NewsWatch TV will give viewers the best review possible

NewsWatch TV has been on the air for nearly twenty years. The company is based out of Washington and owned by Bridge Communications.

Executive producer, Andrew Tropeano, and his fellow reporters have made NewsWatch a well-established show in the world of television. Andrew started his journalism and business career at Washington Post and CNN. He understands that one needs to have patience and knowledge to build a show like NewsWatch.

NewsWatch TV is a show that covers everything from consumer and technology news. Over the years has added celebrity interview and large company product reviews. It has something for all its viewers on the show. The show has also been known to interview entrepreneurs and their start-up companies.

The show airs on AMC and ION networks and airs a thirty-minute monthly show. Mr. Tropeano would like to see the station expand wider to more networks and a bigger online presence as time goes on. NewsWatch received awards Silver Telly Award and the Gold & Platinum Marcom Award, along with others, in the past years.

Newswatch TV could be doing an interview with a celebrity, or looking at the latest app in a technology segment, the show makes sure they provide their viewers the best show possible. The show knows how important it is to stay current with the news that is happening in the world and the hosts pass that knowledge on to the viewers.

NewsWatch TV makes sure they do their best for viewers and that is why the show will be around for many years to come.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Attempts To Make The Use Of Fillers Safer

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s popular plastic surgery specialist Dr. Rod Rohrich is continuing his campaign to improve the safety and standard of the plastic surgery industry with a new study into the dangers of facial fillers. Dr. Rohrich has recently been looking to help patients and surgeons improve the standard of plastic surgery around the world by improving techniques and safety measures to make sure the industry provides the best possible results for patients as they undergo their procedures. In his latest study the acclaimed surgeon who was named one of D Magazine’s top surgeons in a recent peer reviewed report provided information and advice on the problem of facial fillers causing blindness in patients.

Although the incidence of blindness being caused by facial fillers has not reached epidemic levels it is thought the number of cases have recently been on the rise around the world. Rohrich and his research team believe the problem is actually more widespread than originally thought, largely because the main sources of information on the subject have been well respected and known surgeons. The research team believe the number of patients suffering blindness because of the use of facial fillers is higher than reported with less well known or experienced surgeons not providing information on the problem in a bid to protect their reputations.

Dr. Rohrich has published an algorithm he hopes will assist other surgeons in halting the blindness problem from becoming any more of an issue by limiting the problems of facial filler use. The surgeon, who traveled to Oxford University to study pediatric plastic surgery, has revealed his own techniques and those uncovered by his team that he hopes will bring about the largest level of safety for all individuals undergoing surgery. By following the safety algorithm Dr. Rohrich hopes surgeons will limit the number of people suffering temporary or permanent blindness following the use of facial fillers in the future.

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Peter Briger Career Journey

It is not a secret that most people in the market are struggling with their investments. Most financial institutions in the world have been doing their best to offer loans and investment advice to consumers so that they can earn good profits. Despite these efforts, most people continue to suffer. There are some experts in the market who are impacting many lives with their expertise in the competitive market. Peter Briger is among these few professionals. Born and also raised in the United States, Peter Briger has managed to introduce a new revolution in the global arena with his positive remarks in the world of finance and investments. Although he is a man of very few words, Peter Briger has done a lot for investors in the international marketplace.

More than twenty years ago, Peter started new mission. The businessman thought about the hardships in the market and how he could make things easier for investors. The businessman had already worked and interacted with many investors for a while, and he knew what they were looking for. This experience helped the businessman to contribute in the founding of Fortress Investment Group, a company that has been in the right books since 1998. When people are mentioning about the activities taking place in  global company, they always appreciate the contributions made by Peter Briger and the other principals. The businessman is believed to have joined the other partners in 1998 to start the company.

Before he could join investment company and become a principal, Peter Briger was working and impacting lives in various organizations based in the United States and other parts of the globe. His position at Goldman Sachs was one of the most popular in his career. Peter had worked for this company for more than fifteen years, and he knew what it meant to work as a partner of international company. The American businessman was a member in the board, meaning that he was part of crucial decision making activities carried out. The company accomplished a lot and also expanded into many regions when Peter was working for it.

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OSI Group’s Journey Since Its Inception Into The Market

Currently, OSI Group is one of the top service providers in the food industry. The company has more than 20,000 employees who work in various companies across the globe. The growth of OSI Group across America is considered part of the country’s economic history. This conglomerate continues to make its presence felt worldwide.

Immigrant history

OSI Group is a business that was started by an immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. By the 20th century, its founder was part of the German-immigrant community in Illinois. At the time, this city was said to have had numerous Germans residing in its environs. Otto Kolschowsky started the company as a retail shop 1909 in Oak Park, Chicago.

When the First World War came to an end, the business had grown into a commercial enterprise catering to customers in the Chicago suburbs. In 1928, the company was renamed to Otto & Sons. After a couple of years, the business had become famous and was no longer considered an immigrant venture but part of the American community.

Relationship with McDonald’s

One of their first biggest clients was McDonald’s. This chain of restaurants went into an agreement with Otto’s sons who promised to supply them with ground beef. Within a couple of years, McDonald’s grew under the management of Ray Kroc as its chief executive officer. As the business became so was their need for more food supplies from Otto & Sons.

In the 1960s, there was a technological advancement that made it possible for Otto & Sons to store food for an extended period. This advancement cemented this company’s relationship with McDonald’s as they were able to launch other restaurants countrywide. By 1973, Otto & Sons set up a branch in West Chicago that solely processed foodstuffs for McDonald’s. In 1975 Otto & Sons rebranded itself to OSI and began to expand to other countries.

International growth

By 1980, Mr. Lavin was made chief executive officer and the chairman of the Group. This businessman revolutionized the company by introducing it to the global market. In the mid 80’s the company was not only serving McDonald’s but other clients in parts of Mexico, Brazil, Pacific Rim, Austria, and Hungary. OSI Group also began working with other companies such as K&K Foods in Asia. Back in the states, the company had partnered up with other stakeholders such as Nation Pizza and Foods. OSI Group has since continued to conquer new markets while creating an unmatched brand.

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Philanthropist And Financial Expert- Peter Briger

Ever since he began his career in the financial industry, Peter Briger has built a respectable character in the industry. Mr. Peter is not a renowned individual in the financial sector, but he is also a best proficient leader and a committed individual in the industry. After his graduation from High School, Briger joined Princeton University where he graduated with a Business Administration and later MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

After his graduation, Peter Briger got an opportunity to serve in one of the most significant financial firms; Goldman Sach & Co. He worked hard, and within a short period, he climbed the career ladder to become one of the partners in the company in 1996. At Goldman Sach &Co, Bringer served for 15 years, and he gained vast experience and skills in the sector. While still working at Goldman Sach &Co, Mr. Peter Briger served in several committees among them the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Asian Management Committee, and Japan Executive Committee. Apart from chairing the committees. Briger is also recognized as a leader who ever since the beginning of his career he has portrayed positive leadership skills leading him to co-lead various groups including; Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC, Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, and Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business Fixed Income Principal Investment.

The business person based in San Francisco California later joined Fortress Investment Group, and he is the current Co-Chairman and the Principal of the Private Equity Group. Ever since taking the position of the Co-Chairman of the group in 2009 Peter has been dedicated to his duties and has been leading the firm to accomplish their goals. Peter Briger is responsible for overseeing the organization’s real estate business and credit fund. Mr. Briger is also among the Board members at Princeton University. Besides being a financial expert, Peter Briger is also active in society. He is a humanitarian who directs his energy and resources to various philanthropic groups including Global Fund for Children where he serves as one of the leaders of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council, and also a member of Foreign Relations, a non-profit organization which was established to educate people on foreign policy issues among then elected officials and citizens.

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Infinity Group Australia the 2018 AFR Award Winner

Infinity Group Australia is one of the fastest growing money management and debt reduction companies. The company was started as a result of the banks’ poor attitude towards clients. Infinity group was established to help everyday Australians to create wealth, reduce their debt and secure their future.


Success comes from a strong relationship that an individual built on integrity, care, trust, and passion. Through Infinity group Australia reviews, the firm believes that most individuals have received poor agreements or deals from various financial firms. If you are one of the victims, the company is there to help you fix the issue. The firm has won various awards such as Australia’s prestigious AFR which is given to the most innovative company in the state. Graeme Holm is the co-founder of the firm.


About Graeme Holm


He is the co-founder of the Infinity Group Australia. Graeme Holm has been serving the financial industry for more than 15 years, and he is passionate about keeping financial firms honest and helping Australian homeowners one at a time. The passion he had inspired him to establish the company. He is committed to helping eliminate non-tax active debts since he believes that Australian families need to live a comfortable life.


Under his leadership, the company has been rewarded and recognized as the MPA Top 100 Brokers in the entire nation as well as acquiring client service management with the IQPC in the year 2018. Graeme Holm has completed several accreditations across real estate, finance, and financial planning. He established the company after working for four major banking institutions. While working, he was frustrated with pushing only one branded service and product offering, something that made him start the Infinity Group Australia.


Infinity Group Australia Recent Awards


According to the state’s Financial Review, the firm is among the most innovative organizations in New Zealand and Australia. The award was provided by Infinity Group Australia after being ranked position 58 in the competition between thousands of companies or nominees. They established the firm in the year 2013, and the Infinity Group Australia reviews show that the rapid growth reflects the company’s ability to meet client demand for the debt reduction services. The Infinity Group offers vital financial planning for most Australians who have debts that are affecting their life. The firm is currently established as the leading debt-reduction company in the country. The award provides additional credibility to the firm. Learn more:

Alex Hern Participation In The Business Industry

Alex Hern operated in the industry as a businessman for over 25 years. In his profession, he has been committed to startup firms and on the development of technology firms. He co-owned and had the role of the top executive at Inktomi Goldman. This company motorized and was the search equipment for Yahoo and MSN.

Alex Hern operated in the industry as a businessman for over 25 years. In his profession, he has been committed to startup firms and on the development of technology firms. He co-owned and had the role of the top executive at Inktomi Goldman. This company motorized and was the search equipment for Yahoo and MSN.

In addition, he was the co-owner of Yesmail Alex Brown which was an email trading and online directory firm. The institution transformed to be a public institution and later it was sold to CMGI, which is currently known as ModusLink Global Solutions. The amount sold was $650 million after a period of 10 months. He liked guiding businesses and making them prosper such as CloudShield. His role was being the major executive. The firm was a network security which was sold to SAIC, a prominent engineering company that focuses on government and profitable developments.

Alex Hern got the concept of Tsunami XR from the acknowledgment that they joined and transformed from CPU computer period to GPU driven time. Due to this change, there was going to be a requirement for an original software equipment. The machinery should have the competence of leveraging mad by graphic demonstration. Currently, they are accessible on tablets, PCs, and smartphones, leading into the advanced computers period. He enjoys concentrating on the technology that runs their business and attempts to think about the equipment that can improve it. Moreover, he is happy about equipment education and cloud based computing for graphics implementation.

In order to remain industrious in the industry, Alex Hern confirms that focus is the key. It is easy to talk about it, but it is another thing when concentrating on the objectives since it is challenging. The approach that has assisted him to develop in the business is parting each sales search with exclusive decision innovators. Collaborating with competent remedy providers and supporting the main customer wants is also essential for making it in the industry. Tsunami XR is a brand software that is on another level of innovation which can be utilized by engineers and researchers.

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End Citizens United Ways of Bringing Democracy

The Political Action Committee, End Citizens United is funded by donors to overturn Citizens United by electing campaign finance reformers. The decision made by the Supreme Court about “corporations are people” greatly changed the Citizens United vs. F.E.C politics. Wealthy and special interest groups spend cash on US elections which End Citizens United feels that it’s a way of buying elections.

End Citizens United was established on March 1st, 2015 to stop big political funding groups that are created with ulterior motives through funding of elections. Despite ECU funded by grassroots donations, the committee is committed to stop the activities of Citizen United, see pro-reform candidates elected and ensure the money used in politics remain transparent to the public. After launching its operations in August 2015, End Citizens raised $2 million from small donors, and according to the group’s Communications Director Richard Carbo, the group entire cycle is expected to raise approximately $25 million to $30 million or more. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

To date, End Citizens United has supported various pro-reform Democrats and critics have a story to tell. Even though many independent and Republican voters agree that undisclosed political financing is not controlled, the Congress Republican leadership is standing unshaken in the manner of overturning the disastrous ruling made by the Supreme Court on January 21, 2010.

After the court’s decision, the elections activities were dramatically changed after the ruling in favor of Citizens United which puts individual American citizens and corporations on equal footing. Hence, both had the same power and right to work and donate to political campaigns. As a result, corporations have been donating billions of dollars without disclosing the source and motives of their support. Currently, ECU is supporting various democrats in their election races this year. Two of these are Conor Lamb and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who have promised to desert corporate PAC contributions on the table.

The End Citizens United website shows the group’s activities, their latest news, candidates who want reforms in finance and a donation page. Also, there are details on how to resists the activities of Citizens United whereby individuals can start their groups in social media and help in spreading the pro-reform candidates’ message.


Organo Gold

An Organo Gold Tribute: Less Is Better Except When It is Coffee!

Organo Gold: About Us

The found member of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, believes that coffee is more than a drink, it something that should be celebrated, as one of the key ingredients in which we need to sustain life.

Organo Gold started in 2008 and has become a worldwide phenomenon in just under 10 years. Bernardo Chua does not offer his products through a traditional network including coffeehouses and retail stores. Organo is a whole sale company that offers its products through private distribution. Those distribution networks get the word out and earn a 50% commission for each sale in the process.

“It is similar to the domino effect. Once word reaches the ears of a few customers, then that word will quickly spread to others. Think of it like “whisper down the lane” without the gossip. The only gossip we supply is coffee, and coffee is good.”

The Organo Gold Instagram Account and Hashtag

Do you follow Organo Gold on social media platforms like Instagram? You may have noticed the hashtag being used a lot. That is because marketing gets more complicated with each passing day. Brands need to use a more clever approach to expand their market base. That is where the hashtag comes in.

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Each customer who uses a hashtag with the Organo Gold symbol online the Organo Gold sales increase. It is similar to “whisper down the lane”, but for social media. Each time a customer leaves relevant feedback about the company and their coffee products, the user experience increases. More friends and family join in spreading the word.

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