Michael Zomber Antique Weapons Expert And Collector

Michael Zomber is an antique arms expert. His expertise runs to European Asian, Islamic and American weapons and armor from the 16th century to the 19th century. This love for arms and armor is not just a pacing fancy, it is deep-seated. Michael knows that weapons have been prized in this country and others since men have forged and decorated them with gold silver and steel scrolling. An example of one of the most exquisite personalized weapons ever discovered can be found in the Cairo Museum in Egypt. It is a solid gold and enameled dagger that belonged to King Tutankhamon who lived in 1340 B.C. More recently monarchs from Louis the XIII to Katherine the Great of Russia to King Ludwig of Bavaria collected and commissioned finely adorned firearms as a matter of fact.

Michael looks at collecting and caring for antique weapons as collecting and caring for fine artwork. It requires stewardship and care to not only preserve them but to honor their historical as well as their monetary value. One of his favorite weapons is the Japanese Samurai Sword. During the 12th century very powerful warring clans arose in Japan. Arable land was also in short supply and as a consequence, Japan gave rise to clan warlords and the Samurai or warrior class whose job it was to defend the clan and his master. This bond was governed by the Bushido or the way of the warrior. As a consequence of this, the sword smiths of Japan developed an exquisite blade that has been called by weapons experts worldwide as the most effective sword ever manufactured by man, This blade is so effective it can cut a man in half with one swipe but is still delicate enough to slice a tomato if you want.


The Work of Sam Tabar in the Legal and Business Sector

Sam Tabar is an attorney and an investment banker. About.me writes that he holds a bachelor’s law degree from Columbia Law School. Even while studying law he was keenly following on business and was the vice editor for Columbia Business Law review. Prior to law school he was a business student at Oxford where he later attained his business degree with honors.

He has been scouted and offered different positions in various top tier organizations which were in need of his particular skill set. It is hard to study business as it is yet Sam Tabar added a law degree to his impressive résumé. He has held various positions in blue and white collar capacities. After graduating he was retained as an associate with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. In 2004 he was allured by the finance industry. He first worked at PMA Advisors where he worked hard and was promoted thereafter to head the bubbling business development department. It was here that he revealed his potential and his creative mind working on different strategies that saw the $ 2 billion dollar hedge fund grow exponentially. He was credited with helping the firm raise its clients’ portfolio and the acquisition of over $ 1.2 billion in asset management. He was later offered a position as a director and head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region representing the Bank of America Merill Lynch in 2011 which he accepted. He also served as the director of Adanac LLC,BVI and the FullCycle Fund.

Working for and with this organizations has exposed him to diverse opportunities and investment scenarios that has made him a recognizable force in the financial industry. He has given back by handling his clients with alt most professionalism. His greatest asset is his objectivity never allowing anything to derail him.  Not to mention his important financial advice freely given on Twitter.

He is the youngest and fastest raising investment attorney in New York. Even though he loves and appreciates his positions he has been moving to more affluent positions. A close look at his employment history will show that he is moving up the corporate ladder. He has never forgotten his back ground in law and has been associated with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Apart from law and commerce he has other interests and is an avid photographer. That’s right he is an amateur photographer. He describes himself as an all rounded person. His Instagram account is full of pictures that he has taken over the years.

Avi Weisfogel launches a GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel is a brilliant dentist working out of Old Bridge New Jersey. Avi has always cared deeply for the community and those in need so he is supporting a charity called Operation Go Smile. Operation Go Smile was founded in 1982 to help children overseas with severe facial deformities that were essentially so embarrassing that the children ceased to smile. It has, in the last three decades, helped over 220 thousand children and individuals suffering from severe facial and dental deformities to regain one of the most essential human dignities; the ability to simply return a smile.

While the overall contribution to the psychological health of the recipient of the operation is vast, smiling people also undoubtedly benefit society in numerous ways as well. With his commitment to charity (he has offered 0% financing for many years) beyond reproach, he has started a Go Fund Me campaign to benefit these children, who are now all over the world and even in the US, to give them their confidence back. To allow them to smile in return, have access to that joy.

Avi runs a stunning office in Old Bridge NJ. With a flawless reputation and humanitarian bent to his business you can count on the best dental services offered in the region. He builds his business one person at a time and cares more about the end result than you can imagine. Please visit Avi’s GoFundMe campaign today and help the children of the world feel a little better about themselves. Watch his YouTube video below!

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Talk Fusion Launches Video Chat amid Anticipation of a Month-Long Free Trial Period

Popular video marketing solutions provider, Talk Fusion, recently launched a new product called Video Chat. Within a few weeks, the product embedded itself as one of the top communication programs in many countries. According to findings from AppBrain, Video Chat is currently the top communication app used in Indonesia. In Japan, it is ranked number 5 while in Switzerland it is number 20. This are incredible market numbers for a new product in the market.

However, it also shows the confidence and popularity of Talk Fusion and all its innovative products. The new Video Chat app allows faster communication, it’s smarter and quite compatible with most devices including apple, PC, Mac, tablet and Android. Nancy Burling from Grand Blue Diamond expressed her excitement at the new product by saying that she not only loved the new HD feature but also that there was no other similar product in the market.

In a bid to increase the popularity of its products and increase awareness about them, it is gearing up to launch a one month free trial period. This highly anticipated offer will allow clients to have free access to all products of the company. Allison Roberts, VP in charge of training and development, foreshadows a great and positive impact of the free trials on the company’s popularity. She expects that after using Talk Fusion’s products for a month, the public will become loyal customers thereafter.

This new marketing campaign is already yielding results with the company’s Alexa web ranking catapulting higher by over 30,000 positions in the last 90 days. This is largely because of the free trial offering as well as the launch of Video Chat. The company is experiencing a large jump in data traffic on its website. Customers like Steve Baran are feeling happy to be associated with Talk Fusion.

This was after Reina and his IT-savvy friend successfully embedded video on email. Since then, the company has grown to become a top Video marketing provider in the world.

Initially posted on the site Business for Home: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/03/talk-fusion-video-chat-now-1-communication-program-in-global-market/

James Dondero Calls Argentina’s Return

Argentina is one of the most promising Latin American countries when it comes to sovereign debt. This is in spite of decades-long status as a distressed credit country. Simply put, distressed credit is when a loan becomes irregular in payments or when the debtor defaults completely. Argentina entered distressed credit status in 2001 when it defaulted on an impressive $95 billion in issued bonds. Even after defaulting the country continued to service its debt in a myriad of ways until 2014 when former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ignored U.S. court orders on the matter and halted all payments to holdout creditors.

The reason Argentina is still promising even with this complicated history is that it is a resource-rich country. It has a lot of growth potential because of this and if it can restructure its existing debt there is a high likelihood of credit upgrades. President Macri was elected on a campaign of economic reversal and a goal to return Argentina to the sovereign debt markets. He undid much of his predecessors work and now an upcoming U.S. court ruling looks promising to re-admit Argentina to the sovereign debt market and allow it to restructure its debt to begin payments once more.

This soon to be realized potential is great news for many holdout creditors like Highland Capital Management. The management fund is a large holder of 2033 bonds from Argentina and its president and co-founder James Dondero has made many observations about the possible profitability and return of Argentina in recent years. One of his key observations was that Argentina would eventually experience a defining moment where something would have to give. Either the government would run out of capital completely due to being restricted from the bond markets or they would change their position on restructuring their debt.

James also considers Argentina to be worthy of re-investment since it has the greatest promise of being upgraded in creditworthiness in the near future against other Latin American countries. Dondero plans on taking advantage of Argentina’s appeal not just for sovereign debt but capital investment by creating an Argentina Fund through Highland Capital Management.

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Source: Bloomberg

Koch Brothers New Invest

Charles Koch and his brother David Koch are well known investors who have now started a new fund. Their grandfather Harry Koch emigrated to the US from the Netherlands in 1888 and now its appears the Koch brothers have started a new fund under that name. The fund will manage about $2 billion in assets and this is interesting.

It incorporated in Delaware in 2014, and has filed for business in other states including California and Florida. The brothers have hired a manager called Trent May who was successful with investment in Wyoming. The fund will focus on investments were the Kochs can take a direct stake, including a telecommunications company called X5 OpCo LLC. May had success in Wyoming and ran his own hedge fund registered with the SEC. He also hired Jeffrey Strayer to oversee investments.

Charles Koch is a well known member of the Koch brothers and was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with B.S. and M.S. in Engineering. He eventually become President of his father’s business which he renamed Koch industries. Approximately he is worth $41.3 billion. He is also director of Investa and Georgia-Pacific LLC. Charles Koch has been successful with his fathers business and has also ventured into his own businesses and is also a patron of the arts and creative projects. The Koch brothers are well known investors and any investments they make are sure to generate interest and analysis. Koch is known politically as a libertarian and is known to cites Van Mises as an influence on his thinking.

This article recapped http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-15/the-billionaire-koch-brothers-have-a-hot-new-number-1888

Brian Torchin and Perfect Chiropractic Care

Brian Tochin is a reputable member of the healthcare industry and has been working in the field for many years. After opening a number of medical offices throughout the East Coast area, Torchin has become one of the most popular and well known medical recruiters in the world. His current position as the President of the Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC has taken his business from Europe all the way to Asia.

Beginning as a chiropractor, Brian Tochin learned quickly what goes into a successful business practice and what helps an office run smoothly. Proper management techniques and a qualified staff has helped Tochin not only run his businesses successfully but also help other companies increase their customer service potential. Torchin now runs his recruitment company to provide a high level of accessibility to clients both in the evening hours and on the weekends. Torchin understands the need for constant communication between staff and management no matter what the roles are.

Chiropractor needs are present in private practices all over the country but there are also needs within other areas and facilities like hospitals, therapy offices, in home care and more. Full service staffing includes background checks, training employees and more. Torchin assesses the current economy when running his business and based on the current state of our economy, Torchin understands it can be difficult to determine whether a client is qualified or right for a job. Going through potential prospects is very important in order to be left with only the cream of the crop. Not all chiropractors are experienced or right for the job. Its highly important to have the right people in the right position and this depends on location as well as client base.

Torchin has dedicated his business but also his professional life to ensure clients all over the world are receiving proper chiropractic care. The right business plan is imperative as well as the right staff, facility, business practice, etc.

Fabletics Success And Growth

Expansion is one way that a business can gauge their level of success. When a business needs to open new stores to meet consumer needs it typically indicates that sales are high. This is the case for Fabletics. Their line of active wear is in high enough demand that the company is planning on opening 100 new stores over the course of the next 3 to 4 years.

Facebook has them as a clothing line that dedicates its sales to yoga and active wear. They use easy to wear, comfortable styles that are available in a wide range of sizes. Styles vary as well. One can find basic colors, patterns, and even florals.

The core base of Fabletics sales have been the internet user. Until recently the brand sold their goods solely online. With rising sales and more customer interest they have bravely forged into the brick and mortar arena.

The hopes is that consumers will visit the stores and try on the clothes. This will allow for a more interactive experience with the brand. While in the store the consumer will be informed as to the online format. This will include a briefing of the VIP membership as well as the monthly subscription options.

As reported on Racked, Fabletics has had some complaints from customers. The company has stated that they have addressed the issues head on. Forbes has reported that these complaints have seriously dropped off, and the Better Business Bureau also states that there are no serious complaints about the company. All issues are immediately addressed and steps are taken to eradicate them.

This is probably why Fabletics is opening brick and mortar stores while even the parent company Just Fab are still remaining solely on the internet format. Helping consumers to make the choice to shop with one business over another takes consumer satisfaction and a dedication to customer service.

Another way that Fabletics is enhancing consumer confidence in their brand is to increase the information offered on their site. Their FAQs section is enlarged to offer more information on purchases, returns, and even memberships. They are doing what they need to in order to clear up any confusion.

Offering a great product is also a way in which Fabletics is moving ahead of their competitors. Quality fabrics and a dedication to high quality production is how they remain at the top of their game. Whether they are loved or hated Fabletics is gaining ground in the garment sector and are the force to be contended with.
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2 Situations That Make Us Question The Character of Kyle Bass

While many know Kyle Bass for his prediction heard around the world, he is also known for doing some very wicked things. Here are 2 situations that make us question the character of Kyle Bass.

Situation #1 – The General Motors Fiasco

A few years ago several individuals died in accidents that involved General Motors vehicles. While the cause of the fatalities was determined to be faulty power steering and airbags that didn’t properly deploy, Bass decided to go on TV and place blame on the victims.

The interesting thing is Bass knew GM was aware of such issues and still refused to do anything about it. But bass didn’t care. The only thing he was concerned with was protecting his investment in the company.

Situation #2 – The Big Pharmaceutical Scam

UsefulStooges exposes how Kyle Bass is the type of man who will do anything for money. And that is exactly what he did with his big pharmaceutical scam that left thousands of individuals unable to afford medication. Many of whom ended up dying as a result.

He then set up the Coalition for Affordable Drugs which acted as a front organization for the whole scam.

With Spangenberg by his side, StreetInsider wrote the two of them would pick out certain pharmaceutical firms with the intent of short selling their stocks. They would then use their front organization to challenge one or more patents.

When this would happen, stocks would go down, Bass and Spangenberg would make millions, and the prices of life saving medications would skyrocket. As a result millions of people who depending on those medications were no longer able to afford them.

When asked why he would do such a thing, Bass actually had the nerve to say he was doing it for a noble cause. He said his goal was to bust patents so drug prices could go down because of competition. Based on his track record, no one in their right mind would believe this explanation.

In fact, Scott McKeown, a well known intellectual-property expert, said the only thing Bass was trying to do is spook the financial markets so he could make some quick money. No one disagrees with this sentiment.

Based on these two situations, its safe to say Bass is not the type of person you want to get into business with.

Thor Halvorssen Gives Fox News a Lesson in Socialism

Thor Halvorssen is a spokesman for human rights and an advocate for personal freedom within world governments. He is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum which is an annual meeting extolling the rights and freedom of mankind; it is equivalent to the the Davos World Economic Forum but oriented toward freedom and the elimination of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes.
His mother was shot and his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela when under the control of socialist Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen explained that socialism can work in countries whose governments have separation of powers and mentioned Norway, Denmark and Sweden as positive examples. As evident from this Youtube video, the interview took a turn for the worse when Halvorssen criticized Hillary Clinton for accepting monies from dictators in the middle east. He continued to derail the railroading of Bernie Sanders as a socialist by saying that he, himself, had sent Sanders the largest legal political contribution possible for his campaign. See the interview here:Your text to link…
Halvorssen is a humanitarian, thoughtful, engaging, dedicated and brilliant.  He, even, has a creative side as a successful director of film documentaries. For more information:Your text to link…
This attempted hatchet job by Fox against Bernie Sanders is an example of a simple-minded interviewer being subjected to the truth of a complex matter; a matter which Americans are averse to consider. While the rest of the world employs socialist concepts regarding health and social security, Americans seem to see any attempts with socialism as anti-democratic. The truth is that America has socialist programs, but the ignorance of history and world governance has severely restricted the collective political imagination of our citizens. The size of the U.S. Government continues to grow but the two major political parties have become adverse to cooperating with one another, while the electorate seems to be more concerned with the rights of the fetus and how intimate a politician’s relationship is with a Christian god.