2 Situations That Make Us Question The Character of Kyle Bass

While many know Kyle Bass for his prediction heard around the world, he is also known for doing some very wicked things. Here are 2 situations that make us question the character of Kyle Bass.

Situation #1 – The General Motors Fiasco

A few years ago several individuals died in accidents that involved General Motors vehicles. While the cause of the fatalities was determined to be faulty power steering and airbags that didn’t properly deploy, Bass decided to go on TV and place blame on the victims.

The interesting thing is Bass knew GM was aware of such issues and still refused to do anything about it. But bass didn’t care. The only thing he was concerned with was protecting his investment in the company.

Situation #2 – The Big Pharmaceutical Scam

UsefulStooges exposes how Kyle Bass is the type of man who will do anything for money. And that is exactly what he did with his big pharmaceutical scam that left thousands of individuals unable to afford medication. Many of whom ended up dying as a result.

He then set up the Coalition for Affordable Drugs which acted as a front organization for the whole scam.

With Spangenberg by his side, StreetInsider wrote the two of them would pick out certain pharmaceutical firms with the intent of short selling their stocks. They would then use their front organization to challenge one or more patents.

When this would happen, stocks would go down, Bass and Spangenberg would make millions, and the prices of life saving medications would skyrocket. As a result millions of people who depending on those medications were no longer able to afford them.

When asked why he would do such a thing, Bass actually had the nerve to say he was doing it for a noble cause. He said his goal was to bust patents so drug prices could go down because of competition. Based on his track record, no one in their right mind would believe this explanation.

In fact, Scott McKeown, a well known intellectual-property expert, said the only thing Bass was trying to do is spook the financial markets so he could make some quick money. No one disagrees with this sentiment.

Based on these two situations, its safe to say Bass is not the type of person you want to get into business with.

Seawright Pushes for Newark’s Youth to Succeed

There has been a 40 percent decline in summer youth employment opportunities over the past twelve years. Young adults from low-income families have suffered the hardest by this decline. Young people are looking at diminished work opportunities, and a lack of on the job skills. Sixty five percent of jobs require some post secondary education; it is hard for youth to find jobs they are qualified for. With the labor market demanding more education, training, and credentials. This is why summer youth programs in the United States are important. The programs provide youth with employment, and the job training they need in today’s labor market. Summer jobs are a critical pathway for long-term job success. Cities who participate in youth job programs have higher graduation rates.

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation, partnered with NewarkWorks to help youth secure summer jobs. NewarkWorks goal is to unite Newark residents, business owners, and immigrants. NewarkWorks teaches people how to apply for jobs, understand contracts, and compete for programs within the city. Kevin Seawright implied on Twitter that NewarkWork’s goal is to increase youth employment from 3,000 to 3,500 jobs in 2016.

Kevin Seawright is a highly experienced management professional in the human resources sector and the economic development sector. He has skillfully overseen operations of private organizations and government organizations. Kevin Seawright has a strong understanding of workplace efficiency. In addition to his love for music on SoundCloud, Mr. Seawright enjoys baseball and other various sports in his leisure time. Yet, his passion and purpose is to educate the public. Seawright is deeply involved with the Baltimore City Community College and The Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum. In the last thirteen years, Kevin Seawright has used his experience in executive level finance, human resources, and capital operational development to better communities along the East Coast.

Newark youth can look forward to exciting new opportunities this summer because of Kevin Seawright and NewarkWorks. As an added benefit, Kevin Seawright partnered with Santander Bank and TD Bank to provide financial services to the students. Students will learn how to open their own checking and savings accounts. Through the hard work of Kevin Seawright and NewarkWorks students of the city will develop a solid foundation for financial success and personal empowerment.  Follow Kevin on Flickr, but also keep informed about what he does next on the Newark website.

Seniors Get Help With Important Tasks At Manse On Marsh

The best thing about living in an assisted living facility is receiving the right amount of care. The Manse On Marsh offers a personalized care plan to every resident of the community, from help with simple chores to transportation to medical appointments.

The staff offers five check-ins every day to all residents of this facility. The check-ins include making the bed each morning, bringing in three meals and removing the trash in the evening. The check-ins are discrete to help seniors feel comfortable and independent. The amenities also include weekly housekeeping, fresh linens and laundry services. The handyman is always available to help seniors take care of problems around the house, from changing a light bulb to repairing a leaky faucet. Seniors can focus on the fun activities instead of worrying about the housekeeping or home repairs. Room service is available to all residents of the community.

The Manse On Marsh understands how hard it can be to run errands and get to important appointments. This is why the staff provides transportation to shopping destinations and medical appointments. The facility also schedules regular visits from different professionals, including a podiatrist, dry cleaner, manicurist and audiologist. This makes life easier for those who cannot travel to locations such as the podiatrist office, dry cleaners or salon.

It only takes a second for a senior to slip in the shower or suffer a medical emergency. It is also possible for seniors to miss a dose of medication because they ran out or forgot to take it. This is why the facility offers medical assistance 24 hours a day.

Testimonials indicate that The Manse On Marsh can be a permanent residence in every situation, and the facility understands that a condition can take a turn for the worse. The staff works hard to make this difficult time as easy as possible for residents and their families. A representative takes the time to talk to them about Hospice Palliative Care from the day they move in. The warm and certified Wellness Team will take every measure to provide quality care to all patients, from keeping them comfortable to providing the right medication. There is always a spot for families who wish to stay overnight with their loved one. The Hospice Palliative Care also provides food delivery, medication oversights and a private Chaplain Service.

Everyone has the opportunity to come up with a care plan that works for them. The facility offers a plan as small as bed making or as big as hospice care. Caring.com says seniors are always given comfort, privacy and dignity at The Manse On Marsh.

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Expresses Its Interest In Argentinian Stocks

Highland Capital Management, a James Dondero firm has hit the headlines once more. This time, the firm was expressing its interests in acquiring a notable amount of Argentina’s stocks. After a period of financial difficulties and poor economic choices, Argentina is set to reenter the international bond markets early next month. The country plans to raise around $12 billion through the sales of its stocks. Currently, James Dondero’s asset management firm has over $19 billion worth of assets under its management. The major products that make these high amount assets for this firm are credit hedge funds and credit funds in emerging markets. Jim that is James Dondero has said that his firm will be looking forward to getting the lion’s share of Argentina’s securities.

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based hedge fund management that deals with assets acquisition and management all over the world. This firm has a stable history in Argentina’s economy having previously acquired over $4 billion worth of notes that will mature in 2033. Jim Dondero said that his firm plans to continue holding its original bonds as it also looks to buy some newly issued bonds. He also expressed his optimism that the price of Argentina’s debt would be relative to the current world economic trends and at the same level with those of other Latin American sovereigns. The country will sell out bonds worth $11.68 billion, and it expected a profit of between 7.5 to 8 percent by mid-April.

Highland Capital Management is also expected to be among the biggest beneficiaries of the debt payment ban lift on Argentina. James Dondero said that his firm had already made its annual returns on Argentina bonds of approximately 20 % since it purchased them in June 2014.  He said that from his more than 30 years experience as credit and equity marketer, this move by Argentina will have positive implications for the countries economy. As an equity and credit marketer, James Dondero who has developed expertise in the high-yield and distressed investing sectors said that his firm is ready to do business with Argentina again.

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993, and it fast became the provider of Collateralized Loan Obligation in the market. James Dondero has been playing the leading role in the firm since its formation and also in the business industry. James Dondero has previously worked as a Chief Investment Officer, Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager for different American firms before he launched into entrepreneurship.

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The Role Played by QNET in Assisting Women Achieve Success in Society

The potential of women in most patriarchal societies in the world has been undermined. The notion that men are superior has made many of us (both the young and old) to suffer from inferiority complex. Consequently, we are afraid to embrace our true capabilities, potential or talent to make an impact in our society and the world as a whole. 

Role played by QNET

More entities, which include state and privately owned firms should help us access better opportunities to make our societies and families better. Most of us are capable of establishing strong business empires with the right guidance, training, and financial support. We should be given more opportunity to work in direct selling since it is an easy and low-risk opportunity. Thanks to companies like QNET (a top direct selling company) for its undying effort in helping young women entrepreneurs. This gives us a chance to attain our dreams, make a difference in our community, and enrich our families.

The continued effort made by QNET to empower women by allowing us to join its workforce as sales representatives has aided in achieving great milestones. Consequently, through working for QNET, we are in a position to boost our earnings.

According to the Direct Selling Association statistics, 74.4% of QNET’s workforce and independent representatives are women. Khaled Diab, the Regional General Manager of QNET MENA, owed the success of the company in direct selling to our nurturing attribute as well as resilience.

Empowerment of Women

I think QNET is playing an important part in society by empowering women. Giving women who portray potential in changing society a chance to work as direct sellers is an act that ought to be emulated by other companies around the world.

The USAID also echoed that achieving success in a vacuum is a daunting task. It also stressed that for a society to succeed where we have to access better technology, health care, and education. In addition, we need to have control over markets, lands, and resources.

Details Relating to QNET

The company is a premier direct selling company in Asia, particularly based in Hong Kong. QNET vendors many products ranging from home care, energy, fashion accessories, luxury, nutrition and weight management commodities.

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The company recognizes individuals as its ultimate resource. The company also utilizes employee teams from diverse locations or countries with clients in an excess of 100 nations around the world.

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