EOS – Making Big Dreams Come True

In just seven short years, EOS managed to introduce a product that has revolutionized a stagnant market, and in the process, become indispensable to the Target millennial generation. It’s not often that startup companies are able to turn out a product that consistently outpaces the established competition, but EOS lip balm managed to do just that with their line of products – and they’re not stopping anytime soon. This trailblazing small company is currently forging a path that’s putting them on top of the skin care game, and leaving the door open for other small companies to follow.

EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – began as a think-tank looking to revamp and reinvigorate a listless product market, and found that market in lip balms. Previously boring and unisex, EOS set about creating and marketing a new line of lip balms designed for millennial-aged women. Believing that their products should be organic, their packaging innovative, and their purpose to create delight, the EOS team eventually found the perfect balance and the perfect lip balm.

It’s natural that any freshly redesigned product will go up against established competition, and the process of introducing their new lip balms was no different – and certainly not easy – for EOS. Their solution: using social media in addition to traditional print advertising create a brand identity that seeks to make a connection with the buyer, not just a sale. EOS lip balm products are specifically designed – from product to packaging – to be an experience for the user. And by working with Facebook bloggers, Instagram stars and YouTubers, they showed how their product could become a daily staple for women everywhere.

Their strategy worked – so much so that EOS very quickly faced the challenge of keeping up with sales, and working to outpace their big league competitors. Working with machinists, EOS has revolutionized their production process to be nearly completely automated. Along with increasing production, this helps keep EOS affordable for everyone.

EOS has proven that, with a bit of innovation, any small company has the chance to create a product that will revolutionize and dominate a market. By seeking connections with users, EOS has made big dreams come true.



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