Gareth Henry Strives For LGBTQ Equality In His Jamaican Homeland

To travelers, Jamaica is known for its promise of relaxing vacations on sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, as the ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ legacy of reggae performer Bob Marley remains an international anthem about living care-free. And yet to dive deep into the country’s politics and lack of equality, one begins to understand how its LGBTQ community faces ongoing discrimination.

For Jamaican badminton player and gay rights activist Gareth Henry, the fight for equality is a personal endeavor. As a gay man of color, the Kingston native shoulders a history of being beaten by police officers due to his sexual identity in 2007. While assisting homeless homosexuals find refuge in his home and experiencing thirteen of his friends be killed because of their sexual identity, Gareth Henry was lucky to walk away as a survivor. However, the same cannot be said for other members of LGBTQ community who continue to face persecution. The ignorance towards the LGBTQ community in large part stems from the top of the political chain, as politicians use their powerful positions to ignore the harsh realities that to be gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. in Jamaica, is a life or death issue. The list of victims grows, revealing disturbing cultural norm against homosexuals, where openly gay individuals are attacked or brutally murdered.

In 2008, the daily act of fearing for his life became too much to bear. Gareth Henry eventually applied as a refugee to Canada to start over. His opportunity at a second chance in life continues to shed light on Jamaica’s cultural disparity, where a proportion of the gay community still experience homelessness, poverty, and violence. The former co-chair to the Jamaican LGBTQ rights organization J-Flag has given aid to refugees escaping their homelands, and works with organizations such as Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and the Rainbow Railroad. Gareth Henry’s platform as a vocal LGBTQ activist is one that strives for political change so that all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve as human beings.

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A New Era of Treatment for Pelvic Floor Disorder

There is a disorder that haunts countless women around the world called “pelvic floor disorder,” something that can be quite complicated to treat and something that has severe repercussions if not taken care of correctly. It is something that becomes more common with aging, but that does not mean it is a natural part of the processor or that it can be left without treatment.



Marc Beer, an entrepreneur, co-founded the company Renovia Inc. with his partner many years ago, and is now moving funds to support the pelvic floor disorder and create new products that can be used to treat the issue better.



Marc Beer has been studying the subject for years. Now, as a new action moving forward with more accessible treatments for the disorder, the entrepreneur has closed $32 million on the Series B round, and another $10 million in venture, completing a total of $42 million raised to help women around the country deal with the health issue.



This was not the first time that Marc Beer’s company developed products to treat that particular disease. In fact, Renovia Inc. has diagnosed countless products and developed research to improve their treatments better.



The disorder, although very common, with millions of women being affected worldwide and a large portion of them living in North America, is still not talked about enough. It has become an issue that women don’t talk about enough due to shame, but the products developed by Marc Beer and companies like his are helping women and allowing them to feel comfortable with the healing.



Renovia is leading the front of pelvic floor disorder-related products, as the first product released by the company, called “Leva,” received FDA approval a couple of weeks after development.



The company has partners, and one of those partners is the Longwood Fund, which has already funded and invested in the corporation before and now has joined the group again to assist them with their new products for the disorder.



Marc Beer is very excited with the enormous movement that is occurring. His company, founded in 2016 with Ramon Iglesias, has already changed countless lives and received many acknowledgments from treated women, but they were about to take a big leap towards additional ways to address the disorder.



Marc Beer concluded that they are now using sensor technologies to help gather data about their customers, if they desire, to better study the particular conditions of each one of them and give additional feedback on treatment options.



The entrepreneur has studied biotechnology and pharmaceutics for decades, and has over 25 years of commercialization and experience under his wings. His co-workers and leaders of the corporation also have a lot of experience and knowledge, one of them being William Dull, the CCO, an entrepreneur and a life science executive. Learn more:


Tempus Receives $80 Million Funding Thanks To Eric Lefkofsky’s Input As A Leader.

Many people are still wondering why there is no cure for cancer. Researchers have joined scientists in the search for a cure. While they have made some progress, there are some challenges in finding the cure since cancer is a string on many diseases divided into different sub-types. Therefore, cancer research is a slow process that requires the input of skilled scientists as well as donors. That is where Tempus comes in. Headed by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus is a firm that uses technology to generate data in order to assist in personalizing cancer therapy while improving patient care by maximizing efficiency. Recently, the company received a donation of $80 million from investors.

Background Information

Since it was established, Tempus has received $210 million investment. Aside from that, the recent funding makes it one of the leading firms dedicated to coming up with data-driven technology to help patients battle this disease. Today, the firm’s value is approximated to be about $1.1 billion.

Offering Employment Opportunities

Tempus is an equal employer. It is thinking of adding more employees to its management. According to Eric Lefkofsky, it is reasonable to hire 30 workers per month. He also added that the pace is expected to rise since the company uses funds to expand the firm’s portfolio of services.

Tempus Applies Clinical Data for Treatment

Tempus is applying clinical data to discover different trends in the therapy as well as the management of cancer symptoms. It is also collecting data from different patients who are undergoing treatment. In some cases, Lefkofsky says, the data collection entails digitizing a medical practitioner’s handwritten notes for them to be searchable and stored to better treatment options.

Outline and Review

With that said, Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to ensuring that cancer patients receive viable management options for their conditions.

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Why Genucel is the Ideal Product for You

The market has so many beauty products. Many companies have been established in the market, and their primary goal is to ensure that consumers are getting the kind of looks they desire. However, most of the products do not produce the kind of results needed. Most of the beauty companies charge an arm and a leg for their products without thinking about the damage they are doing to the consumers. The ingredients used in the products can be harmful to the skin, and this is why people should do some research before they can settle on a certain product. Individuals who are careful when selecting the healthcare products they use are fortunate because they do not damage their bodies while looking for beauty.

Chamonix is one of the few companies that have a great reputation in the beauty industry. The company has managed to manufacture some of the beauty products that have won the hearts of customers from all over the globe. One of these products goes by the name Genucel. The new formulation is made for the eyes, and it has changed the lives of many people, especially women who are conscious about the kind of looks they have. Individuals who have been using Genucel say that they were able to discover a great change in their appearance in just fifteen days. These clients say that the puffiness in their eyes had significantly reduced a few days after using Genucel.

When using this product, customers do not have to worry about the ingredients used in the manufacture. The professionals who came up with this product ensured that they used the latest technology, and this means that they will have few or minimal side effects. The natural ingredients make this product ideal for the people who have very sensitive skin. Genucel is available in most beauty shops across the world.


Sussex Healthcare, Most Trusted Care Home In The UK

Sussex Healthcare is a reputable company that has built its business from the ground up. Founded in 1985, Sussex Healthcare has grown into a company with 15 facilities that serve the needs of elderly residents suffering from diseases such as Alzheimers, dementia and those needing treatment for neurological care.

With facilities located all over the UK including in West Sussex, East Grinstead and Crawley, it is convenient for residents to find a location that suits them. When it comes to care home facilities, Sussex is the most trusted name in the UK.

Many of Sussex Healthcare homes are located in areas with a lot of outdoor space and nature for the residents to enjoy. Not only do these care homes serve the needs of single people, but they also allow couples to get the care they need together. One of Sussex Healthcare’s main goals is to allow the residents to feel that they aren’t missing out on normal daily life and that they are able to enjoy the activities they love. Many of the facilities vary from the nature of care provided. Some facilities focus more on assisting residents who suffer from Alzheimers and dementia, while others assist residents with basic daily living activities they couldn’t otherwise perform on their own. Each facility also contains a fitness center with access to certified personal trainers and most facilities offer a salon on-site for resident use.

One of the many benefits for residents who choose to use Sussex Healthcare for their care home is that each facility has a kitchen with specially trained chefs who use local produce to prepare healthy meals. Not only that, but each resident has a meal plan specifically modified for their dietary needs and restrictions. Sussex Healthcare takes pride in their residents and their staff, making sure all staff members are trained in each area of care they perform. Sussex Healthcare is the leader in care home facilities, and the care home company the UK trusts most.


Jose Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF

Every year Business of Fashion lists the worlds currently most influential movers and shakers in the fashion world. One of the individuals named on this years list was Auriemo Neto, Chief Executive Officer of the Brazilian company JHSF Participacoes. This company specializes in the development of commercial and residential real estate. Auriemo has been instrumental in dramatically revolutionizing the fashion world of Brazil by introducing many a luxury shopping mall, which have included many top fashion brands such as Hermés, Valentino, René Caovilla, Brunello Cuccinelli and Pucci.

It first entered the luxury retail market in 2009, signing several very high profile brands right off the bat. Its crowning jewel in this area has been the Cidade Jardim mall in Sao Paulo, Shopping areas are not JHSF’s only concern. It also develops office buildings, hotels and public developments. In the years following it has kept becoming every more successful. This was even true in 2016 and 2017 with the declining sales in Brazil’s luxury fashion sector.

In his youth, Ariemo was a member of the International Youth Coexistence and spent time in Europe being trained in horse riding. He first entered adult life by obtaining a degree from Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo. After graduation, he began work at JHSF, the family business, in 1993. He paved the way for the company to later enter the luxury retail sector by first securing rights for JHSF to develop its first shopping center in 1998, Shopping Santa Cruz. A few years later he succeeded his father as CEO when while still in his 20s. He has proven to be one of the greatest leaders in its history.

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Talos Energy Is Utilizing New Oil Extraction Technologies

The U.S. oil flooding Europe impacted the prices in April of 2018. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries tried to balance the market. U.S. oil producers and others were negatively affected by the low prices. The companies laid off many employees to make up for the loss of profit. Fieldwood and other drillers went bankrupt. However, there are currently signs of an improving market.

Countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia have had a monopoly on oil production. Some of the oil producing countries are not friendly to the U.S. and others are politically unstable. These countries are a part of OPEC.

Engineers have developed hydraulic fracturing, as well as technologies to lower the cost and well failure rates. In 2014, oil-producing nations had to cut their oil prices in half to compete with countries that used new technologies. In 2018, oil prices have risen to $80 dollars barrel. In August, the U.S. crude dropped to a seven week low.

The U.S. crude has decreased by 14 million barrels. Some experts think a lower oil price is good for the economy because consumers and businesses save money. Others believe a higher price is better for the economy, since it will help the global markets.

A lot of technology companies that specialize in innovative extraction go out of business when oil prices fall. Airlines experience declines in international flights. They sometimes have to raise their prices to make up for the increased oil prices. Domestic oil production in West Texas has seen cost parity with oil-rich nations. In 2017, Texas oil producers saw a three percent increase in their payrolls. Extraction technology advancements will lead to more international flights and the creation of more jobs. The U.S. is predicted to dominate the economy and the global oil market.

Talos Energy is a domestic oil producer. It is focused on offshore oil exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has more than 33,000 square miles of proprietary extraction data and its team of experts has worked in the region for decades. Talos supports local organizations and charities.

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Reasons Behind SoftBank’s Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group Valued at $3.3 Billion

It is common practice in business for one business to acquire another, especially when both businesses are interested in mutual growth and success. This is definitely what is happening between Soft Bank and the Fortress Investment Group. The acquisition, which took place in July 2017 and became official in December 2017 has been hailed as the most strategic and forward-looking moves for both companies. Soft Bank is known for their focus on Tech Startups and their passion in helping them achieve their vision. The management and shareholders at Fortress Investment Group feel that the acquisition will give them the platform which they need to make their vision a success.

The company histories

When you think about the history shared by both of these companies, you start understanding why their merger makes so much sense. To start with, both have shown a lot of interest in branching out so that they can involve other like-minded businesses within their sphere. Then, they have shown a lot of interest in rebranding over the years. Soft bank started out as a software wholesaler a while bank and has expanded into the huge company that it is today, owning shares in more than 400 other companies. The acquisition shows that Soft Bank wants to become the largest investment company on the globe.

Why the move makes sense for Fortress

Fortress Investment Group, on the other hand, hasn’t invested in as much shapeshifting as the other company. However, since Fortress Investment Group was established by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone in 1998, it has gone ahead to invest in a number of fields including real estate business, hedge funds, and private equities. Fortress is currently managing more than $40 billion for close to 1800 investors from all over the country and despite the acquisition, it is expected that the company will continue operating the same way.

The process

The news about a possible acquisition started making rounds a while back. Some of the top managers at Soft Bank stated that they wanted to partner with companies that had a vision and the possibility for massive growth because it would align with their vision of becoming the best investment company on the globe. Soft Bank, therefore, made an offer to Fortress, and the 3.3 billion was used to buy all of the outstanding shares from the latter.
While this acquisition is still very young, there are all indicators that it is a great move for both companies involved. Soft Bank gets to expand their investment Portfolio while Fortress Group gets the global stage they needed to advance their agenda.

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The Rise Of Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an oil company located in Texas. The company expanded its assets after merging with Stone energy. Duncan, the CEO of the multi-billion globally recognized company, signed the deal to acquire the business venture during the Hurricane Harvey disaster that struck his hometown of Kingwood, Texas located in the north of the Houston. The agreement of owning the stake was struck at his parent’s dining room. The acquisition led to the emergence of Talos Energy.

Despite the advantages that came with the merging of the two conglomerates, there was also a possibility of unforeseen circumstances that trailed Talos Energy as well. Merging with Stone Energy Company listed Talos Energy as a public limited company automatically without going through the long process that converts a private entity into a public body.

Some of the risks were the possibility of a spillover leading to the loss of millions of money. The company Chief Executive Officer who was brought up in different cultures. Growing up in Egypt, Florida, and Texas, he is a New Yorker in lifestyle. The crisis played a huge role in ensuring that the deal was finalized as planned. Therefore, crisis formed the right opportunity for the merger. Currently, the biggest asset owned by Talos Energy is known as the Phoenix field (previously referred to as Typhoon field), about 170 miles south of New Orleans. The platform of half a dozen oil wells were drilled by Chevron. Unfortunately, the platform was destroyed by Hurricane Rita in 2005.

Therefore, the typhoon platform was taken up by Talos energy, and currently, it produces about 16,000 barrels each day and loads the oil into a specially designed ship for transportation. The ship is referred to as the Helix Producer. The forecast shows more discoveries of additional reservoirs 3,000 feet deeper than the old wells. The most important assets that were inherited by Talos from Stone energy was the Pompano Platform the was bought from BP for a whopping 200 million dollars together with other assets for drilling. The existing platform makes it easier for the business organization to expand faster.

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The Academy of Art University and New York Fashion Week

Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the Academy of Art University is a privately owned art school in the San Fransico area of California. Back then, it was known as the Academy of Advertising Arts. Stephens ran the school until 1959 when his son, Richard A. Stephens, took over. Once again in 1992, the school was passed over into new hands, this time Richard A. Stephens daughter took over, Elisa Stephens.

The school is known for its open admissions and is said to have a 100% acceptance rate. The Academy of Art University has 283 full-time staff members, and it also has 1154 part-time teachers. It is known to be one of the biggest private art and design schools there is with over 12,000 students.

The Academy of Art University is looking to show off their talent at the New York Fashion Week where they will be showcasing some of their newest collections. There with be a runway show where some of the newest designers of the school can show off their work. This is exciting for the students.

The Academy of Art University School of Fashion has selected multiple students and recent graduates to present their collections. This has been an ongoing trend since 2005. The Masters of Fine Arts degree program has picked out 17 designers that will show off 11 collections of womenswear and 2 collections of menswear.

Although presenting at Fashion Week is something that the school is used to, there is something new happening this year. For the first time ever, the School of Fashion will be hosting a 2 day event where the designers of the school can meet with fashion professionals to talk about their work. The fashion professionals are some of the best in the industry and they will be able to view the portfolios of the designers during these two days. New York Fashion Week is a very exciting time for the school. It can help a lot of students get their start.