Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in great Britain in the year 1962. He went to Haberdashers Aske’s Boys High School in Elstree, Hertfordshire. Thereafter, he attended higher education at Oxford. He then joined the university college in London and later attended the Harvard University.

He went to Israel in 1989 where he started working with the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat medic. Later in 1991, he began working with the Israel government as part of the ministry of foreign affairs where he rose to become a diplomat in the ministry. He also served as a speechwriter for the then president Chaim Herzog. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/8833883/Gilad-Shalits-return-is-a-testament-to-Israels-love-of-life.html

Daniel has mastery in international law more so in counter-terrorism and laws of war. So this was a placement that he was well qualified for.

Trade relations increased significantly when Daniel Taub became the UK ambassador to Israel. From 2011 through to 2013 the bilateral trade between the two countries that is the UK and Israel increased to 8 billion dollars. He really emphasized on trade and technology.

He is the person who first brought up the Bizcamp startup competition in conjunction with Google. Daniel was also put up for the grassroots diplomat initiative award for developing business and trade. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

He has been in the frontline of peace negotiations between various countries. Daniel was part of the peace talk team that was sent to negotiate between Palestine and Israel as well as the team that went to Syria.

He has been a diplomat international lawyer and the UK ambassador since 2011 through to 2015. He was the legal advisor to the Israel ministry of foreign affairs when he was working with the ministry.

As he was being inaugurated as the UK ambassador to Israel, Daniel said that he hoped to unite them both in terms of trade, culture, and business. This he managed to achieve as stated.

His Jewish origin is what actually pushed him to relocate back to Israel. This is because he is a staunch Jew who believes in the culture and traditions of his people.

Daniel Taub is also a lecturer and a public speaker. He is not afraid to air his views, and he has appeared on several television stations including CNN, Hardtalk, sky news and a number of other stations.

He also has been the first-ever Israeli to be interviewed by the BBC Persian service. He is currently working as the director of strategy and planning of the Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild) foundation in Jerusalem.

Just Another Acquisition For Securus Technologies

As one of the top prison technology companies in the world, Securus Technologies has learned a lot since they were founded in 1986. One thing they have discovered is that sometimes joining company with your competition is the best way to beat them. On January 4th, 2018 the company announced that they had made yet another acquisition by purchasing government payment processor, GovPayNet. This was a deal that further aligned them with the July 2015 acquisition of another processor, JPay. With the addition of GovPayNet, the company has now positioned themselves as the largest government debit and credit processor in the United States, able to process over 4 million payments annually.


Securus Technologies has its corporate office in Dallas, Texas and three other office locations in the southern United States. Over the past 15 years, the company has made over 20 acquisitions as they continually grow their market share. In addition to providing payment processing the company provide technology-based solutions for inmate and parolee tracking, inmate self-service, incident management, phone and video conferencing, and many more.


The company has current contracts with over 3,500 corrections facilities and provide a wide range of services to 1.2 million inmates in North America. As part of the acquisition, GovPayNet will continue to operate under their current name and CEO Mark MacKenzie will continue his current role. The President of Securus is Bob Pickens and the Chairman/CEO is Rick Smith.