GreenSky Credit Is Big – Here’s Why

GreenSky LLC is a mid-sized lender based in Atlanta, Georgia founded in 2006 by chief executive officer David Zalik. The company is the third-largest financial technology company in the United States – the field is also known as fintech, a mashup of the words financial and technology – despite being created just longer than a decade ago.

The company recently held an initial public offering, filing confidentially with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission back in early April 2018. In that IPO, GreenSky raised just short of $1 billion – $874 million, to be exact – in funding. Altogether, David Zalik’s GreenSky traded a whopping 38 million public shares in exchange for investments in the budding company.

While GreenSky is doing pretty well for itself, David Zalik is doing even better – just after the aforementioned IPO, David Zalik was officially worth roughly $2.5 billion. His net worth is based mostly on the price of shares of GreenSky, of which he owns a majority stake.

How did GreenSky become so big?

GreenSky does nothing but lends money to approved applicants – so far, the company has given out some $12 billion to over one million happy debtors – through GreenSky Credit, a program that’s a part of David Zalik’s GreenSky.

GreenSky Credit provides approved applicants with up to $65,000. Most of such money goes to mid-sized corporate construction companies, though plenty gets shoveled to smaller construction causes. GreenSky Credit lends out so much money to builders because they’re often not paid until their agreed-upon work is complete; at best, they’re paid in installments, potentially leaving them for weeks without their customers’ capital.

David Zalik realized that GreenSky could grow to such a lofty level of success after he gained experience in the construction industry directly following the turn of the millennium. No more than a few years after the experience, GreenSky and its well-known program GreenSky Credit picked up financing from TPG, ICONIQ Capital, and PIMCO, three of the largest institutional investors across the United States. Last December, GreenSky was worth $4.5 billion.

Class Dojo: Connecting Education and Community

Class Dojo is an innovating creative online communication platform for the educational industry. Teachers are always seeking avenues to communicate with parents, in support of the students and the classroom. Class Dojo has developed an online program that is providing classroom connection between teachers and parents. In a generation where parents are interested in strengthening communication with their child’s education, this ground-up organization has provided a user friendly solution.

Outside of the teacher-parent connection, Class Dojo also offers educational materials that they have developed in collaboration with educators. Creating this community has given the ability to cross boundaries with innovation educational tools. Class Dojo has risen popularity within in their 5 years of forming they have already reached 2/3 of schools in the United States as well over 180 countries, and has the capability to translate in 35 different languages. Teachers are able to build their online platform sharing teaching information with other teachers without releasing any information regarding their students. The students information is only between the teacher and parent with the option to be removed by the parent, this is an option that was well thought out as it gives parents control over their child’s information. The key tool that can be used between the parent and teacher is the Instant messages and announcements feature. The benefactors with being able to reach a parent or the parent reaching the teacher keeps down phone time as well as getting important information out to each other in a timely manner if needed.

Creating the ability to support teachers and their passion for education is a remarkable asset that is beneficial to the students. Creating a positive culture with classrooms derives inspiration for students to want to do more, be more for their education. The positive feedback from the teacher and parents can also be seen on the “Wall of Love”, it is a beautiful page with a display of appreciation excitement the kids have about their classroom. If the students have something they want to their parents to see that they are doing in the class, the teacher can easily take a picture and post it to the “Wall of Love”, parents are able to capture the great moments in their child’s day.


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Talk Fusion Launches Video Chat amid Anticipation of a Month-Long Free Trial Period

Popular video marketing solutions provider, Talk Fusion, recently launched a new product called Video Chat. Within a few weeks, the product embedded itself as one of the top communication programs in many countries. According to findings from AppBrain, Video Chat is currently the top communication app used in Indonesia. In Japan, it is ranked number 5 while in Switzerland it is number 20. This are incredible market numbers for a new product in the market.

However, it also shows the confidence and popularity of Talk Fusion and all its innovative products. The new Video Chat app allows faster communication, it’s smarter and quite compatible with most devices including apple, PC, Mac, tablet and Android. Nancy Burling from Grand Blue Diamond expressed her excitement at the new product by saying that she not only loved the new HD feature but also that there was no other similar product in the market.

In a bid to increase the popularity of its products and increase awareness about them, it is gearing up to launch a one month free trial period. This highly anticipated offer will allow clients to have free access to all products of the company. Allison Roberts, VP in charge of training and development, foreshadows a great and positive impact of the free trials on the company’s popularity. She expects that after using Talk Fusion’s products for a month, the public will become loyal customers thereafter.

This new marketing campaign is already yielding results with the company’s Alexa web ranking catapulting higher by over 30,000 positions in the last 90 days. This is largely because of the free trial offering as well as the launch of Video Chat. The company is experiencing a large jump in data traffic on its website. Customers like Steve Baran are feeling happy to be associated with Talk Fusion.

This was after Reina and his IT-savvy friend successfully embedded video on email. Since then, the company has grown to become a top Video marketing provider in the world.

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The Successful Path of Talk Fusion

In just a couple of weeks since Talk Fusion Video Chat was officially launched, it has grown to be among the top communication programs in various countries. According to AppBrain, which is an Android discovery tool, Video Chat is the leading communication app in Indonesia, fifth in Japan and twentieth in Switzerland. The reason Video Chat has been able to enjoy such instant popularity is because it is smarter, faster and compatible with whichever device. Nancy Burling of Grand Blue Diamond has expressed her satisfaction with this product stating that it is of HD quality and unmatched in the market. She also added that they use it to communicate globally.

Talk Fusion shows no tendency of slowing down, and the recent success was only the beginning of a long term success. As the firm works out to launch the highly anticipated 30-day free trial, global anticipation continues to build up. In fact, in the previous 3 months, the Talk Fusion’s web ranking has leapt by more than 30,000 positions. This is due to the significant jump in the traffic data from pageviews and Unique Visitors.

With the incredible support from customers and associates from all over the globe, Allison Roberts, VP of Training and Development, views the success of Video Chat as a foreshadow of greater impacts that free trials will soon create on the market.

Currently, the Video Chat app can be found free of charge in Google Play and iTunes stores. Upon the launch of the Free Trial program, interested individuals will sign up directly from or through a personalized Associate join site.

Regarding Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. It was able to introduce a one of a kind Instant Pay Compensation Plan. The firms adheres to high ethical business practices, and as CEO Bob Reina puts it, “with great success, greater responsibility comes in.”

The success of Talk Fusion can be attributed to their dedicated team that is composed of master wordsmiths, video pros, technology wizards and dream builders. With such a team, they are able to improve lives by connecting the world with innovative video technology.

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Oisin Hanrahan is Building a Unique On-Demand Giant

Handy, a niche service that provides professionals in cleaning and repairs has seemingly dominated its specific market. In the three years it’s been in operation, Handy has increased in value from $50 million to $500 million. Oisin Hanrahan, founder of Handy, has been a constant magnet for attention by others hoping to learn the secrets to his business savvy.

The idea for Handy came about during Hanrahan’s time in college, developing a real estate business that would operate in Hungary. It was at this time that he saw a need for accessible cleaning and handyman services to perform jobs needed at properties for sale or rent. This idea wouldn’t take full form until he lived in London while working for Excel Ventures. Seeing the popularity of on-demand services, Hanrahan started formulating a business model that would combine the two, then put that plan into motion while at Harvard University while working on his Masters in Business Administration.

With $50,000 on hand, Hanrahan moved Handy from Boston to New York, seeing it as the optimal place for the company to grow and reach the largest, ever growing customer base possible.

Part of their success lies in their relationship with their contractors, who prioritize their flexibility and responsibility, helping to maintain a reputation of professionalism. This makes it easier for clients who want a reliable contractor, increasing the number of clients that keep contractors working.

With a staff of 160 employees and more than 10,000 contractors working through them, Hanrahan is set on increasing flexibility even further, which compliments the low hours many contractors work without compromising its business model as it had with similar businesses in the past.