Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery & How You Can Benefit

Do you like the way certain clothes fit your body? Do you hate the way certain clothes fit your body? Would you like a perky rear-end? Would you be willing to consider butt lift surgery? Butt lifts are becoming the new norm in society today. The treatments are invasive, but they’re not as invasive as other medical treatments. This means that you’ll receive a much shorter down-time for recuperation. If you have lost shape thanks to losing weight, then you’re a prime candidate for service. If you strictly want to it for vanity reasons, then you are also a prime candidate.


Lets get down to what this surgery is, and how it can benefit you. There are two types of butt lift surgery. The traditional treatment and the Brazilian treatment. The traditional butt lift does a great job of lifting the butt by removing fat, tissue and excess skin. This is made possible by an incision into the buttock. Some surgeons will utilize a technique for tightening the underlying muscles. These deep sutures are designed to hold the buttock in position, especially while it heals. For tightening sagging tissue, your surgeon can apply two distinct techniques knows as the butterfly butt lift and the upper butt lift. Depending on your specific needs, your surgeon will determine what’s best for you if needed.


The famous Brazilian butt lift is far less invasive as your surgeon will utilize a liposuction technique to transfer fat. This fat can be removed from the abs or thighs via small incisions. Injections of the fat is made through the incisions into the buttock. For those who are suffering with extreme sagging in this area, a traditional butt lift is the better route. The city of Dallas, Texas, has a number of butt lift surgeons, but make sure to do your due diligence before proceeding.


LG’s Robotic Announcement with Newswatch TV

According to Newswatch TV, LG has been on a mission to become the home of the new practical robot. With this idea in mind, they have just announced their new addition of three incredibly new robots specifically for their CLOi line.

Their unveiling last year showed off an airport cleaning robot that helped keep airports clean and even assist travelers while they are moving about the airport. LG hasn’t given many details about their new robot pals joining the force, but they are set to be great additions to the LG world. Both the Serving Robot and the Porter Robot will be perfect for restaurants and hotels alike. The Shopping Cart Robot will be a great addition to retailers both large and small. These robots are exciting for many different people out there, and they will be beneficial for many ways.

Newswatch TV is a website that has trusted sources for things like news, travel, technology, and more. They air TV episodes on AMC network in a bi-weekly rotation and on ION network in a weekly rotation. Beginning in 1990, Newswatch has recently celebrated their 1,000th episode.

This website has become a great place for people to catch up on their information surrounding news, technology, and more. Even celebrities have made their mark on Newswatch TV. With so many people looking to this place for their source of information, it is safe to say that Newswatch will remain among the top sources for several years to come. If you don’t believe me, check out their reviews to find out for yourself.

The Titans of Consumer Reporting: A NewsWatch TV Review

NewsWatch is one of the premier sites for reporting on upcoming technology. When Saygus phones were looking to fund the development of their new smartphone, the Saygus V Squared, they turned to NewsWatch to make reviews of the phone as well as promote their indiegogo campaign. Sure enough, Saygus met their funding goal and even exceeded it by $300,0000. What separates NewsWatch from the crowd is their connection to both companies and consumers that allows them to communicate the ideas of the company as well as the desires of the consumer.

Don’t let all this talk about technology fool you, NewsWatch has been in the business for a while. They started in 1990 as a program focused on financial issues, and through the 1990s they expanded out to covering various consumer and entertainment products. It was in 2011, over 20 years after their founding, that they began their tech reporting segment. Since then they have worked with various Fortune 500 companies to produce the latest product reviews for an array of brands from Audi to Sony.

In almost three decades of existing, NewsWatch has not just survived the changes in modern media, but thrived. On top of working with internationally regarded brands, they have had household names like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on their show, which demonstrates the level of cultural clout they continue to hold in today’s day and age. If you are looking for a direct line from brands to consumers, there are few organizations better than NewsWatch TV Reviews.

Malcom CasSelle: An Entrepreneur with Vision

Worldwide Assest eXchange (WAX), the Global Decentralized Marketplace for Virtual Assets, boasts itself as being a safer, faster, and more secure way for anyone to build and operate a virtual marketplace with little to no investment, or risk for that matter, involved in the process. Exchanging of virtual goods has been around for at least a couple of decades now. Hundreds of thousands of gamers have been selling and trading fully developed characters and unique items on games like Diablo II since back in the 1990s and World of Warcraft in the early 2000s. The trend has doing nothing if not grown bigger and better. This is exactly what lead OPSKINS innovative founder Malcom CasSelle to his newest brainchild, WAX.

The future of WAX entails so much more than a platform for selling in-game goods however. it is the foundations for not only a new global marketplace for peer-to-peer trading, but for a new cryptocurrency as well, or Wax Tokens, which could compete with such already existing and successful currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. “WAX is the onramp for mass market cryptocurrency adoption.” says William Quigley, current WAX CEO. As of right now there are nearly 2 billion WAX Tokens in circulation already, valued at around 0.16 USD each.

Malcome CasSelle attended both MIT and Standford University, where he earned degrees in Computer Science. It is no surprise that he is not only the President of WAX but acting CIO of OPSKINS as well, which is by far and large the most lucrative and successful online market place for buying and selling in-game goods from countless online video games and platforms. He is the former CTO of Tribune Publishing, as well as SVP & GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l ( a company which bought-out Timeline Labs, of which he was CEO). He was also involved with startups such as MediaPass and Xfire which center around the the digital industry and online gaming. Investments of CasSelle include FB, Zynga, and Bitcoin affiliated companies.

In the 1990s CasCelles founded one of the first media based website companies with a focus on Afrocentric culture, NetNoir, where he was acting CTO. At the turn of the century(98-03) he was selected as senior vice president and advisor for Pacific Century CyberWorks CEO, PCCW being a massive telco service company located in HongKong. After that CasSelle worked as a director of Capital Union Investments also in HongKong, and worked as a top executive for the joint venture between Tencent and Groupon. It is clear to see that CasCelle is more than just another executive in the global rat race, he is a true entrepreneur spirited businessman with high intelligence, imagination, and good old fashioned street smarts to say the least.

What’s in store for WAX?

WAX (or the Worldwide Asset eXcahange) was created as a decentralized platform for virtual asset trading. Participates in the marketplace buy and sell assets such as in-game items or game assets. The platform has seen significant growth since it’s release. As WAX grows, they’ve had to overcome some technical challenges.

One example is how to safeguard the WAX Token and Virtual Asset Bond. WAX found an answer by utilizing a multilayered governance approach that is regulated by token holders themselves. These token holders are called Transfer Agents, and are supervised by committees known as guilds. The magic of this system is that if the Transfer Agents don’t do what is expected of them, their financial assets will be at risk.

Another key advancement by WAX is the integration of fractionalizing physical items. Allowing users used to own a fraction of an expensive piece of memorabilia, such as a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, or an original Mozart painting. By incorporating physical items, WAX services see an increase to both value, potential users, and increased security of the physical item.


The President of WAX is Malcolm CasSelle, an entrepreneur as well as CIO of OPSkins. Malcolm was brought on in 2017 due to his overall experience and his expertise at running technology companies. Mr. CasSelle also holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MIT as well as a master’s degree from Stanford in the same field. Being fluent in English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese is also factored into WAX’s hiring choice.

Malcolm CasSelle has an extensive background. Starting in 1995, Mr. CasSelle co-founded and then served as CTO for NetNoir, an Afrocentric culture focused media production website. Afterwards from 1998 to 2002, he was the Vice President of Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), which is a Telco service provider headquartered in Hong Kong. From 2006 to 2013 Malcolm CasSelle served as a director of Hong Kong-based Capital Union Investments. Malcolm has a few other achievements and job experience (not included here), before finally joining WAX in 2017.

Where to Install Wainscoting Panels in Your Home

When the question of where to put wainscoting panels in the home pops, the mind starts working in a different way. It’s always about which panels to choose, how much to spend, which design is best for your style, and how much wainscoting is enough. And then there are matters concerning space. The most important one is how high ceilings are and so how high wainscoting should go.

But it’s also the matter of how space is distributed in each home. Unless you live in a classic loft, where nothing is hidden except perhaps the bathroom, your home breaks down into smaller spaces. The rooms. And each room will be different in terms of space available, height, utility, and style. Am I trying to give you a headache? Not in a million! We just point out that wainscoting installation is a great idea for every home and each room, but it’s also subject to conditions.

Where should wainscoting panels go?

No doubt of the appeal a raised panel would make in the dining room. But then again who wouldn’t agree that living rooms become far more elegant with such wall panels. And then you move to your home office and realize that wainscoting would bring the required sophistication in that room. But how about the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom? Don’t they deserve the best wall decorations too? Alex Mouldings offered modern wainscoting designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

So, is a modern wainscoting design a good wall decorative option? The truth is that it is. And here’s why:

  • There are so many wainscoting ideas and designs to fill not one but hundreds of homes. In other words, there are many styles, profiles, and sizes to install in any house and room regardless of home style.
  • Wainscoting walls is a great idea if you want to renovate them and conceal some minor imperfections.
  • But such panels also become excellent wall décor solutions since they would look good with anything you choose to hang but would also stand on their own.
  • And then don’t forget that beadboard or other profiles are not only made of wood. They are also made of PVC and vinyl and thus they are fine solutions for high moisture environments.
  • One more thing. Some panels might have the appearance of wood. Beadboard wainscoting is often white. But no matter which style you choose, you can paint it. And thus your choices are broadened since selecting different colors gives you the chance to play with interior design ideas and shape the style of each room.

Where you can install wainscoting?

Since we established that a raised or flat panel would look good in any home and in every room, let’s take it from there.

  • It goes without saying that wainscoting is actually the best wall design idea. You can put these panels in any wall.
  • But you can also put them on the ceiling. Imagine a coffered ceiling with beadboard. Or, lose the coffered design and just add the panel.
  • And then such panels would fit well on partitions. Room dividers serve to split an open space into smaller utility sections, create private zones, or make room for more family members. And although there are many ways to divide a room (glass panels, plants, bookcases etc.), installing a wall is also an option. And a shaker will make the partition, which already stands out, to stand out even more.
  • Break the rules by installing wainscot as a frame for the fireplace. Why settle with traditional fireplace mantels? You can even extend the panel from the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling.
  • Since wainscots belong to the family of trims, don’t forget about the door and window casing.

When wainscoting becomes too much?

There is no rule of how much wainscoting is actually too much. But one of the main interior design rules is to keep balance in the house and in each room. When you overdo it, it’s overkill. On the other hand, it depends on the size and height of the house and of each room. The smaller the space the easier you should go with wainscoting.

Another common mistake is to install bead board all over the room – walls and ceilings. That’s an exaggeration too. Sometimes, letting a simple chair rail run the wall horizontally and matching it with the crown molding suffices. The secret of succeeding with such efforts is to let wainscoting speak for itself but not yell.

Tony Petrello Shocks His Friend

Tony Petrello truly is a self-made man. According to Lloyd Grove in his article in “The Daily Beast”, he knew Tony when they went to college together at the age of 18. During that time Tony was a math genius and your typical geek. He was the tall skinny kid with the loud mouth and dry sense of humor, and he stuck out in 1972 like a sore thumb.

Tony Petrello was the protege of Professor Serge Lang, the world-renowned mathematician. Even at such a young age, Tony Petrello could be seen as a prodigy in the field of mathematics. He was already challenging the theories of his day, creating his own, and pushing the field of mathematics beyond where it currently was. It was a shocker to everybody when he opted out of mathematics and decided to pursue corporate law.

From that time on, Lloyd Grove did not see Tony Petrello over the next few years. Needless to say, he was surprised when he looked at the Associated Press’s release of the top paid CEOs of 2013 and saw that his old buddy Tony was on it. How exactly did Tony get to that position? How did he rise up from the field of mathematics to go and become a multi-billionaire?

Tony Petrello was a graduate of Harvard Law School with his bachelor’s degree in law. He then pursued a master’s degree in mathematics from Yale University.

In the year 1979, Tony Petrello would begin working at the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He held a position there until 1991. Here he was the managing partner of the New York office, a position which he held for five years. From there, he would become a director of Stewart and Stevenson. He would leave that post in 2011.

Anthony Petrello made most of his money working for Nabors Industries. He became the chief executive officer in 1991. He would then become the president of the company in 1992. He would also become the chairman of the board in 1993 and hold all positions for nearly a decade. In 2015, his total compensation package was well over 15 million dollars. Tony was able to command this large package because under his leadership Nabors Industries stock went up 180%. While in 2014 there was a small bump in the road, in 2015 all the executives received the compensation package they deserved.

The Fantastic Details on How Ahola Construction Operates

Aloha Construction Company is the best construction company with modern building equipment, quality artistry, sound policies and better prices. It has unmatched excellence, safety, and intelligence. It majorly deals with house repair that is both major and minor repairs of the roof, gutter, windows, and sidings of a house. All these operations are done through the cooperation of skilled staff with high level of discipline. The staff members work in the following areas; field supervisors, inspectors, installers, office team as well as claim specialists. This industrious teamwork as a unit and have therefore completed more than 7000 local ventures.

Aloha Construction Company is owned and operated by the family through the assistance of David Farbaky as the CEO. Since its establishment, the family has undergone series of changes and revolutions. This has enabled the company to progress from a family-owned enterprise to a large industry with quite some achievements.

Over the years, the success of the Aloha Construction Company has been attributed to their great principles of operation. This includes the aim as well as the warranty policy. Aloha Construction aims at maintaining a topnotch level of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness in its relationship with its suppliers, subcontractors, and associates like insurance, company argent, and customers. The managers also ensure customers satisfaction in all areas of concern. These include timeliness in delivery of goods and services as well as paying attention to details at all levels of organization that ranges from the sales team to service team and to office staff to avoid inconveniences. For the ones concerned with repair in the field, an inspection is done before making any attempt repair it. This will ensure that appropriate measure regarding the strength of the structure is put in place. The company also offers its clients a ten-year warranty to expend their connection period with the clients and adjust their services as per the views of the clients.

If you are looking for a dream construction company that would customize your structures according to your specification and make your abstract thought into a reality, Ahola should be your number one option.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alohabuilds?lang=en

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru and his friends had difficulties tracing healthy and fun restaurants during their stay at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. They established an eatery on M Street to solve this condition. Six years down the line and the café has become a chain of restaurants.

Establishment Process

Finding the tavern space was hard since the landlord was not willing to rent it out. She asked them to bring a detailed business plan showing their experience and financial abilities. Read more:  Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune

Nathaniel Ru saw it as a blessing to get the space when she agreed to rent them. The landlord mentored the three potential entrepreneurs, and they appreciate her contributions.

Business Expansion

Theresa Dold, digital marketing head, stated that Sweetgreen was started with a reason. The entity has a juice line different from the salad sales. The organization focuses on being smart, social, and local. Sweetgreen is after making a positive impact on the hospitality sector. It attracts customers by serving the quality meals at reasonable prices. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/ekeg45fe/nicolas-jammet-nathaniel-ru-jonathan-neman-co-founders-sweetgreen-262627/

The Sweetgreen upholds the firm core values and serves the surrounding community without discrimination. The brand plans and actions have become part of its culture. Their lifestyle is flexible and depends on the trending issues. It pools its resources together to make an impact to the market.

They are keen on what the competitors are serving to make sure they remain on top of the game. The three committed founders are embracing technological mechanisms to ease the functions of the chain of hotels and increase its accuracy.

Use of Technology

Sweetgreen has introduced electronic payment methods where it allows its clients to make payments via the phone, credit cards, or cash. The mobile payment application is simple to install and use.

The food bar adopted these methods to protect their customers. Buyers get a chance to redeem accumulated points for using the mobile app.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru attended Georgetown University in 2007 for a degree in Finance. In the same year, Ru and his two friends started Sweetgreen, a casual seasonal kitchen. They aimed at acquiring their supplies from the local farms and producers. They first located it in Georgetown.

The team founded Sweetlife, the largest food and music festival. Over20, 000 people attend the event and feature both high profile and cutting-edge musical artists. Food is prepared by top chefs, local purveyors, farmers, and food trucks. Sweetlife restaurants embrace good-living, community, sustainability, and health and well-being.


Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall: The Entertainment Center of Brazil

Having a break from work is very essential. You get to refresh and have a beautiful beginning when you resume. Continuous work with no break lowers productivity. Many individuals of Joao Pessoa were unable to have this luxury for a long time. The occupants had to travel in search of the luxury joints. Roberto Santiago saw this as he grew up. It is from this situation that he based his career on to be an entrepreneur. Santiago wanted to give his people a recreational facility that was well equipped. The residents would never have to go in search of any fun activity after the completion of the mall.

Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa, where he also grew up. He went to Pio-X-Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa. Here, he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This was vital for the course that he was about to undertake.

After his education, he secured a position with Café Rosa, a home décor company. Santiago was very interested and observed what went on in all steps of production. He decided to start his first business venture and set up a cartonnage company. The company made cardboards using cartons. With time, the company became the most prestigious company in home décor in Brazil.

Despite this success, Santiago did not forget his ultimate goal. He purchased the Roberto Santiago Manaira land in 1987. Within two years, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall was launched. The Manaira mall was well equipped, with approximately 280 premises. There are gyms, gaming facilities, financial facilities, theater concert hall, food courts among others.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is built to accommodate all ages and characters. For example, their food courts have been revised severally. The constant upgrading is to ensure that the customers get to enjoy all traditions and modern foods. Some family has established a tradition to stop by and taste a different meal weekly. Such activities strengthen the family bond.

Roberto Santiago gave his people yet another surprise. He launched the Domus Hall in 2009. The hall was the largest and most beautiful thing the occupants could have possibly seen. The Domus Hall can accommodate approximately 14000 people. The hall is well ventilated and is soundproof. Besides all this, it has an excellent sound system.

The Domus Hall is divided into two. The ground floor is used to hold concerts, wedding, conferences and other public events. The other story has cabins for individuals who may need privacy.

Final Verdict

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall was once a dream based on the willingness and compassion to improve the welfare of the people. Today, it is the entertainment center of Brazil.

Other investors can learn that their plan does not have to be aimed at making huge returns to be successful. The Manaira Mall is an example of a business whose foundation was built on different grounds and made it.