practices for diversifying portfolios, Tabar stated that financial strategists should always invest in multiple stocks and sectors. He also explained that investors should consider multi-faceted bond options to ensure their business’ competitiveness in the financial market. Sam Tabar expressed that the most import factor in diversifying a company’s portfolio is the investor’s ability to properly access the nature of the company’s financial situation. If the company is in a position to take more risks with regard to portfolio diversification, then the investor should discuss portfolio options that will yield a higher payout but may consume a greater starting cost. For companies that are not in a position to take great risks, Tabar advises diversifying the portfolio by choosing stock options in real estate investment and other options that are do not require high profits to maintain.

Ricardo Tosto: Choose a Lawyer for Your Business

If you are in the process of getting legal advice or hiring a lawyer for business or personal matters, it’s imperative that you choose wisely. Not all lawyers in Brazil are created equal, so make sure you choose a lawyer that has an established history of rendering top quality services.

Ask for a recommendation when deciding on a lawyer for your business or other legal matter. Reputation is often an important consideration for choosing a lawyer or legal advice. Ask friends, relatives, colleagues and others you know have hired a business or corporate lawyer. These people may be to recommend the lawyer or law firm they hired. They could give you an idea of how the lawyer or law firm they hired treated them, how their case was handled, the outcome they achieved, and the cost of retaining the lawyer.

Once you have done your home work and have chosen a great lawyer to handle your legal issue and provide needed advice, you can rest assured that everything will be alright for you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho handles high-profile corporate and commercial disputes. He is a powerful lawyer and master strategist and comes highly recommended. As an enterprise and corporate litigation legal professional, Ricardo Tosto is a well-known name in the Brazilian legal system. Not only is Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a competent lawyer, he shows the utmost care and respect for his clients.

According to, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is known for serving a huge client base of major corporations and global companies. Starting his law career in a small office, Mr Ricardo Toslo now runs one of the largest litigation law offices in Brazil. Although he is based in Brazil, Mr Ricardo Tosto is known all over the world as a great litigator and negotiation expert. Ricardo Tosto is proficient in business law and has amazing expertise in dealing with a wide range of cases and lawsuits. Clients are extremely pleased with Mr. Ricardo Tosto’s superior abilities, regardless if its inducing a positive settlement deal early in the litigation procedure, or approaching a hard case. Check  him out on Facebook to learn more.