The NewsWatch TV Reviews and the testimonials of its clients

NewsWatch TV refers to a television show that utilizes technology, and a consumer and consumer-friendly format of entertainment. Additionally, the show features the consumer news, reviews of mobile apps, those of sponsored consumer electronics, the announcement of public services, celebrity interviews, and the trending news majorly.

As well, the show features video news releases (VNRs), on-location SMT interviews, as well as countrywide campaigns that are non-profitable. Several providers enhance the submissions of the latter to the program.
Usually, the broadcasting happens in the course of the morning news’ time that often happens at 7 am per the AMC Network. The base of NewsWatch TV is situated in Washington. The rest of the offices are found in Denver, the City of New York and Fairfax. The Bridge Communications enhance the ownership and coordination of the show’s operations. The latter is a company executing video production as well as communications.
To ascertain the effectiveness of the show in its operations, it is significant making a consideration of the testimonials by clients. Such clients include Avanca, Saygus, and SteelSeries.

Saygus refers to an American firm dealing with the manufacture of smartphones. It jointly worked together with NewsWatch in enhancing the marketing and promoting their smartphone lines. At the time, NewsWatch dealt with the several sections of both the logistics as well as video production. The segment additionally enhanced national airing as well as the utilization of the online platform. The enhancement of the latter entailed the usage of the online networks as well as their channels of social media.

SteelSeries is often referred to as a professional gaming gear. It is an international firm dealing with the manufacture of headphones. They utilized two different projects to enhance the promotion of their line concerning headphones as well as gaming controllers. Worth acknowledging is the fact that NewsWatch worked on all the sections associated with video production which entails a lot.

Partnering with Freedom Debt Relief to Survive the Equifax Breach

When the Equifax Breach occurred, America woke up to the news that more than 143 million citizens had their personal and credit information exposed. Equifax being one of the three largest credit monitoring bureaus in US was at a precarious position, and so were Americans. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews offer considered tips to secure your credit and survive future breaches.

The first step is to inquire about your level of exposure. Not all people were exposed during the breach. The bureau listed all the individuals on a dedicated portal. Search your name and see the areas of exposure. The next step is to register for credit monitoring and protection. There are certified credit consultants who will help you manage your credit information.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews show that they could walk with you as you make the major credit decisions in your life. They are experience and dedicated consultants who are a call away. You get a customized approach to credit that helps you to make significant saving, resolve your credit issues in a short time and offer easy monthly or flexible debt management programs.

Getting a credit report is also one way to keep your finances in check. Your account is monitored on regular basis by experienced consultants who offer dedicated attention. In case there are suspicious activities on your account, you have a reliable professional to report to. This will shield you from scammers targeting your account for personal gains.

Part of debt relief is paying your taxes and doing it on time. Filing your long before their due date could protect you from people who file fake taxes under your name and then claim refunds. With a dedicated and experienced consultant, you will protect yourself from identity theft. A personalized approach to protection guarantees safety even when hackers strike. You can rest easy knowing that your finances and personal details are safe and secure.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Livio Bisterzo, And HIPPEAS

A brand new form of snack food has been taking the USA by storm as of late, a certain snack food called HIPPEAS. HIPPEAS are a healthy snack food that are essentially flavored chickpea puffs that are notably much more healthy than most other snack foods being advertised and sold. The creator of HIPPEAS is Green Park Holdings and the decision came from the Founder himself, Livio Bisterzo who was behind the product’s creation as it fits in with the mission statement of his company. Though Bisterzo isn’t the only one endorsing HIPPEAS.

For famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio is also endorsing the healthy mass marketable snack foods. DiCaprio’s endorsement of HIPPEAS comes from a combination of his own interests, one of them being the environment. DiCaprio’s love for the environment can be traced back to 1998 when he founded his own Foundation named after himself based around funding projects revolving around habitat conservation and biodiversity. In fact, DiCaprio also serves on the boards for the following organizations: World Wildlife Fund, the National Resources Defense Council, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, Oceans 5 and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. But what does DiCaprio’s pro-environmental stance have to do with HIPPEAS? Simple, HIPPEAS is tied to a non-profit organization called Farm Africa dedicated to improving the agriculture in Africa by supporting farmers in every step of the process of growing and selling crops.

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As for Livio Bisterzo, he’s an Italian entrepreneur currently living in Los Angeles and he’s married with three children. Originally, Bisterzo was born in Italy and in 1999 moved to the UK to further his education and cultivate his gift with marketing. His first venture into the business world happened in 2003 and he would focus on life style businesses, such as a company that specialized in selling products for men. He left that side of the industry in 2010 and moved into a different field in 2011 where he acquired a Danish start-up business that specialized in selling organic blended juice and tea. From there, Bisterzo moved on to create Green Park Holdings which focused solely upon creating healthy and delicious food that could be easily marketed and accessible for everyone. With HIPPEAS being the success it currently is, Green Park Holdings has in turned reached the potential that Bisterzo hoped it would.

For more information about Livio Bisterzo, just click here.

Doe Deere “Queen of Unicorns” Inspires Many to be Magical

Bright colors, an edgy look, a successful businesswoman, and a creative inspiration are just a few ways that people describe the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup. All of those things have culminated together to make Doe Deere a leader in the makeup world. She’s a woman who if you’ve seen her, you’d instantly know exactly who she is. That’s because she runs Lime Crime and embodies exactly what makeup means.


Deere created a company to help people be themselves. She wanted everyone, man or woman or no gender, to be able to express themselves however they feel comfortable. She understands that many people, including herself, view makeup as an art form and therefore she wanted to give them the colors that they need to express themselves. Deere saw a need for unique colors that couldn’t be found. Many drugstores and makeup shops across the county and even the world only carry a select few colors. When it comes to lips, typically shades of red are found. When it comes to eyeshadow, shades of brown are found. When it comes to eyeliner, you’ll typically find just dark colors like black. Deere knew that wasn’t right and therefore Lime Crime was born.


Lime Crime is available online and they have a whole slew of colors to satisfy just about anyone. Their lip products, especially their Velvetines, have been a hot trendy item over the years. That’s because the product glides on smooth and is available in shades of blue, green, purple, red, brown, and more! There’s a color for every season and every reason, just like Deere envisioned there would be.


In a recent interview with Guest of a Guest, Deere spoke about how she’s always been an imaginative soul. It’s no wonder she was able to come up with makeup products that compliment a unique look. Deere has always looked flawless, unique, and a little bit edgy. She’s been rocking the bright hair and lips. Both are a compliment to her soft and delicate skin. It’s easy to see why they call her the “Queen of Unicorns.” It’s because she helps everyone, no matter where they come from in life, look and feel magical. Learn more:


Deere herself grew up in Russia before moving to the United States. Her home is now in Los Angeles but she never forgets where she came from. Deere had to push hard every day to make a name for herself in the competitive makeup industry. When Deere was just 13, she started her own little business of selling temporary tattoos. She had a real knack for it from then on she was able to grow. Deere was able to inspire her customers to get tattoos when she was just a teenager. Now, she’s able to inspire almost anyone to embrace the look that they want.


Lime Crime even has a section on the website called the lookbook where people can share their unique look and how the products from Deere helped them embrace who they want to be.

The Future of the US Auto Industry and Food Industry, According to Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a charismatic American hedge fund investor, financial analyst, and a published financial author. In 2016, Mampilly single-handedly transformed the erstwhile struggling investment periodical, Sovereign Society, into a globally acclaimed newsletter called Profits Unlimited. Once mainstream investors got wind of the announcements that Mampilly had started Profits Unlimited, they trooped in large numbers. By mid-2017, the Banyan Hill, Florida-based Publishing firm, Profits Unlimited saw its membership grow to hit the 90,000 paying subscribers.

As expected, all the entry-level and the seasoned investors who heeded the systematically researched tips, pointers released by Paul Mampilly went ahead to earn impressive returns on all of their investments. The clients managed to do the outright impossible by breaking-even when the rest of the markets were in a complete state of disarray. Other companies where Mampilly has seemingly pulled a rabbit-out-of-the-hat move include, the $6 billion valued, Kinetics International Fund.

Amazing Track Record

Mr. Mampilly was one of the handful of geniuses Wall Street investors who called the US Housing Bubble of ’08 before it actually hit. Speaking of leading business shows on mainstream media channels like CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, Paul has repeatedly said that it takes more than plain luck to accurately predict dips and rises in the markets. Success hinges on the intense and in-depth research you have working for you, as you made the final verdict of whether to exit or to double up on the particular stocks and shares.

Picking Food Preferences Stocks

According to Paul Mampilly, food preference stocks represent one of the hottest investment stock and shares picks in 2017 and beyond. Paul knows all too well the insatiable appetite millennials have for healthy and nutritious fast food deliveries. Most of them are most certainly going to be attracted in investing in a pizza delivery company over trading Coca-Cola shares, any given day. Additionally, there’s tons of money to be made in stocks involving groceries, for instance, Amazon and Subway.

Paul Mampilly on the Auto Industry

The traditional global automobile industry is currently in what Paul calls an ‘iPhone moment’. According to Paul, companies like Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota will be the biggest casualties of the developments brought by the electric car revolution. Ford and Toyota are going to be rendered obsolete by the Tesla electric cars, just like traditional mobile phones became irrelevant when the first iPhone smartphones dropped.

Read the rest of Paul’s predictions on the US Auto Industry here.

Madison Street Capital Continues to Build Reputation

The world of investment banking, M&A, and corporate finance is a very competitive industry. Many of the top companies in the industry have roots that date back more than 100 years. Since having a good reputation in this field is so important, it becomes harder and harder for new companies to get a foot in the door and grow. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Pitch Engine

While the industry is very tough for growing firms, one Chicago-based firm has continued to develop a reputation for being one of the top firms in the world despite the fact that they are very young compared to the competition.

Madison Street Capital, which has been in business for only about 10 years, is continuing to grow and develop and is now considered one of the top financial advisory firms in the country.

Madison Street Capital has been a part of many big deals over the past few years and has continued ot receive accolades because of it. In the past two years, the firm has been named a finalist for a number of major industry awards and the key leadership has also been acknowledged in a number of major periodicals.

While the M&A industry is very tough to grow and compete in, Madison Street Capital has continued to develop largely due to its personnel. The company is led by Anthony Marsala, who was recently named one of the top 40 people under 40 in the industry. He also has a master’s degree in finance and has been in the industry for 15 years.

Beyond the senior leadership, the Madison Street Capital firm has also done a great job of hiring others in the industry. They have been able to find and retain top talent including people that have attended some of the best business schools in the country and have experience working at some of the top investment banks.

The wide range of experience from the firm professionals has also allowed the company to expand into other product areas. Today, Madison Street Capital is considered one of the top providers for a number of types of services including M&A, corporate advisory, and debt restructuring.

Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Kate Hudson is now an Iconic Figure in the Rise of Fabletics

Most purchases are increasingly being determined by the power of the crowd. In most instances, most consumers source out reviews from their fellow customers to be able to make a final decision on whether to buy from a dealer. The in-depth association and trust that is created from the reviews are high. They take the reviews so important as if they are personal recommendations from someone that they know. A good example of a brand that has grown due to positive reviews by customers is Fabletics. Since it was launched four years ago, the online retail company has increased by more than 200 percent and over 235 million dollars in revenue.

The membership number that has so far subscribed to the company is more than 1 million. TechStyle is the current parent company of the Fabletics, and according to the Corporate Marketing Officer, the growth of the enterprise can be highly associated with the embracement of the user’s reviews or the crowd. The company has been leveraging the prominence of reviews in most of the time. The impacts of customer review are invaluable, and they can quickly build customers loyalty, acquisition and customer retention from brands across all industries. The management and the marketing team are now increasingly relying on online reviews as part of the decision making process.

There is so much power in great, genuine and authentic reviews by the consumers; they help to create sensitive consumer products that will enhance maximum customer satisfaction. While creating a business strategy, considering reviews from users regarding a product or service is very imperative and can be effective in boosting sales leading to higher LTV and high return on consumer acquisition investment. According to research conducted, positive reviews improve search ranking in a search engine. Therefore, a product with more positive reviews will most likely appear in Google’s local 3-pack and the top in an organic local search result.

About Kate Hudson

For Kate Hudson, being a co-founder in one of the fastest growing athleisure retailer commonly known as Fabletics is one of her greatest achievement. She together with other co-founders has tremendously built the brand in a market that is highly dominated by the established athletic warehouse. With the assistance of Kate Hudson, the company has been part of the e-commerce, and it has generated a $250 million revenue run rate with sales increasing by 43 percent in the last one year. In just for years in business, the company has been able to build more than 21 million followers on twitter and open more than 18 retail stores.

Kate Hudson has been a key figure in Fabletics, and she has continued to bring new ideas to the company which has helped increase its performance. The fashion brand has applied all possible methods to be all inclusive and empowering. The company recently introduced lifestyle quiz program to help consumers get personalized outfit picks. Lifestyle quiz involves filling out a form with questions relating activities and work out that one enjoys most including styles and active wear that one prefers. The system then picks out the most suitable wear for the consumers. The process is fun and enticing and is something anyone should try it as it is straightforward and easy. The quiz can be accessed by clicking

Dr. David B. Samadi Talks About Visiting A Doctor During Menopause

Menopause is something that every woman experiences after a certain point of time in her life. Even though this is something that is inevitable, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding what menopause is and what it does to your body. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive time, after which she will not be able to give birth. When a woman experiences the first signs of menopause, visiting a doctor is crucial. Because of the changes that one is going through, there are of course things that one would need and precautions that one would have to take to be healthy. Asking your doctors all the right questions is one of thee best ways in which women can know what all they would need to do when they first start seeing the signs of Menopause coming their way.

Women begin to experience early signs of Menopause when they are around the age of 45-50. During this time, they go through a period known as perimenopause, which means that the body is preparing to end the reproductive cycle for good. This is usually the best time to visit your doctor and seek help and the medications that one would have to take. Since the body is going through so many changes, it becomes essential to maintain the right amount of nutrients and vitamins in the body, which is also why a doctor’s visit for the right prescriptions is a must. Women also tend to be alarmed by the symptoms that they start to experience when going through menopause. A doctor is usually able to tell if the symptoms that one is experiencing are normal or not, and if they are unusual, what treatment they should usually take to treat it.

Dr. David B. Samadi is a urologist who has worked with hundreds of women who have gone through menopause and other related conditions. He has been the doctor to numerous celebrities and has spoken at some of the biggest medical events in the country. His expertise and knowledge on the subject matter is incredible, which is also why he is such a prominent personality in the field of medicine. Currently, Dr. Samadi works at the Lenox Hill Hospital and is the chief of robotic surgery in addition to being the chairman of the urological department of the hospital. He also regularly performs various surgical procedures on the patients that come to him.

What to Know About the Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

Did you know that Cassio Audi was an active band member before making it in the business world? The Brazilian legend was part of a rock band known as The Viper founded in 1985. His interest in music established his popularity in Sao Paulo.

Have a look at his music highlights below:

  1. Cassio the Drummer

When Viper Band was formed by Yves and Passarelli, Mr. Audi came in as a drummer. The group attained massive following in Brazil. Cassio’s contribution to the group was notably impressive as nobody could beat the drum as efficient as he did. His presentation of the music played drew massive support from the Brazilian audience.

  1. Cassio the Songwriter

Popular releases by Viper Band include the Nightmare, Princess from Hell, and Healers which were out in 1987. Cassio’s powerful song writing skills are evident in this particular album. During the release, the album was given a 4-star rating by All Music. The group was new at the time and to be fair, the rating was impressive.

  1. Cassio the Music Producer

Via his outstanding musical gift and love for song writing, Cassio was an integral pillar in Viper’s global rise. The brand grew in popularity across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Audi’s musical contribution was immensely appreciated by youths in Brazil and globally. Through Viper, Cassio’s name became a popular global entity.


After the release of the second album in 1989 entitled Theatre of Fate, Cassio quit music and decided to pursue an MBA in finance at the University of Sao Paulo. In spite of the 23 years of financial experience, Cassio Audi is a legend in the Brazilian music history. His contribution as a drummer, songwriter, and music producer at Viper is outstanding. He continues to inspire many rock enthusiasts in Sao Paulo as his records are still played to date.

His Facebook Profile:

Bruno Fagali Provides Excellent Legal Service In Brazil

Are you searching for quality legal advice or guidance? Need a good law firm or attorney who can help resolve your case effectively? If you are in Brazil and need expert legal representation, get in touch with Bruno Fagali right away.

Hiring a lawyer or law firm is not something to be taken lightly. It is always a good idea to do your research before enlisting the services of any law firm or attorney. No matter what legal situation you’re facing, a good lawyer can help you.

There are many lawyers and law firms in Brazil, but you don’t simply pick a lawyer who claims to be reliable or reputable. Most people go with someone who has an established history of rendering outstanding services to clients. That way, they can rest assured that their legal matter will receive the attention it deserves.

Reputation matters a great deal when looking for a law firm or lawyer to handle your legal matter. It is also a good idea to choose someone who has experience in the field, and is knowledgeable about the type of case you are dealing with.

Make sure you request consultation with your potential lawyer. You want to be sure you’re making the right choice. Once you have had a meeting or discussion with the lawyer you are considering, you can then make an informed decision.

Bruno Fagali well versed in a wide variety of legal fields and has a prominent legal practice in Brazil. He focuses on Administrative Law, Compliance, Urban Law, Regulatory lawyer and Ethics. The law firm has helped numerous businesses, professionals and establishments resolve complex legal cases. Many corporate executives and enterprises rely on him for quality legal advice and guidance on tough issues that affect their organization.

Anyone who is serious about getting the best possible legal service in Brazil should get in touch with Bruno Fagali for assistance. He is passionate about the success of the individuals and enterprises that he represents and will take steps to ensure that your case is handled appropriately. Contact Bruno Fagali to learn more about his law practice.