The Latest in Cell Phone Service

FreedomPop has been making waves as a cheaper, more fester alternative to cell phone plans with major companies such as Verizon and AT&T. A recent FreedomPop review outlines the unique structure of the company, in addition to the different plans offered and the benefits of switching to this service.

The most basic plan offered is the ever popular Free Plan. The free service includes 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB of data. This is a perfect introductory plan, and many users who enjoy their experience soon choose to upgrade to a paid (yet still extremely affordable compared to other companies) plan.

One such plan comes in at only $5 per month. This is the wi-Fi plan, connecting users to 10 million wifi hotspots in the country. That way, instead of paying for data, text, or voice minutes, the user is paying for connectivity that will give them access to all of these services. However, the one caveat is for those who live in more rural areas where wi-Fi hotspots are more infrequent. In that case, they would not have access to service unless they travel to a more metropolitan and urban area.

Finally, FreedomPop has a $19.99 plan that offers unlimited voice, text and data. Not only is this ore affordable than most major carriers, it is perfect for those in cities or in the suburbs, as users are covered no matter what.

FreedomPop’s service has been rated as fairly strong. It streams all its data, voice and text through Sprint. Sprint is itself one of the major carriers in cell service, and is popular for its reliability and speed.

FreedomPop offers affordable phones for those in the market, but also allows customers to stream through their personal devices. Additionally, they have tablets and the option to purchase lower priced old Sprint devices on eBay, which may facilitate the streaming service. For those who truly enjoy FreedomPop, home Internet service is the newest addition to its lineup.

For those tired of paying too much for products they don’t use, FreedomPop is an alternative that is swiftly growing in popularity.

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Maluf’s Take On UK Exiting The EU

After the announcement of the exit of the UK EU (European Union), elected by a referendum at the end of June, the immediate effect was a large drop in stock markets across Europe, experts point out that this output can generate lasting impacts on the global economy, says the executive Flavio Maluf.

According to numbers released by the European Union for the year 2014, the UK has contributed substantially to the organization.

However, Flavio Maluf notes that, according to the director of FN Capital operations, Paulo Figueiredo, the UK’s isolation block will result in a considerable drop in investment received by the country.

Among the EU member countries, there is a union that allows free trade without tax application and extra quotas on products from other countries. With the block output, the UK will have new rates in relation to what was practiced before, which is likely to harm the country’s foreign trade with the EU. On the other hand, says Flavio Maluf, according to the expert Otto Nogami, this output can also bring further benefits to the UK, as from now, the country may enter into bilateral agreements that were not previously reachable.

With the exit of the United Kingdom of the European Union, Brazil can benefit because it will have the chance to enter into bilateral agreements with the country.

The departure of the British EU is a great loss to the block, because it had as core countries Germany, France and the UK itself, and much of its structure is established in these three countries. Currently, France show signs of weakness and fatigue in its economy, thus it is up to Germany to sustain, in economic terms, the block. According to the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, it is a great uncertainty due to the impact that this output can generate positioning of other countries that are part of the block.

Flávio Maluf is a Brazilian Businessman, mechanical engineer, graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP).  Check him out on Twitter here.

He is president of the company Eucatex and group GrandFood and eldest son of politician Paulo Maluf.

Sam Tabar’s Advice About Diversifying Portfolios

Sam Tabar, a prominent financial strategists who has recently been named the Chief Operations Officer of the Full Cycle Energy Fund, has recently discussed the topic of diversifying portfolios in business. The businessman addressed the topic among a group of his fellow investment strategists during a leadership meeting for investors. Sam Tabar has described one of his major passions as educating future investment professionals. Because of his passion, Sam Tabar often hosts events where he teaches up and coming investment professionals about the ins and outs of the corporate financial world. During this meeting, Tabar explained the importance of diversifying portfolios in investment banking.

Sam Tabar discussed his role as the COO of the Full Cycle Energy Fund during his educational meeting to explain how he helps expand the company through portfolio diversification. Tabar explained that his role in the company is to handle financial decisions in a way that will help build the company’s brand in the long run. By diversifying portfolios for the Full Cycle Energy Fund, Tabar helps to ensure the company’s financial future. Tabar explained to his fellow investors that the financial decisions that they will make on behalf of their companies have the power to potentially destroy the company or make it into an empire.

When advising the team of investors on best practices for diversifying portfolios, Tabar stated that financial strategists should always invest in multiple stocks and sectors. He also explained that investors should consider multi-faceted bond options to ensure their business’ competitiveness in the financial market. Sam Tabar expressed that the most import factor in diversifying a company’s portfolio is the investor’s ability to properly access the nature of the company’s financial situation. If the company is in a position to take more risks with regard to portfolio diversification, then the investor should discuss portfolio options that will yield a higher payout but may consume a greater starting cost. For companies that are not in a position to take great risks, Tabar advises diversifying the portfolio by choosing stock options in real estate investment and other options that are do not require high profits to maintain.

Ricardo Tosto: Choose a Lawyer for Your Business

If you are in the process of getting legal advice or hiring a lawyer for business or personal matters, it’s imperative that you choose wisely. Not all lawyers in Brazil are created equal, so make sure you choose a lawyer that has an established history of rendering top quality services.

Ask for a recommendation when deciding on a lawyer for your business or other legal matter. Reputation is often an important consideration for choosing a lawyer or legal advice. Ask friends, relatives, colleagues and others you know have hired a business or corporate lawyer. These people may be to recommend the lawyer or law firm they hired. They could give you an idea of how the lawyer or law firm they hired treated them, how their case was handled, the outcome they achieved, and the cost of retaining the lawyer.

Once you have done your home work and have chosen a great lawyer to handle your legal issue and provide needed advice, you can rest assured that everything will be alright for you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho handles high-profile corporate and commercial disputes. He is a powerful lawyer and master strategist and comes highly recommended. As an enterprise and corporate litigation legal professional, Ricardo Tosto is a well-known name in the Brazilian legal system. Not only is Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a competent lawyer, he shows the utmost care and respect for his clients.

According to, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is known for serving a huge client base of major corporations and global companies. Starting his law career in a small office, Mr Ricardo Toslo now runs one of the largest litigation law offices in Brazil. Although he is based in Brazil, Mr Ricardo Tosto is known all over the world as a great litigator and negotiation expert. Ricardo Tosto is proficient in business law and has amazing expertise in dealing with a wide range of cases and lawsuits. Clients are extremely pleased with Mr. Ricardo Tosto’s superior abilities, regardless if its inducing a positive settlement deal early in the litigation procedure, or approaching a hard case. Check  him out on Facebook to learn more.

SEC Whistleblower Defender

Labaton Sucharow is the right firm for whistleblowers who want to expose possible cases of securities fraud. The whistleblower program was established as a reform in the Dodd-Frank Act. The whistleblower program provides significant financial incentives and employment protections for individuals to report violations of the federal securities law to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Labarton Sucharow was the first law firm to provide a practice that solely focused on advocating for and protecting SEC whistleblowers. They have a Whistleblower Representation Practice that comprises of an in-house team of financial analysts, forensic accountants and investigators who have experience in state and federal law which enables them to provide unbiased representation to whistleblowers. Today, whistleblowers are breaking their silence and reporting a broad variety of security violations to the SEC. Find out more about SEC Whistleblower attorneys

At Labaton Sucharow, we believe that all whistleblowers deserve a skilled advocate and reliable partner. LabatonSucharow is the place to be if you want to do the right thing. Clients have turned to LabatonSucharow for almost 50 years to prosecute high stakes and high profile securities fraud. The firm has recovered billions of dollars and compelled corporate governance reforms to ensure that the financial market operates with better transparency accountability and fairness. The firm advocates and protects those courageous people who report these securities violations at a great personal and professional risk.

We have a simple but steady approach where we are committed to and focused on helping SEC whistleblowers make the decision about whether to blow the whistle or not and when and how to do it without professional or personal regrets. LabatonSucharow evaluates all the cases selectively, and this is an approach that allows the firm to dedicate themselves to the most promising cases, and we also ensure that our clients’ cases are a priority for the firm. Labaton Sucharow does not just file papers and leave the whistleblower alone. The firm seeks to guide the whistleblowers through the journey with responsiveness and compassion. Jordan A. Thomas leads the Whistleblower Representation Practice. He is one-time Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. He played a key role in the development of the SEC Whistleblower Program where he drafted the final implementing rules and the proposed legislation. He has been continually recognized for his leadership as an advocate for whistleblowers and corporate ethics.

The firm has earned a national reputation for excellence, and it is also recognized as one of the best securities law firms by the legal and business communities.

George Soros: Why Helping Ukraine should be Europe’s Top Agenda

Billionaire’s hedge fund manager has been a staunch advocate of the reestablishment of Ukraine’s economy. Recently, he wrote an article on Project Syndicate, highlighting why the European Union will benefit from helping the troubled country. Basing on this, he explains that Ukraine should be Europe’s topmost priority.

George Soros is of the opinion that the Ukrainian crisis largely resulted from Crimea’s annexation by Russia. The full blown crisis that has resulted from the annexation is threatening the unity of the EU. The union has been hesitant to act because numerous crises are almost crippling it. According to Soros, the European Union needs to put its house in order so that it can address the crises bedeviling it.

Why Ukraine Should be Saved from Further Turmoil

The hedge fund billionaire opines that on formation, the European Union wanted to promote individual sovereignty among member countries whilst enhancing the common good of the entire bloc. For years, this acted as the guiding light of the union, which was regarded as the archetype of good governance. Unfortunately, the crises faced by the EU in the course of its existence, have weakened it instead of galvanizing it. The euro crisis in particular, has wedged a significant rift between debtor and borrower countries.

Many citizens currently perceive the union as a relationship of convenience between rich nations and poorer nations. The former have been incessant in imposing their ideologies on the latter. This is the situation that is currently facing Ukraine. The annexation of Crimea is a pointer of neocolonialism and tyranny. The occupation happened at a time when the EU was faced with the Greek crisis among other challenges. It was therefore unable to act decisively.

The Maidan Revolution gave birth to a new Ukraine, which is resolute in its efforts to oppose Russian ideologies. This explains why Moscow has been relentless in its efforts to destabilize Kiev. So far, Ukrainians have managed to stand up against Russian advancement. This is the right time for the European Union to offer its support to Ukraine. For a long time, Ukrainians have shown their willingness to be part of the EU. The union should lead the way in showing them that they have its support.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Strategies that Can Help Ukraine Stabilize

According to Soros, there is need for the European Union to draw a raft of measures, which will help bring things back to normal. Problems that bedeviled the old Ukraine such as massive corruption and tyranny, should be done away with. Political reforms must be put in place so that public institutions become accountable to the public.

Economically, the EU should help Ukraine market its products to a wider market. Providing the country with the necessary management expertise will similarly go a long way in helping its economy to recover. Investors should also be lured to the country because it has a massive potential. All investments made in Ukraine should be guaranteed by bodies such as the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency. This show of goodwill will spur Ukrainians into working towards the economic recovery of their country.

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Entering Tradition: Exploring the Kabbalah

Kabbalah, or The Kabbalah, is a branch of ontological metaphysics (the philosophical examination and contemplation of reality and being) derived from the early roots of the Judeo-Christian tradition. The Kabbalah is not a religion in and of itself but rather a methodology and esoteric discipline that is primarily concerned with discerning the connection between the finite and the infinite realms of being as well as disentangling their hidden meanings and mysteries. Like most other esoteric traditions, Kabbalic teachings seek to explain the nature of man, the universe and their relationship.

The foundation of most Kabbalistic thought comes from collection of test works known as the Zohar, which means, “Radiance.” The Zohar focuses on three main topics, mystic psychology and inner knowing, a investigation of the esoteric messages contained within the Torah and lastly, a deep reverie on the origins of the universe via cosmogony models. The Zohar was originally written in a old version of Aramaic, thankfully, however, the book has been translated into numerous languages for readers to peruse the world over.

One of the foremost institutes for the study of Kabbalistic thought is the Kabbalah Centre International, a religious non profit organization based out of Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah Centre International provides a extensive list of courses revolving around the intensive study of the Zohar and other associated texts. Most of the information is disseminated via study groups which can be attended by wisdom seekers the world over, either through the institutes brick and mortar gathering points or through the internet. All of the courses, along with the Centre International itself, was designed and organized by the American rabbi, Philip Berg alongside his wife, Karen Berg. For those interested in learning more about the teachings of the Zohar, the Kabbalah Centre Internal is a excellent resource.

Bernardo Chua’s Success with Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua has become a world renowned expert in sales and marketing mostly from the success of Organo Gold. In December 2015, Chua launched a rewards program that was meant to benefit independent distributors and retail customers of Organo Gold. He cited the program, called Preferred Customer, as a business model that would help with diversification. The biggest benefit that customers will get with the program is savings because they will have exclusive access to Organo Gold product specials and promotions. Besides that, customers and distributors can also take advantage of the support system that will be made available in the form of expert representatives. The program also aims to improve the customer service available for retail clients and independent distributors.

Bernardo Chua

According to Bernardo’s Facebook, he is based in Canada and started Organo Gold in 2008 to bring the benefits of Ganoderma to the public. Ganoderma Lucidium is a mushroom that has been at the forefront of traditional Chinese medicine for ages. The fungus possesses antioxidant qualities and is also excellent for the immune system. Bernardo Chua saw the potential of marketing Ganoderma; and therefore, concentrated on providing it in products such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other beverages. Over the years, Organo Gold products have increased in variety to cater to the lively lifestyles of its consumers.

Marketing Genius

With the marketing and sales expertise of Chua, Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee has become one of the most notable names globally. The privately held company is currently providing the benefits of Ganoderma in over 35 countries across the world. One way that Chua has been able to market Organo Gold is through the Independent Distributor network where people buy products in wholesale then sell for a commission. Presently, the company has over a million distributors worldwide. Under the leadership of Chua, Organo Gold has grown into one of the top Direct Selling businesses and its compensation plan offers more opportunities for distributors.


Bernardo Chua’s success at Organo Gold has not gone unnoticed with 2015 bringing him and the company prestigious awards. He received the Dangal ng Bayan Award, which is a tribute to world-class Filipino achievers and products. Organo Gold bagged the People’s Choice Award for Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company and another for Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee.  Be sure to follow the man on a mission on Twitter, where he can be found @OGBernie.

How Customer Reviews Have Redefine White Shark Media’s Business Strategies

Throughout its existence, White Shark Media has had to equally deal with compliments and complaints from its customers. The firm generally recognizes the fact that it takes dedication and time to achieve near-perfection. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Therefore, it has been using customer reviews to gauge the level of customer satisfaction in its services. In line with this, it ensures that all compliments and complaints are addressed accordingly. This explains why the firm is highly rated by its clients.

How Common Complaints are Addressed

To guarantee customer satisfaction, White Shark Media has put in place structures to ensure that any complaints about its products and services are addressed as soon as possible. Addressing these concerns helps the firm to streamline its services. The following are some complaints that White Shark Media has handled in the past.

Customers Losing Touch With an AdWords Campaign

After close scrutiny, the firm noticed that the reporting structures that it had put in place could not allow clients who own small businesses to review their reports. Consequently, most of them had lost touch with their AdWords Campaigns.


When this complaint reached White Shark Media, the firm started educating its clients about the workings of their new campaigns. Once a client is armed with this knowledge, he or she can easily locate the performance of each individual keyword or ad.

Communication Breakdown

This problem bedeviled White Shark Media Complaints team for a very long time. It was a matter of great concern because communication is pertinent to the success of any consultancy agency.

During the firm’s early days, most clients felt that communication was poor because of difficulties in getting hold of a contact person within the firm. To stem this, White Shark Media implemented a number of strategies.

Scheduling monthly status calls through the Go Meeting platform was done to enhance the flow of communication. This has given the firm’s clients and strategists an opportunity to review monthly reports. This way, they can pinpoint weaknesses, which need to be addressed. Being an online conferencing platform, Go Meeting saves time and money.

Clients who complain that their old campaigns perform better than White Shark Media’s optimized campaigns are often linked with experienced supervisors. The work of these specialists is to provide regular feedback to SEM strategists, and to oversee the rollout of new campaigns.

Under the new system, the strategists work on the feedback to enhance the performance of these new campaigns. This has enabled White Shark Media to offer impressive services.

Incorporate Olympic Valley Sets Sights Forward


According to the Reno-Gazette-Journal, Andy Wirth, the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has been fighting a two-front war, battles dealing with the drought in California and Olympic Valley incorporation.

For many years, the ski resorts and hotels in Olympic Valley have had a lot of business prosperity. Squaw Valley Ski Resorts, the parent company of Squaw Valley Resort and Alpine Meadows, is currently one of the most prominent ski resorts in the United States, and this resort was the one that hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960. But according to Wirth, things have not been the same for more than five years.

Squaw Valley Resort and other similar businesses near Tahoe benefited from the storms and constant precipitations that would allow winter resorts to do business for longer periods of time. Now, Squaw Valley opens late in winter, and each year, mother nature has become harsher. Such climate changes are also affecting other businesses, such as bars and cafes, which depend on the clientele of Squaw Valley Resort as well.

But Wirth also had to deal with the possible incorporation of Olympic Valley, home to Squaw Valley Resort. Fortunately, this problem was under the control of the chief executive officer. And after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the incorporation, those supporting the incorporation seized in their efforts. For the successful business man, this fight actually meant something greater.

According to Wirth, if Olympic Valley would have been incorporated, every single business and local resident would have been affected as well. Taxes would have incremented, increasing the prices of products and services offered by businesses. The local residents also depend on certain services, such as road maintenance. Other communities also utilize resources provided by Olympic Valley, and they depend on them too. Now that Wirth has dealt with the incorporation attempt, he wants to help the local communities in regards to transportation services.

Wirth has been in the mountain resort and hotel industry for almost three decades. He was been the president and chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010. He holds a degree in science from the University in Colorado, and for many years he has been involved in philanthropic acts. He is the founder of Special Warfare Warriors, an organization that provides support to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Last year, he organized a team for the IRONMAN at Lake Tahoe. He did it in order to honor Navy SEALs. More information can be found about Wirth at and