Michael Zomber Antique Weapons Expert And Collector

Michael Zomber is an antique arms expert. His expertise runs to European Asian, Islamic and American weapons and armor from the 16th century to the 19th century. This love for arms and armor is not just a pacing fancy, it is deep-seated. Michael knows that weapons have been prized in this country and others since men have forged and decorated them with gold silver and steel scrolling. An example of one of the most exquisite personalized weapons ever discovered can be found in the Cairo Museum in Egypt. It is a solid gold and enameled dagger that belonged to King Tutankhamon who lived in 1340 B.C. More recently monarchs from Louis the XIII to Katherine the Great of Russia to King Ludwig of Bavaria collected and commissioned finely adorned firearms as a matter of fact.

Michael looks at collecting and caring for antique weapons as collecting and caring for fine artwork. It requires stewardship and care to not only preserve them but to honor their historical as well as their monetary value. One of his favorite weapons is the Japanese Samurai Sword. During the 12th century very powerful warring clans arose in Japan. Arable land was also in short supply and as a consequence, Japan gave rise to clan warlords and the Samurai or warrior class whose job it was to defend the clan and his master. This bond was governed by the Bushido or the way of the warrior. As a consequence of this, the sword smiths of Japan developed an exquisite blade that has been called by weapons experts worldwide as the most effective sword ever manufactured by man, This blade is so effective it can cut a man in half with one swipe but is still delicate enough to slice a tomato if you want.