James Dondero and the Investment Team that has Changed Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a portfolio manager overseeing over $21 billion in asset under management. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It is specialized in managing equity, fixed income portfolios, and recently it ventured in managing ETFs for private, corporate and public sectors. The company values are based on consistency, discipline and patience as the cornerstone of a successful portfolio management. The investment management team of the HCM average about 25 years of industry experience.

The executive team members of the organizations include the HCM’s co-founder as the two primary managers. Mark Okada is the co-founder and CFA of HCM and currently acts as he firm’s CIO and the portfolio manager of the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s investment plans throughout the implementation of the strategy. He has more than three decades of experience with credit and alternative investments and is one of the most valued members, mentor, and leader in the organization. He is currently involved in some other companies in executive capacities include the board member of Education is Freedom and the Director of NexBank.

James Dondero sometimes referred as Jim is also one of the executives and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Jim is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and the current firm’s president. Having worked for various companies before founding HCM, he has over 30 years of experience working in equity and credit markets specializing specifically in high yield and distressed investments. He is a graduate of University of Virginia‘s McIntyre School of Commerce, (Accounting and Finance Option).

Dondero started his career in 1984 as a financial analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. Later he served as a corporate bond analyst and climbed the ladder with time to a position of the portfolio manager at American Express Company (NYSE: AXP). Before founding HCM, he was the chief investment officer of protective life where he led to the growth of its subsidiary GIC to a value of $2 billion. Jim is a donor and supports various public policy issues such as veterans’ organizations and education initiatives.

The investment team of HCM includes 200 portfolio managers, researchers, analysts and associates. These team members along with their support employees are dedicated associates with years of training, education and marketing experience. An average portfolio manager in HCM has an average experience of 11 years both in financial and investment fields.

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Event Planning and Managing a Project

Event Planning and the Managing Process
Event planning is a process. It involves managing a project from start to finish. There are many projects that may need event planning and management skills. The following are a sample of projects that may require this type of planning. They include:
* a team building activity
* a party
* a meeting
* a convention
* a tradeshow
* a festival
* many more

What is Involved in Event Planning?
Event planning requires management abilities and some good skills. The event will include some coordinating. The event planning itself may require some good research. This will depend on the actual event that is being planned. This size of the event will need to be considered. Keep in mind that event planning may also be viewed as project managing. The following may be included in the event planning. The following items are typically involved:
* budgeting
* selecting a site
* obtaining any needed permits
* accurate scheduling
* the coordination of transportation
* arranging for speakers
* arranging the parking
* catering needs
* decorations
* security needs
* emergency plans
These are some of the many items that will be involved in event planning. There are numerous details that will need to be managed and considered. Good management skills will be needed for this process. Careful planning will lead to a fantastic event. Every event can be fully enjoyed by everyone and it will linger on for years to come with happy memories of the special event.

Great Event Planning Leads to a Memorable Event
Every type of event can be memorable and fabulous with great event planning. In order to pull off an event worth talking about and remembering, quality preparation will be required. Every detail will be in order and taken care of with great event planning. The event will be unforgettable with good management of the entire project. The budget will play a role in the entire process. It is very possible to plan a grand event on a small size budget. Careful planning is required.

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Feeding Your Best Friend

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and we need to take care of our best friend in every way possible. Looking into their diet is one way to keep your dogs healthy. Beneful has created a large variety of dog foods and treats that take into consideration all different types of dogs and their individual needs.

Just like with human babies, puppies have special dietary needs. Beneful has created the Healthy Puppy food to give your dog the best beginning possible. Once your puppy has grown, there are several dog foods to choose from. The Originals line gives you the choice to select from many different flavors. No matter what flavor you choose, your dog is sure to be happy no matter what you choose.

If you have concerns about your dog’s weight, there is a choice for that as well. The Healthy Weight dog food gives your dog the food it needs to be healthy while also being mindful about your concerns about your dog’s weight, Another area that Beneful has taken into consideration is the size of your dog. The nutritional needs of a large dog are much different from the needs of one of the smaller breeds of dog. That is why Purinastore’s Beneful has the Incredibites line of dog food. It provides the same excellent nutritional value of the other lines while being a suitable meal for a small dog.

With any member of your family, you will want to make sure their dental health is taken care of. Beneful’s Dental Twists will give your dog a tasty snack that will help reduce plaque and tartar build up.

No matter what stage of life your dog is at, there will always be something for your best friend at Beneful. Walmart is the place to go for the complete Beneful products: http://wm6.walmart.com/purina-beneful.aspx#slide1


Alexei Beltyukov: Involved In Education For Profit And For Charity

Alexei Beltyukov has not only started a scholarship for Russian students who want to attend INSEAD University, but he is also pursuing education for profitable purposes. The newest endeavor is called SOLVY. The project debuted in 2015 at the Los Angeles tech conference from EdSurge, called Educator Day. Beltyukov’s main goal is to communicate with with professionals from the educational field, including teachers. Prior to its launch, launchingnext.com named SOLVY as one of the world’s most promising start ups and it was also listed as a 100 New Startups, Today startup by BetaList.

The main purpose of the online software is to create a homework space for high school students. The software is meant to assist teachers in doing what matters. Instead of spending time creating homework, the software creates it for the teacher. It does this by following certain parameters. SOLVY also follows some of the most recent research out about testing, rather than having multiple choice questions, the software creates tests that make students show how they got to their answer. It also helps students understand the value of mistakes and learning from them.

One of the major areas that the company is growing is in the mathematics areas. It is especially helpful for teachers in creating individualized help for each student. In math class rooms especially, it can be very difficult for teachers to gauge how each student is progressing. Now a teacher can have access to each student’s work and see how they are arriving at their answers. And, rather than spending time grading each question and creating more homework, the teacher can send each student an individualized plan to help them.

LinkedIn shows that Alexei Beltyukov was born and raised in Russia and has been steadfast in his efforts to help the nation. He has been a major donor to different organizations that donate their time to helping st art up businesses in Russia. He has also given significant sums to different scholarship funds that help Russian students to pursue degrees in business. One of his most prized roles is serving as the Vice President for the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia. This organizations provides guidance to the Russian government on matters involving the economy. This guidance, and opportunities and grants, are also extended to individuals.  Follow Alexei Beltyukov on Twitter for updates, or you can visit his official site.

Michael Zomber Antique Weapons Expert And Collector

Michael Zomber is an antique arms expert. His expertise runs to European Asian, Islamic and American weapons and armor from the 16th century to the 19th century. This love for arms and armor is not just a pacing fancy, it is deep-seated. Michael knows that weapons have been prized in this country and others since men have forged and decorated them with gold silver and steel scrolling. An example of one of the most exquisite personalized weapons ever discovered can be found in the Cairo Museum in Egypt. It is a solid gold and enameled dagger that belonged to King Tutankhamon who lived in 1340 B.C. More recently monarchs from Louis the XIII to Katherine the Great of Russia to King Ludwig of Bavaria collected and commissioned finely adorned firearms as a matter of fact.

Michael looks at collecting and caring for antique weapons as collecting and caring for fine artwork. It requires stewardship and care to not only preserve them but to honor their historical as well as their monetary value. One of his favorite weapons is the Japanese Samurai Sword. During the 12th century very powerful warring clans arose in Japan. Arable land was also in short supply and as a consequence, Japan gave rise to clan warlords and the Samurai or warrior class whose job it was to defend the clan and his master. This bond was governed by the Bushido or the way of the warrior. As a consequence of this, the sword smiths of Japan developed an exquisite blade that has been called by weapons experts worldwide as the most effective sword ever manufactured by man, This blade is so effective it can cut a man in half with one swipe but is still delicate enough to slice a tomato if you want.


The Work of Sam Tabar in the Legal and Business Sector

Sam Tabar is an attorney and an investment banker. About.me writes that he holds a bachelor’s law degree from Columbia Law School. Even while studying law he was keenly following on business and was the vice editor for Columbia Business Law review. Prior to law school he was a business student at Oxford where he later attained his business degree with honors.

He has been scouted and offered different positions in various top tier organizations which were in need of his particular skill set. It is hard to study business as it is yet Sam Tabar added a law degree to his impressive résumé. He has held various positions in blue and white collar capacities. After graduating he was retained as an associate with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. In 2004 he was allured by the finance industry. He first worked at PMA Advisors where he worked hard and was promoted thereafter to head the bubbling business development department. It was here that he revealed his potential and his creative mind working on different strategies that saw the $ 2 billion dollar hedge fund grow exponentially. He was credited with helping the firm raise its clients’ portfolio and the acquisition of over $ 1.2 billion in asset management. He was later offered a position as a director and head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region representing the Bank of America Merill Lynch in 2011 which he accepted. He also served as the director of Adanac LLC,BVI and the FullCycle Fund.

Working for and with this organizations has exposed him to diverse opportunities and investment scenarios that has made him a recognizable force in the financial industry. He has given back by handling his clients with alt most professionalism. His greatest asset is his objectivity never allowing anything to derail him.  Not to mention his important financial advice freely given on Twitter.

He is the youngest and fastest raising investment attorney in New York. Even though he loves and appreciates his positions he has been moving to more affluent positions. A close look at his employment history will show that he is moving up the corporate ladder. He has never forgotten his back ground in law and has been associated with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Apart from law and commerce he has other interests and is an avid photographer. That’s right he is an amateur photographer. He describes himself as an all rounded person. His Instagram account is full of pictures that he has taken over the years.

Avi Weisfogel launches a GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel is a brilliant dentist working out of Old Bridge New Jersey. Avi has always cared deeply for the community and those in need so he is supporting a charity called Operation Go Smile. Operation Go Smile was founded in 1982 to help children overseas with severe facial deformities that were essentially so embarrassing that the children ceased to smile. It has, in the last three decades, helped over 220 thousand children and individuals suffering from severe facial and dental deformities to regain one of the most essential human dignities; the ability to simply return a smile.

While the overall contribution to the psychological health of the recipient of the operation is vast, smiling people also undoubtedly benefit society in numerous ways as well. With his commitment to charity (he has offered 0% financing for many years) beyond reproach, he has started a Go Fund Me campaign to benefit these children, who are now all over the world and even in the US, to give them their confidence back. To allow them to smile in return, have access to that joy.

Avi runs a stunning office in Old Bridge NJ. With a flawless reputation and humanitarian bent to his business you can count on the best dental services offered in the region. He builds his business one person at a time and cares more about the end result than you can imagine. Please visit Avi’s GoFundMe campaign today and help the children of the world feel a little better about themselves. Watch his YouTube video below!

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Talk Fusion Launches Video Chat amid Anticipation of a Month-Long Free Trial Period

Popular video marketing solutions provider, Talk Fusion, recently launched a new product called Video Chat. Within a few weeks, the product embedded itself as one of the top communication programs in many countries. According to findings from AppBrain, Video Chat is currently the top communication app used in Indonesia. In Japan, it is ranked number 5 while in Switzerland it is number 20. This are incredible market numbers for a new product in the market.

However, it also shows the confidence and popularity of Talk Fusion and all its innovative products. The new Video Chat app allows faster communication, it’s smarter and quite compatible with most devices including apple, PC, Mac, tablet and Android. Nancy Burling from Grand Blue Diamond expressed her excitement at the new product by saying that she not only loved the new HD feature but also that there was no other similar product in the market.

In a bid to increase the popularity of its products and increase awareness about them, it is gearing up to launch a one month free trial period. This highly anticipated offer will allow clients to have free access to all products of the company. Allison Roberts, VP in charge of training and development, foreshadows a great and positive impact of the free trials on the company’s popularity. She expects that after using Talk Fusion’s products for a month, the public will become loyal customers thereafter.

This new marketing campaign is already yielding results with the company’s Alexa web ranking catapulting higher by over 30,000 positions in the last 90 days. This is largely because of the free trial offering as well as the launch of Video Chat. The company is experiencing a large jump in data traffic on its website. Customers like Steve Baran are feeling happy to be associated with Talk Fusion.

This was after Reina and his IT-savvy friend successfully embedded video on email. Since then, the company has grown to become a top Video marketing provider in the world.

Initially posted on the site Business for Home: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/03/talk-fusion-video-chat-now-1-communication-program-in-global-market/

James Dondero Calls Argentina’s Return

Argentina is one of the most promising Latin American countries when it comes to sovereign debt. This is in spite of decades-long status as a distressed credit country. Simply put, distressed credit is when a loan becomes irregular in payments or when the debtor defaults completely. Argentina entered distressed credit status in 2001 when it defaulted on an impressive $95 billion in issued bonds. Even after defaulting the country continued to service its debt in a myriad of ways until 2014 when former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ignored U.S. court orders on the matter and halted all payments to holdout creditors.

The reason Argentina is still promising even with this complicated history is that it is a resource-rich country. It has a lot of growth potential because of this and if it can restructure its existing debt there is a high likelihood of credit upgrades. President Macri was elected on a campaign of economic reversal and a goal to return Argentina to the sovereign debt markets. He undid much of his predecessors work and now an upcoming U.S. court ruling looks promising to re-admit Argentina to the sovereign debt market and allow it to restructure its debt to begin payments once more.

This soon to be realized potential is great news for many holdout creditors like Highland Capital Management. The management fund is a large holder of 2033 bonds from Argentina and its president and co-founder James Dondero has made many observations about the possible profitability and return of Argentina in recent years. One of his key observations was that Argentina would eventually experience a defining moment where something would have to give. Either the government would run out of capital completely due to being restricted from the bond markets or they would change their position on restructuring their debt.

James also considers Argentina to be worthy of re-investment since it has the greatest promise of being upgraded in creditworthiness in the near future against other Latin American countries. Dondero plans on taking advantage of Argentina’s appeal not just for sovereign debt but capital investment by creating an Argentina Fund through Highland Capital Management.

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Source: Bloomberg

Koch Brothers New Invest

Charles Koch and his brother David Koch are well known investors who have now started a new fund. Their grandfather Harry Koch emigrated to the US from the Netherlands in 1888 and now its appears the Koch brothers have started a new fund under that name. The fund will manage about $2 billion in assets and this is interesting.

It incorporated in Delaware in 2014, and has filed for business in other states including California and Florida. The brothers have hired a manager called Trent May who was successful with investment in Wyoming. The fund will focus on investments were the Kochs can take a direct stake, including a telecommunications company called X5 OpCo LLC. May had success in Wyoming and ran his own hedge fund registered with the SEC. He also hired Jeffrey Strayer to oversee investments.

Charles Koch is a well known member of the Koch brothers and was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with B.S. and M.S. in Engineering. He eventually become President of his father’s business which he renamed Koch industries. Approximately he is worth $41.3 billion. He is also director of Investa and Georgia-Pacific LLC. Charles Koch has been successful with his fathers business and has also ventured into his own businesses and is also a patron of the arts and creative projects. The Koch brothers are well known investors and any investments they make are sure to generate interest and analysis. Koch is known politically as a libertarian and is known to cites Van Mises as an influence on his thinking.

This article recapped http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-15/the-billionaire-koch-brothers-have-a-hot-new-number-1888