Feeding Your Best Friend

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and we need to take care of our best friend in every way possible. Looking into their diet is one way to keep your dogs healthy. Beneful has created a large variety of dog foods and treats that take into consideration all different types of dogs and their individual needs.

Just like with human babies, puppies have special dietary needs. Beneful has created the Healthy Puppy food to give your dog the best beginning possible. Once your puppy has grown, there are several dog foods to choose from. The Originals line gives you the choice to select from many different flavors. No matter what flavor you choose, your dog is sure to be happy no matter what you choose.

If you have concerns about your dog’s weight, there is a choice for that as well. The Healthy Weight dog food gives your dog the food it needs to be healthy while also being mindful about your concerns about your dog’s weight, Another area that Beneful has taken into consideration is the size of your dog. The nutritional needs of a large dog are much different from the needs of one of the smaller breeds of dog. That is why Purinastore’s Beneful has the Incredibites line of dog food. It provides the same excellent nutritional value of the other lines while being a suitable meal for a small dog.

With any member of your family, you will want to make sure their dental health is taken care of. Beneful’s Dental Twists will give your dog a tasty snack that will help reduce plaque and tartar build up.

No matter what stage of life your dog is at, there will always be something for your best friend at Beneful. Walmart is the place to go for the complete Beneful products: http://wm6.walmart.com/purina-beneful.aspx#slide1


Alexei Beltyukov: Involved In Education For Profit And For Charity

Alexei Beltyukov has not only started a scholarship for Russian students who want to attend INSEAD University, but he is also pursuing education for profitable purposes. The newest endeavor is called SOLVY. The project debuted in 2015 at the Los Angeles tech conference from EdSurge, called Educator Day. Beltyukov’s main goal is to communicate with with professionals from the educational field, including teachers. Prior to its launch, launchingnext.com named SOLVY as one of the world’s most promising start ups and it was also listed as a 100 New Startups, Today startup by BetaList.

The main purpose of the online software is to create a homework space for high school students. The software is meant to assist teachers in doing what matters. Instead of spending time creating homework, the software creates it for the teacher. It does this by following certain parameters. SOLVY also follows some of the most recent research out about testing, rather than having multiple choice questions, the software creates tests that make students show how they got to their answer. It also helps students understand the value of mistakes and learning from them.

One of the major areas that the company is growing is in the mathematics areas. It is especially helpful for teachers in creating individualized help for each student. In math class rooms especially, it can be very difficult for teachers to gauge how each student is progressing. Now a teacher can have access to each student’s work and see how they are arriving at their answers. And, rather than spending time grading each question and creating more homework, the teacher can send each student an individualized plan to help them.

LinkedIn shows that Alexei Beltyukov was born and raised in Russia and has been steadfast in his efforts to help the nation. He has been a major donor to different organizations that donate their time to helping st art up businesses in Russia. He has also given significant sums to different scholarship funds that help Russian students to pursue degrees in business. One of his most prized roles is serving as the Vice President for the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia. This organizations provides guidance to the Russian government on matters involving the economy. This guidance, and opportunities and grants, are also extended to individuals.  Follow Alexei Beltyukov on Twitter for updates, or you can visit his official site.