The Work of Sam Tabar in the Legal and Business Sector

Sam Tabar is an attorney and an investment banker. writes that he holds a bachelor’s law degree from Columbia Law School. Even while studying law he was keenly following on business and was the vice editor for Columbia Business Law review. Prior to law school he was a business student at Oxford where he later attained his business degree with honors.

He has been scouted and offered different positions in various top tier organizations which were in need of his particular skill set. It is hard to study business as it is yet Sam Tabar added a law degree to his impressive résumé. He has held various positions in blue and white collar capacities. After graduating he was retained as an associate with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. In 2004 he was allured by the finance industry. He first worked at PMA Advisors where he worked hard and was promoted thereafter to head the bubbling business development department. It was here that he revealed his potential and his creative mind working on different strategies that saw the $ 2 billion dollar hedge fund grow exponentially. He was credited with helping the firm raise its clients’ portfolio and the acquisition of over $ 1.2 billion in asset management. He was later offered a position as a director and head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region representing the Bank of America Merill Lynch in 2011 which he accepted. He also served as the director of Adanac LLC,BVI and the FullCycle Fund.

Working for and with this organizations has exposed him to diverse opportunities and investment scenarios that has made him a recognizable force in the financial industry. He has given back by handling his clients with alt most professionalism. His greatest asset is his objectivity never allowing anything to derail him.  Not to mention his important financial advice freely given on Twitter.

He is the youngest and fastest raising investment attorney in New York. Even though he loves and appreciates his positions he has been moving to more affluent positions. A close look at his employment history will show that he is moving up the corporate ladder. He has never forgotten his back ground in law and has been associated with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Apart from law and commerce he has other interests and is an avid photographer. That’s right he is an amateur photographer. He describes himself as an all rounded person. His Instagram account is full of pictures that he has taken over the years.

James Dondero Calls Argentina’s Return

Argentina is one of the most promising Latin American countries when it comes to sovereign debt. This is in spite of decades-long status as a distressed credit country. Simply put, distressed credit is when a loan becomes irregular in payments or when the debtor defaults completely. Argentina entered distressed credit status in 2001 when it defaulted on an impressive $95 billion in issued bonds. Even after defaulting the country continued to service its debt in a myriad of ways until 2014 when former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ignored U.S. court orders on the matter and halted all payments to holdout creditors.

The reason Argentina is still promising even with this complicated history is that it is a resource-rich country. It has a lot of growth potential because of this and if it can restructure its existing debt there is a high likelihood of credit upgrades. President Macri was elected on a campaign of economic reversal and a goal to return Argentina to the sovereign debt markets. He undid much of his predecessors work and now an upcoming U.S. court ruling looks promising to re-admit Argentina to the sovereign debt market and allow it to restructure its debt to begin payments once more.

This soon to be realized potential is great news for many holdout creditors like Highland Capital Management. The management fund is a large holder of 2033 bonds from Argentina and its president and co-founder James Dondero has made many observations about the possible profitability and return of Argentina in recent years. One of his key observations was that Argentina would eventually experience a defining moment where something would have to give. Either the government would run out of capital completely due to being restricted from the bond markets or they would change their position on restructuring their debt.

James also considers Argentina to be worthy of re-investment since it has the greatest promise of being upgraded in creditworthiness in the near future against other Latin American countries. Dondero plans on taking advantage of Argentina’s appeal not just for sovereign debt but capital investment by creating an Argentina Fund through Highland Capital Management.

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Source: Bloomberg

The Inspiring Career Helane Morrison

The thing that I admire the most about Helane Morrison is the way that she has continued to climb the corporate ladder and thrive as a compliance officer. The male dominant corporate industry can become difficult for a lot of women, but the women that are persistent have the ability to break the glass ceiling.

That is precisely what Helane Morrison has done, and I find her career quite fascinating. I think that the thing that has made her someone to watch is the determination that she had from the early stages of her career. She started early as a law clerk and worked for a decade on litigation cases. Helane became very aware of the corrupt practices that violations of employee rights.

So many women will graduate from a university, and they will find themselves in search of a job at the corporate level. They may not have any experience, but they want to have the opportunity to prove themselves and someday become top level executives. In an industry that is dominated by men that will rarely be the way that things will work. Fortunately, Morrison knew this, and she knew what she would have to do in order to combat this.

Helane Morrison would earn her first degree in journalism, but she would make the transition into law and go back to law school when she discovered her passion. She was very new to the law, corporate investigation and litigation environment in the beginning, but she adjusted quite well.

I think that Helane Morrison has built a resume that has allowed her to become one of the most valuable resources that any organization can have. She didn’t waste a lot of time or deviate from her plan. She built a resume that would be perfect for what she is doing right now with Hall Capital.

What Helane Morrison has done is inspire a whole new wave of aspiring female leaders that are trying to acquire corporate positions. She is an individuals in her own right, but she shares the spirit of ambition with so many corporate leaders that came before her. Thankfully, she has developed a blueprint for many that are coming after her.

Brad Reifier’s Forefront Capital Advisors On A Philanthropic Mission To Support Veterans And Their Families

Brad Reifler is the successful business person that can be described as a serial entrepreneur in business terms. He is currently the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital a firm he started in May 2009. This is his third successful venture in the business industry. Brad Reifler previously headed Pali Capital as its Chief Executive Officer. He was also the founder of this successful global financial services firm. Before this, he had founded his first business venture Reifler Trading Company which he later sold to Refco in 2000 after it became very prosperous in the business world. Before he became an entrepreneur, reports Brad Reifler worked in executive positions at firms such as Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and Foresight Research Solutions. He also worked as a star trader at Refco.

Recently Forefront Capital Advisors lead by Brad Reifler entered into a partnership deal with Easter Seals Dixons Center. Easter Seals Dixons Center is a charity organization that is dedicated to helping American veterans soldiers and their families access a better life. This organization has been after rewarding veterans for their years of service to the nation and also help them as they return home to engage in some meaningful activities. Forefront Capital Advisors signed an end month deal last month that will see to it that the firm donates over $3 million that will go forward to fund the organization’s programs. This partnership will ensure that the Easter Seals Dixons Center able to serve more veterans and expand its reach in the military community. Furthermore, this donation will also help the organization increase the outreach of its connectivity programs in the community. These connectivity programs help provide opportunities such as employment, education and medical care to veterans and their families all over the nation.

Brad Reifler says via his Twitter that Forefront Capital Advisors are glad to work with Easter Seals Dixons Center in giving back to the society. He said that the firm’s staff and clients had fully dedicated themselves to seeing that their firm also brings positive change in the society. Brad Reifler said that by empowering veterans who served the country with dedication would go a long way in encouraging the younger generation to dedicate themselves to serving the nation. Brad Reifler says that their partnership will help provide American veterans with financial independence and a reason to feel appreciated.

Brad Reifler also says that this partnership will be able to help the veterans attain financial independence. Brad Reifler is a big proponent of financial independence and investment. He has been championing for people to invest so that they could have a stable financial source.