Beverly Hills Auto: Is a Used BMW Worth your Investment?

One challenge that many people face when looking to purchase a vehicle would be deciding what type of car to buy. Should they go for the brand new, average vehicle or the used, luxury BMW?

There are a multitude of reasons why buying a used BMW at Beverly Hills Auto Group would be a better investment than any other vehicle you could purchase, the main reason being depreciation. When you buy a new car, in the first few years it depreciates extremely quickly. After a few years, it levels off. You could be getting more with your money buying a used BMW, because the depreciation has already leveled off and you will buy the vehicle for what it is truly worth. What is driving around in a Honda compared to basking in the wealth of a BMW convertible?

One place that a used BMW could be purchased would be Beverly Hills Auto Group. Beverly Hills Auto Group lends out pre-owned luxury cars at a competitive price, ensuring that you get as much as you can for the money that you put in. Beverly Hills Auto Group is so confident that their vehicles run perfectly, they encourage you to bring mechanics along and check. They might even have your favorite car for a fraction of the cost.


Getting Help With Expert Litigator Karl Heideck

Are you involved in a lawsuit and want to find a way out of it? Talking to a skilled litigator may be your best bet. Karl Heideck has years of experience as a litigator and can help your case succeed. But what exactly does a litigator do?

What Do Litigators Do?

Litigators are those lawyers who pursue lawsuits and civil law. However they also do a wide variety of other tasks, such as investigating the circumstances around a lawsuit, creating pleas for each case, working pre-trial moments, working on settlements during the trial, and even figuring out appeal arguments if a case is thrown out of suit or denied.

A good litigator is the kind of person you want in your legal corner because they will stop at nothing to help you win your case. They’ll pull no punches at your opponent and find a way to help you win, all within legal boundaries. Think of them as a highly intelligent and driven bulldog to get a feel for how they can help you.

Who Is Karl Heideck?

Mr. Heideck is an attorney that works on compliance and risk management in the greater Philadelphia area. He currently works for Hire Counsel, but has been with Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien in the past. Educated at Temple University, Mr. Heideck has years of experience as a litigator and fully understands the necessary process.

One of his biggest skills is working on complex securities fraud and banking litigation, providing a skilled insight into the type of laws that dictate this legal area. His years of experience have brought him into contact with a wide variety of cases and have made him someone that you can trust to provide you with real litigation skills.

Deciding On Litigation Need

If you’re sitting on a potential lawsuit and trying to decide if litigation is necessary, talk to Mr. Heideck. He can help sort through your suit claims, help get your legal ducks in a row, and provide you with the expert advice and litigation skill you need to get justice if you’ve been wronged.

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Bringing Fine Wine to the Public

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that has its main building set up in the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company is an organizer of wine tasting and has been operating in the industry of direct sales since the summer of 2001.

The company took the first steps in its line of work with an in-home wine tasting. The wine that was being taste-tested was fine wine, and ever since that event, the company of The traveling vineyard has been growing steadily.

The purpose of the organization of the Traveling Vineyard is to make the experience of wine-tasting more available to the public. The experience of wine-tasting usually includes somewhat of a ceremony, and it also has the sense of an elegant gathering of connoisseurs that requires knowledge and skill, and above all, money. The Traveling Vineyard makes it less ”stuffy” and a lot more relaxed. The company focuses on providing an enjoyable experience to the public during which people can enjoy the varied tastes and learn about the grapes that have been used and the methods of production.

The Traveling Vineyard has a team of experts who have the responsibilities of wine guides. The wine guides educate people about the different types of wine, the place of origins, the production methods, and so on. They demystify fine wine and make it more approachable of an experience.

The wine guides are various people who come from all walks of life. Some are moms; other are retired teachers or wine hobbyists who have been fascinated with fine wine and all there is to it. By applying to become a wine guide at the official website of the traveling vineyard, one meets many new people, both shares their knowledge about wine and learns from others. The experience is unique and one of the best parts is that one gets to sip exquisite wine and relax in a friendly circle of people who share the passion or at least the interest of the fine drinks.

The Traveling Vineyard has become quite successful and has helped provide amazing experiences for their clients.

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More Business Deals for Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani doubles up as the Founder and Chairman of Damac Properties in Dubai. Damac is a global property development company. Hussain Sajwani founded Damac Properties in 2002, a move that was compelled by the desire to earn billions and not millions. This was a time during which the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to own property.

Hussain took the advantage to build property because he saw non-emirates as his potential clients. His first time in the real estate business saw him selling units in his 38-storey building in 6 months even before the construction began.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Hussain worked as a contracts manager in GASCO, which is under Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Afterward, began his career as an entrepreneur in 1982, when he started operating a food service business where he supplied food to National oil workers at Abu Dhabi. He also offered catering services to the U.S Military during the Iraq war. Hussain still owns the food catering business as a reminder of where he started.

In 1990’s, way before he founded and became the Damac owner, Hussain had built several hotels that were intended to accommodate people traveling to Dubai to do business. Damac Properties deals in the development of luxury residential apartments, and hotels. To deliver exemplary products and services, Damac partners with recognized lifestyle and fashion brands. Today, Damac has development projects in Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Jeddah, Beirut, and London.

Hussain Sajwani is a very visionary and has exemplary entrepreneurial skills which have seen Damac Properties grow extraordinarily. He is among the top 100 influential Arabs in the world. He can transfer business ideas in to cooperate reality. He is an expert in property development, property marketing, finance, legal and administration.

Hussain is also successful in the capital and global equity markets. He has investment portfolios securities regionally and globally, which means the Hussain Sajwani family has large business network.

In 2013, Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump started a business relationship while building Trump’s two international golf courses in Dubai. In January 2017, Hussain reported that they were looking to more business deals with Trump’s real estate firm. The collaboration was to be enhanced through Trump’s three children; Ivanka, Eric and Donald Junior.

Damac Properties has been involved Philanthropy work. An example is when Hussain Sajwani, the Damac Properties Chair gave a check of two million towards the campaign of clothing less fortunate children round the globe.

Making Health A Priority With Lifeline Screening

Your health is extremely important and it is equally important that you take the steps needed to make sure you are always healthy. One way to ensure constant good health is to go for preventative health check-ups. Preventative health screenings are important for your overall health. With a preventative screening, you get the opportunity to catch something before it becomes a serious matter. We all want to be around for our families and preventative medicine is the way to do that. There is a medical company that performs preventative health care screenings that help people with the specific screenings that they need. Lifeline Screening is a company that performs several different types of preventative care screenings. The company works with their patients to tailor a health plan to ensure they get the health screenings that they need. The clinical team at Lifeline Screening are experts in their field and they have an amazing bedside manner.

Lifeline Screening is committed to quality and accuracy. Their mission is to give people knowledge of their own health. The company works with patients to make them aware of any underlying health conditions that they had no idea about. Lifeline Screening is the leader in health screenings that are community-based. They are the leader of this sector in the United States. Lifeline Screening has three types of preventative screenings, ultrasound screening, electrocardiograph screening, and blood screening. Each screening tests for different things.

The conditions that Lifeline Screening screen for include, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, aortic aneurysm, lung cancer, heart disease, congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated liver enzymes, and chronic kidney disease.Lifeline Screening is a great company that puts the control in the patients’ hands. This company gives patients the tools they need to make sound health decisions. People are healthier and wiser with Lifeline Screening.

Why Fabletics Works

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has succeeded where many other business ventures have failed before her. The subscription/membership model is not always viewed as an up-market concept and many brands have not been able to bridge this perception. Ms.Hudson has made it easy for her customers to find the best products and the Fabletics website even has an online quiz that enthusiasts can use to determine which products are best for their needs. Ms. Hudson has hit the proverbial home run with her cute and coveted workout and streetwear!


Fabletics has grown to be a major player in the increasingly popular athleisure market segment. The brand is deemed aspirational and a desired addition to the active person’s wardrobe. The subscription service allows members to constantly refresh their athleisure options and try out new and varied designs and fits. The brand also offers local events and pop-up concept stores that increase the feeling of community surrounding the brand. At the present moment, there are almost 20 stores located in several regions throughout the United States. These stores encourage both members and non-members to visit and about 25% of shoppers who are not members sign up before leaving the store.


The Fabletics business model calls for more stores to be built and to continue the reverse showrooming concept. It is impressive that this relatively new brand has succeeded against online behemoth Amazon where much more established clothing retailers have failed. The brand has created a true sense of community amongst its members and through its local events, it gives subscribers the opportunity to learn about new products and meet other Fabletics enthusiasts.


Today’s retail landscape is fraught with many pitfalls and there are daily news stories surrounding the hardships that many established brands are facing. By offering an aspirational product that is deemed high quality and by making it easy for customers to get new products through the subscription service, Fabletics has found a large amount of success in a very challenging environment.


Check out their quiz today and see what type of Fabletics enthusiast you are! The products can be bought both online and at any pop-up concept shop or local event in your area even if there is not a traditional shop in your city. This brand is poised to become a mainstay in the athleisure market segment and its constant product innovation will keep customers pleased and returning for more.

Madison Street Capital and Effects of Global Smart Wearable Healthcare Device Market

According to a new research report, Global Smart Wearable Healthcare Device Market is a new addition that is a booming in the market research studies. This report gives an adequate analysis of the market while targeting the main dynamics that are perceived to be influencing the overall market growth during the forecasting period.


Smart Wearable Healthcare Device

The competitive outlook, product subdivision, and key geographical segments of the Global market are important sectors of the research study. This market research is classified as an intelligence report with precise efforts undertaken to study valuable information carefully. Business strategies of new market entrants and major players are also studied in detail. In the report analysis, revenue share, SWOT analysis, and contact information are well detailed and shared.


The report is clear and concise which makes it easier for readers to comprehend the dynamics and structure of the market effectively. Recent developments and trends have been analyzed in the Global Smart Wearable Healthcare Device market. The report also focuses on the market size, leading segments in the market, companies that scale up their competitive prices and abilities as well as the challenges that hinder the market growth.


Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC

Madison Street Capital is a strategic investment banking that provides valuation services, expertise on mergers, and acquisitions, financial advisory corporate services, venture capital services, hedge fund services and financial opinions to privately and publicly held businesses. The company is privately held with its headquarters situated in Chicago, Illinois and has other offices in Africa, Asia, and North America.


In 2015, the volume of the transaction was higher than 2014 by 27%. Investors are making increased allocations to the asset management sector as an alternative to achieving higher returns to match liabilities. Hedge fund managers put efforts to attract new capital and incur high operating costs which makes them consider alternative strategies.The investment banking company strongly believes in creating healthy business relationships with communities across the United States. Also, the company offers philanthropic support to United Way Organization to make a difference in the communities. United Way is located in Alexandria, Virginia and focuses on resolving community issues through partnerships with financial institutions, business, government, schools, communities and other associations. In 2008, United Way came up with a 10-year program aimed at improving education and assisting the local communities to gain financial stability.


Madison Street Capital reputation is that of well-trained professionals who carefully arrange the capitalization structure and appropriate financing to meet the needs of various specifications and needs of clients.


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Eric Lefkowsky Connects Medical Information

A massive, ever-present torrent of data impacts healthcare in many ways. Hospitals create electronic medical records (EMR); labs, doctors’ offices, and insurance companies collect health and demographic data; and patients provide information through numerous forms, apps and sites.Doctors use specific information to determine treatment options and procedures, but very little is connected to other, possibly related information. It is as if knowing a car has had a bent axle replaced could not indicate its wheels need aligning.Eric Lefkofsky, a serial entrepreneur, is working to change this situation.

When doctors treated his wife for fighting breast cancer, he realized they had limited access to useful data to help decide her treatment. As a venture capitalist, Mr. Lefkofsky also realized that many companies have a better supply of information for their business decisions. Truck drivers have a better view of data affecting their jobs than oncologists.Missing from the equation was context.For example, promising breast cancer drug Herceptin emerged from clinical trials with a 60% success rate. Clinicians, however, found it impossible to answer important questions. “What is the difference between women who respond to treatment and those who do not? What other drugs are they taking? What are their non-cancer diagnoses?”Answering these questions would require a special grant, a researcher, and at least 90 days of work.Mr. Lefkofsky believed these should be easy questions. So he started a new company, Tempus.

Tempus combines information drawn from EMRs, clinical data from tests and procedures, and genetic sequencing. It applies the latest advances in machine learning to discover new patterns and relationships, yielding a full picture of patient health and conditions.These patterns start to answer the question of why treatment works for one person and not another.Eric Lefkofsky is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He is a principal of the venture capital firm Lightbank, and the founder of Groupon, Tempus and others.A graduate of the University of Michigan, he is one of the billionaires who has signed a Giving Pledge, dedicating more than half his wealth to philanthropy.

Evolution Of Smooth Is Taking The Lip Balm Industry By Storm

Evolution Of Smooth is a relatively new company in the lip balm industry. Thier story is one of success through clever marketing strategies as well as offering a great product with plenty of variety. They have managed to overtake the previous industry leader Chapstick and are currently in the number two position. The company has managed to create over $250 million in revenue in the last seven years. Their company is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. The founders of the company came up with brilliant product packaging, and by putting the lip balm in a round flip top container, set them apart from the rest of their competitors. They also knew that customers wanted new flavors rather than the standard cherry, bubblegum, and menthol. They created several unusual and tasty flavors that no other brand currently offered. They have popular flavors such as raspberry sorbet and summer fruit that keep their customers coming back for more.

Evolution Of Smooth has become a household name in many countries to date. They have products available in most retail stores like Target and Wal-Mart and gas stations which make it not only a great product but incredibly convenient as well. One of the reasons that EOS lip balm became so popular early on was because celebrities had begun to use the lip balms and were seen using them in public. Once their fans saw that they were using the product they had to have it too. This was part of the formula that has turned a small start-up into one of the biggest names in the health and beauty industry. The company is expecting to see continued growth over the next several years and have projected to see sales of approximately $1 billion by 2020.

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Eva Moskowitz Wants To Help NYC Students Succeed

The Problems Of The NYC School System

The New York City public school system is in disasters as seen in the commonly reported low academic rankings of the city. The private school system is also of lower quality than many people believe and offers much less than it should. Something needs to be done about it and someone needs to stand up to that. This is what Eva Moskowitz has decided to make her life ambition in NYC.


How Success Academy Changes Things

The Success Academy is a charter school set up specifically to address these problems in NYC and create a system where people have a better chance at succeeding. Moskowitz has designed it specifically address the issues that are plaguing NYC students such as low community participation rates and poor coverage of the full breadth of academic topics. The results of her experiment have so far been successful and you can see in the results that just about everyone that goes through the Success Academy ends up going to college and moving on to a rewarding career.


Her Fight For Students Is Not Finished

She isn’t done with her efforts to reform the NYC school system. In order to get further ahead Eva Moskowitz is considering a foray into politics and working directly with the system to produce better results.  As such, she has focused on making sure that the voters of NYC are made aware of what needs to be done and that they can rely on her to do it. She is registered Democrat and is expected to run for mayor next year. There is no issue more important than making sure that the future generations will be equipped with what they need in order to succeed. She is here to do just that.


About Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is an education reformer living in NYC and the head of the charter school the Succeess Academy. She has used her work to do just about everything necessary in order to make sure that the students of NYC are able to get the education that they need.