Avi Weisfogel launches a GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel is a brilliant dentist working out of Old Bridge New Jersey. Avi has always cared deeply for the community and those in need so he is supporting a charity called Operation Go Smile. Operation Go Smile was founded in 1982 to help children overseas with severe facial deformities that were essentially so embarrassing that the children ceased to smile. It has, in the last three decades, helped over 220 thousand children and individuals suffering from severe facial and dental deformities to regain one of the most essential human dignities; the ability to simply return a smile.

While the overall contribution to the psychological health of the recipient of the operation is vast, smiling people also undoubtedly benefit society in numerous ways as well. With his commitment to charity (he has offered 0% financing for many years) beyond reproach, he has started a Go Fund Me campaign to benefit these children, who are now all over the world and even in the US, to give them their confidence back. To allow them to smile in return, have access to that joy.

Avi runs a stunning office in Old Bridge NJ. With a flawless reputation and humanitarian bent to his business you can count on the best dental services offered in the region. He builds his business one person at a time and cares more about the end result than you can imagine. Please visit Avi’s GoFundMe campaign today and help the children of the world feel a little better about themselves. Watch his YouTube video below!

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