How Does Avi Weisfogel Raise Money For Operation Smile?

Avi Weisfogel has been committed to his patients for a long time, and he also committed to helping people who are in underserved areas. The underserved people who need dental care will need to have a dentist come visit them, and that is why Avi Weisfogel makes the trips for these people. He wants to be sure that all the people he helps have someone they can count on, and his GoFundMe campaign will raise as much money as possible for those who are most in need.

GoFundMe has a setup that is very easy to manage, and Avi Weisfogel started the page on his own. He was able to get the link to share online, and he also sees how much people are giving. He is trying to make sure that people are giving as much as they can, and he wants to report how much Operation Smile is making. Everyone who come to Avi Weisfogel for help will meet some of his friends that he brings with him. He brings along as many dentists as he can to get help for the people he serves, and he takes several trips a year where he helps people who are in dire need of assistance with their teeth.

Communities that do not have the dental care that people need are getting that care from Operation Smile, and they are showing that every community can get the dental care that is seen as a human right. Avi Weisfogel is very serious about this business, and he wants to make sure that he can get into any community to help where there is a need. He gets to know the people he helps, and he makes sure that he has helped as many people as possible before his trip is over.

Everyone who gives to Operation Smile will feel good about the work they have done, and they can give as many times as they want. Avi Weisfogel will send that money on to Operation Smile, and he will take another trip. He wants to make sure every person who needs dental care can receive it.