How Matthew Fleeger led Gulf Coast Western the oil recession

Matthew Fleeger is considered United States’ top oilman. This businessman is recognized for the excellent leadership skills he demonstrated while working as the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. He is known to have helped in the development and adoption of effective Well drilling technologies. His contribution at Gulf Coast Western made the company among the top oil businesses in the Western Coast.

Matthew Fleeger’s role at Gulf Coast Western

Aside from being an experienced oilman, he has great management skills acquired from working in the sales, finance, and marketing departments. Matthew Fleeger has led Gulf Coast Western during the worst oil recession period in history. His optimistic nature and innovative ideas saw the company survive a phase where a majority of business is affected significantly. During his interview, the Business Enterprise, Matthew Fleeger revealed how he motivated the employees, cut down production costs and still managed to retain clients.

During this period, he worked hard to ensure that he maximized on the available resources and took advantage of opportunities to ensure that the company profited. Matthew Fleeger further told the press that his past experiences have taught him to view every downturn as a chance to grow. Such an attitude is what has made him productive as a businessman and leader. It is also during the oil recession, he also took advantage to independently invest in the energy industry. He has since earned significant returns from his investments.

About Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is an alma mater of Southern Methodist University. He has a degree in marketing and finance. Apart from working for Gulf Coast Western, he has worked for other oil businesses such as Kinlaw Oil Company, a petroleum company in Texas. He has also helped establish MedSolutions and served as its president and chief executive officer. Currently, he serves as a member of the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.