Millennials Enjoy Exclusive Offers Thanks to the Magnises Black Card

Magnises is a black card that comes with lots of offers. Members enjoy cool technology, a thriving community, and special events. Members can link the Magnises card to their debit and credit cards. The card allows one to participate in special concerts and events. The company has in the past opened up concerts for social events and gathers. To ensure that members are always updated with the company’s information, the Magnises team has created a convenient application for members. The program comes in the form a mobile app. Billy McFarland and his team keep members updated on daily deals and upcoming activities. It also gives daily tips and advice according to one’s professional and personal life.

The Magnises card is full of magic and opportunities for members. The card has been growing to other locations in the world. It has already established itself in several cities within the United States. It has plans to expand to London. The company targets popular places and cities. It wants to build a huge customer base of people that want to use the card. The target market of the card is an age group of people that range from age 20 to age 35.

The Black Card by Billy McFarland comes with several offers and benefits in several categories. Members from different cities get to access different facilities at different places. Magnises members based in New York get access to the company’s clubhouse and working facilities. These working offices are usually accessible at extremely discounted prices. Members get to enjoy a work pass offered by the black card.

People that have the Magnises card can also get access to a monthly membership to exclusive nightclubs within New York. Members get to experience time at nightclubs at only sixty-five dollars. The price is usually higher for regular people. Magnises card members get to have fun and enjoy at extremely discounted prices.

Many people that have used the mobile application have been delighted by its functionality. Through the application, one can get the latest information on what is happening in their city. One gets updates on social events and entertainment ventures.

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory Lunches the Three-Month Accelerator Program

Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014. It is based in Zurich, and it focuses on thriving digital entrepreneurs. Swiss Startup Factory provides exciting opportunities from the first day through their strong network in Switzerland and all over the world. Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is a platform where innovation meets execution. SSUF runs a three-month start-up accelerator program that provides an exceptional platform for mentoring, coaching, services, and office spaces strategically located in Zurich. Furthermore, SSUF has a solidly established entrepreneurial network that helps them to achieve their ambitious goals. SSUF has a mission of providing young and talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland a platform that guides them through the business-driven process to achieve their ambitions.


Accelerator program

Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory. SSUF supports young accelerator companies that specialize in digital technologies. The accelerator program selects and evaluates the investment enabled startups. SSUF then helps the startups by mentoring them. The next batch will begin in September 2016; therefore, interested parties can apply to become part of the portfolio of Swiss Startup Factory. The accelerator program is a source of likeminded people who can come up with connections and share them.


The three-month program offers affordable prices for desks, conference rooms, and office spaces. The office space features a welcome area, conference room lunch room, fitness room, free wifi, storage space, in-house film studio, and Nespresso bar. SSUF is now aiming at Fintech startups so that it will launch the accelerator program this summer. SSUF has partnered with the Geneva-Fintech Accelerator Fusion in a bid to make the accelerator program a success.


Swiss Startup Factory hires a top financial entrepreneur

Mike Baur announced that SSUF had hired a former entrepreneur on board. The new member is an investor and a mentor. Mike Baur has hired Michael Hartweg to join SSUF team. Michael is Fintech investor and mentor for young entrepreneurs and Fintech founders. Michael has not been operational in derivatives specialists Leonteq and its shares for close to two years now.


About Mike Baur

Mike is the founding partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Baur has been working in the Swiss banking industry for 20 years, and he is the man behind the fundraising and financing rounds at the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 39 in 2014 when he founded SSUF together with two partners. Baur has an MBA from University of Rochester New York and an executive MBA from the University of Bern.


Maluf’s Take On UK Exiting The EU

After the announcement of the exit of the UK EU (European Union), elected by a referendum at the end of June, the immediate effect was a large drop in stock markets across Europe, experts point out that this output can generate lasting impacts on the global economy, says the executive Flavio Maluf.

According to numbers released by the European Union for the year 2014, the UK has contributed substantially to the organization.

However, Flavio Maluf notes that, according to the director of FN Capital operations, Paulo Figueiredo, the UK’s isolation block will result in a considerable drop in investment received by the country.

Among the EU member countries, there is a union that allows free trade without tax application and extra quotas on products from other countries. With the block output, the UK will have new rates in relation to what was practiced before, which is likely to harm the country’s foreign trade with the EU. On the other hand, says Flavio Maluf, according to the expert Otto Nogami, this output can also bring further benefits to the UK, as from now, the country may enter into bilateral agreements that were not previously reachable.

With the exit of the United Kingdom of the European Union, Brazil can benefit because it will have the chance to enter into bilateral agreements with the country.

The departure of the British EU is a great loss to the block, because it had as core countries Germany, France and the UK itself, and much of its structure is established in these three countries. Currently, France show signs of weakness and fatigue in its economy, thus it is up to Germany to sustain, in economic terms, the block. According to the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, it is a great uncertainty due to the impact that this output can generate positioning of other countries that are part of the block.

Flávio Maluf is a Brazilian Businessman, mechanical engineer, graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP).  Check him out on Twitter here.

He is president of the company Eucatex and group GrandFood and eldest son of politician Paulo Maluf.

How Customer Reviews Have Redefine White Shark Media’s Business Strategies

Throughout its existence, White Shark Media has had to equally deal with compliments and complaints from its customers. The firm generally recognizes the fact that it takes dedication and time to achieve near-perfection. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Therefore, it has been using customer reviews to gauge the level of customer satisfaction in its services. In line with this, it ensures that all compliments and complaints are addressed accordingly. This explains why the firm is highly rated by its clients.

How Common Complaints are Addressed

To guarantee customer satisfaction, White Shark Media has put in place structures to ensure that any complaints about its products and services are addressed as soon as possible. Addressing these concerns helps the firm to streamline its services. The following are some complaints that White Shark Media has handled in the past.

Customers Losing Touch With an AdWords Campaign

After close scrutiny, the firm noticed that the reporting structures that it had put in place could not allow clients who own small businesses to review their reports. Consequently, most of them had lost touch with their AdWords Campaigns.


When this complaint reached White Shark Media, the firm started educating its clients about the workings of their new campaigns. Once a client is armed with this knowledge, he or she can easily locate the performance of each individual keyword or ad.

Communication Breakdown

This problem bedeviled White Shark Media Complaints team for a very long time. It was a matter of great concern because communication is pertinent to the success of any consultancy agency.

During the firm’s early days, most clients felt that communication was poor because of difficulties in getting hold of a contact person within the firm. To stem this, White Shark Media implemented a number of strategies.

Scheduling monthly status calls through the Go Meeting platform was done to enhance the flow of communication. This has given the firm’s clients and strategists an opportunity to review monthly reports. This way, they can pinpoint weaknesses, which need to be addressed. Being an online conferencing platform, Go Meeting saves time and money.

Clients who complain that their old campaigns perform better than White Shark Media’s optimized campaigns are often linked with experienced supervisors. The work of these specialists is to provide regular feedback to SEM strategists, and to oversee the rollout of new campaigns.

Under the new system, the strategists work on the feedback to enhance the performance of these new campaigns. This has enabled White Shark Media to offer impressive services.

James Dondero and the Investment Team that has Changed Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a portfolio manager overseeing over $21 billion in asset under management. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It is specialized in managing equity, fixed income portfolios, and recently it ventured in managing ETFs for private, corporate and public sectors. The company values are based on consistency, discipline and patience as the cornerstone of a successful portfolio management. The investment management team of the HCM average about 25 years of industry experience.

The executive team members of the organizations include the HCM’s co-founder as the two primary managers. Mark Okada is the co-founder and CFA of HCM and currently acts as he firm’s CIO and the portfolio manager of the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s investment plans throughout the implementation of the strategy. He has more than three decades of experience with credit and alternative investments and is one of the most valued members, mentor, and leader in the organization. He is currently involved in some other companies in executive capacities include the board member of Education is Freedom and the Director of NexBank.

James Dondero sometimes referred as Jim is also one of the executives and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Jim is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and the current firm’s president. Having worked for various companies before founding HCM, he has over 30 years of experience working in equity and credit markets specializing specifically in high yield and distressed investments. He is a graduate of University of Virginia‘s McIntyre School of Commerce, (Accounting and Finance Option).

Dondero started his career in 1984 as a financial analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. Later he served as a corporate bond analyst and climbed the ladder with time to a position of the portfolio manager at American Express Company (NYSE: AXP). Before founding HCM, he was the chief investment officer of protective life where he led to the growth of its subsidiary GIC to a value of $2 billion. Jim is a donor and supports various public policy issues such as veterans’ organizations and education initiatives.

The investment team of HCM includes 200 portfolio managers, researchers, analysts and associates. These team members along with their support employees are dedicated associates with years of training, education and marketing experience. An average portfolio manager in HCM has an average experience of 11 years both in financial and investment fields.

Additional Information can be found via the links below:

Alexei Beltyukov: Involved In Education For Profit And For Charity

Alexei Beltyukov has not only started a scholarship for Russian students who want to attend INSEAD University, but he is also pursuing education for profitable purposes. The newest endeavor is called SOLVY. The project debuted in 2015 at the Los Angeles tech conference from EdSurge, called Educator Day. Beltyukov’s main goal is to communicate with with professionals from the educational field, including teachers. Prior to its launch, named SOLVY as one of the world’s most promising start ups and it was also listed as a 100 New Startups, Today startup by BetaList.

The main purpose of the online software is to create a homework space for high school students. The software is meant to assist teachers in doing what matters. Instead of spending time creating homework, the software creates it for the teacher. It does this by following certain parameters. SOLVY also follows some of the most recent research out about testing, rather than having multiple choice questions, the software creates tests that make students show how they got to their answer. It also helps students understand the value of mistakes and learning from them.

One of the major areas that the company is growing is in the mathematics areas. It is especially helpful for teachers in creating individualized help for each student. In math class rooms especially, it can be very difficult for teachers to gauge how each student is progressing. Now a teacher can have access to each student’s work and see how they are arriving at their answers. And, rather than spending time grading each question and creating more homework, the teacher can send each student an individualized plan to help them.

LinkedIn shows that Alexei Beltyukov was born and raised in Russia and has been steadfast in his efforts to help the nation. He has been a major donor to different organizations that donate their time to helping st art up businesses in Russia. He has also given significant sums to different scholarship funds that help Russian students to pursue degrees in business. One of his most prized roles is serving as the Vice President for the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia. This organizations provides guidance to the Russian government on matters involving the economy. This guidance, and opportunities and grants, are also extended to individuals.  Follow Alexei Beltyukov on Twitter for updates, or you can visit his official site.

James Dondero Calls Argentina’s Return

Argentina is one of the most promising Latin American countries when it comes to sovereign debt. This is in spite of decades-long status as a distressed credit country. Simply put, distressed credit is when a loan becomes irregular in payments or when the debtor defaults completely. Argentina entered distressed credit status in 2001 when it defaulted on an impressive $95 billion in issued bonds. Even after defaulting the country continued to service its debt in a myriad of ways until 2014 when former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ignored U.S. court orders on the matter and halted all payments to holdout creditors.

The reason Argentina is still promising even with this complicated history is that it is a resource-rich country. It has a lot of growth potential because of this and if it can restructure its existing debt there is a high likelihood of credit upgrades. President Macri was elected on a campaign of economic reversal and a goal to return Argentina to the sovereign debt markets. He undid much of his predecessors work and now an upcoming U.S. court ruling looks promising to re-admit Argentina to the sovereign debt market and allow it to restructure its debt to begin payments once more.

This soon to be realized potential is great news for many holdout creditors like Highland Capital Management. The management fund is a large holder of 2033 bonds from Argentina and its president and co-founder James Dondero has made many observations about the possible profitability and return of Argentina in recent years. One of his key observations was that Argentina would eventually experience a defining moment where something would have to give. Either the government would run out of capital completely due to being restricted from the bond markets or they would change their position on restructuring their debt.

James also considers Argentina to be worthy of re-investment since it has the greatest promise of being upgraded in creditworthiness in the near future against other Latin American countries. Dondero plans on taking advantage of Argentina’s appeal not just for sovereign debt but capital investment by creating an Argentina Fund through Highland Capital Management.

Follow James on Twitter to stay up to date on everything Highland Capital.

Source: Bloomberg

Brian Torchin and Perfect Chiropractic Care

Brian Tochin is a reputable member of the healthcare industry and has been working in the field for many years. After opening a number of medical offices throughout the East Coast area, Torchin has become one of the most popular and well known medical recruiters in the world. His current position as the President of the Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC has taken his business from Europe all the way to Asia.

Beginning as a chiropractor, Brian Tochin learned quickly what goes into a successful business practice and what helps an office run smoothly. Proper management techniques and a qualified staff has helped Tochin not only run his businesses successfully but also help other companies increase their customer service potential. Torchin now runs his recruitment company to provide a high level of accessibility to clients both in the evening hours and on the weekends. Torchin understands the need for constant communication between staff and management no matter what the roles are.

Chiropractor needs are present in private practices all over the country but there are also needs within other areas and facilities like hospitals, therapy offices, in home care and more. Full service staffing includes background checks, training employees and more. Torchin assesses the current economy when running his business and based on the current state of our economy, Torchin understands it can be difficult to determine whether a client is qualified or right for a job. Going through potential prospects is very important in order to be left with only the cream of the crop. Not all chiropractors are experienced or right for the job. Its highly important to have the right people in the right position and this depends on location as well as client base.

Torchin has dedicated his business but also his professional life to ensure clients all over the world are receiving proper chiropractic care. The right business plan is imperative as well as the right staff, facility, business practice, etc.

2 Situations That Make Us Question The Character of Kyle Bass

While many know Kyle Bass for his prediction heard around the world, he is also known for doing some very wicked things. Here are 2 situations that make us question the character of Kyle Bass.

Situation #1 – The General Motors Fiasco

A few years ago several individuals died in accidents that involved General Motors vehicles. While the cause of the fatalities was determined to be faulty power steering and airbags that didn’t properly deploy, Bass decided to go on TV and place blame on the victims.

The interesting thing is Bass knew GM was aware of such issues and still refused to do anything about it. But bass didn’t care. The only thing he was concerned with was protecting his investment in the company.

Situation #2 – The Big Pharmaceutical Scam

UsefulStooges exposes how Kyle Bass is the type of man who will do anything for money. And that is exactly what he did with his big pharmaceutical scam that left thousands of individuals unable to afford medication. Many of whom ended up dying as a result.

He then set up the Coalition for Affordable Drugs which acted as a front organization for the whole scam.

With Spangenberg by his side, StreetInsider wrote the two of them would pick out certain pharmaceutical firms with the intent of short selling their stocks. They would then use their front organization to challenge one or more patents.

When this would happen, stocks would go down, Bass and Spangenberg would make millions, and the prices of life saving medications would skyrocket. As a result millions of people who depending on those medications were no longer able to afford them.

When asked why he would do such a thing, Bass actually had the nerve to say he was doing it for a noble cause. He said his goal was to bust patents so drug prices could go down because of competition. Based on his track record, no one in their right mind would believe this explanation.

In fact, Scott McKeown, a well known intellectual-property expert, said the only thing Bass was trying to do is spook the financial markets so he could make some quick money. No one disagrees with this sentiment.

Based on these two situations, its safe to say Bass is not the type of person you want to get into business with.

Seawright Pushes for Newark’s Youth to Succeed

There has been a 40 percent decline in summer youth employment opportunities over the past twelve years. Young adults from low-income families have suffered the hardest by this decline. Young people are looking at diminished work opportunities, and a lack of on the job skills. Sixty five percent of jobs require some post secondary education; it is hard for youth to find jobs they are qualified for. With the labor market demanding more education, training, and credentials. This is why summer youth programs in the United States are important. The programs provide youth with employment, and the job training they need in today’s labor market. Summer jobs are a critical pathway for long-term job success. Cities who participate in youth job programs have higher graduation rates.

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation, partnered with NewarkWorks to help youth secure summer jobs. NewarkWorks goal is to unite Newark residents, business owners, and immigrants. NewarkWorks teaches people how to apply for jobs, understand contracts, and compete for programs within the city. Kevin Seawright implied on Twitter that NewarkWork’s goal is to increase youth employment from 3,000 to 3,500 jobs in 2016.

Kevin Seawright is a highly experienced management professional in the human resources sector and the economic development sector. He has skillfully overseen operations of private organizations and government organizations. Kevin Seawright has a strong understanding of workplace efficiency. In addition to his love for music on SoundCloud, Mr. Seawright enjoys baseball and other various sports in his leisure time. Yet, his passion and purpose is to educate the public. Seawright is deeply involved with the Baltimore City Community College and The Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum. In the last thirteen years, Kevin Seawright has used his experience in executive level finance, human resources, and capital operational development to better communities along the East Coast.

Newark youth can look forward to exciting new opportunities this summer because of Kevin Seawright and NewarkWorks. As an added benefit, Kevin Seawright partnered with Santander Bank and TD Bank to provide financial services to the students. Students will learn how to open their own checking and savings accounts. Through the hard work of Kevin Seawright and NewarkWorks students of the city will develop a solid foundation for financial success and personal empowerment.  Follow Kevin on Flickr, but also keep informed about what he does next on the Newark website.