Alex Hern, Creating Reality In A Virtual World

For over twenty-five years, Alex Hern has focused on early stage tech companies, and he has started and sold many successful companies. But for the last few years, he has focused his attention on one up and coming aspect of the industry, VR. The media usually focuses on the ways virtual reality technology will revolutionize the gaming experience, such as Pokémon Go. And other extremely popular brands, such as The Walking Dead and Rick and Morty, are working on their own VR games. But this technology has the possibility to change far more than just entertainment. Both Google and Microsoft have experimented with VR Technology in their products Google Glass and HoloLens. With the growing popularity of VR and the technological advances in mobile devices and computers, Alex Hern saw an opportunity to expand the possibilities of Virtual Reality and to use this technology to enable collaboration on a brand new level.

Tsunami XR, Alex Hern’s current company, offers customizable VR services to companies around the world. By using this technology, these clients will create virtual workspaces and allow employees all over the world to collaborate on projects. Engineers and Designers will actually see their prototypes, saving time and money. And these designs can just as easily be tested for performance or reliability in a virtual reality space. Companies can hold client meetings without the need for anyone to travel. Homebuyers will be able to tour a potential home from the other side of the country. Walmart has even already used this technology to train employees on how to handle Black Friday Customers. With increasing advances in Artificial Intelligence and in cloud computing, VR is becoming more and more prominent in society. This technology has the power to revolutionize the way business gets done, and Alex Hern is at the forefront of this movement.

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