LG’s Robotic Announcement with Newswatch TV

According to Newswatch TV, LG has been on a mission to become the home of the new practical robot. With this idea in mind, they have just announced their new addition of three incredibly new robots specifically for their CLOi line.

Their unveiling last year showed off an airport cleaning robot that helped keep airports clean and even assist travelers while they are moving about the airport. LG hasn’t given many details about their new robot pals joining the force, but they are set to be great additions to the LG world. Both the Serving Robot and the Porter Robot will be perfect for restaurants and hotels alike. The Shopping Cart Robot will be a great addition to retailers both large and small. These robots are exciting for many different people out there, and they will be beneficial for many ways.

Newswatch TV is a website that has trusted sources for things like news, travel, technology, and more. They air TV episodes on AMC network in a bi-weekly rotation and on ION network in a weekly rotation. Beginning in 1990, Newswatch has recently celebrated their 1,000th episode.

This website has become a great place for people to catch up on their information surrounding news, technology, and more. Even celebrities have made their mark on Newswatch TV. With so many people looking to this place for their source of information, it is safe to say that Newswatch will remain among the top sources for several years to come. If you don’t believe me, check out their reviews to find out for yourself.

Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina offers marketing tips to MarTech Adviser subscribers

In a recent interview with MarTech Advisor, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion CEO, shared more information about how video marketing is such a good resource for businesses. Reina recently wrote an article about how video marketing techniques have been changing over the past few years. He has explained how video marketing has helped businesses market their products and services.

Reina believes it is important for him to share his experiences and advice with other young business owners. All MarTech Advisor readers should be familiar with Reina’s vision of future technology. Businesses that are looking to grow will love all of his tips and tricks. He is recommending that businesses of all sizes make video marketing the main source of marketing.

Reina is always traveling around connecting with other business owners offering all kinds of promotional tips. Based on current trends and detailed market analysis video messages are getting the most attention and interaction. He claims it is more than just a suggestion. Video marketing will most likely be your biggest asset.

Reina’s first product was video email that was released back in 2004. Video messages were less common back then than they are now. He saw the potential success in video marketing over a decade ago and now companies of all sizes are taking advantage of Reina’s video marketing tips.

He came back to MarTech Advisor to talk to his target market of eager young business professionals looking to spice up their marketing campaigns. Reina explains how important it is to using the video marketing trends. Those who do not jump on the success now will be lost in the future. Reina has been an active contributor for The Huffington Post.

Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by Bob Reina. This company specializes in using video marketing techniques to help businesses of all sizes stand out over the competitors, as well as increase profits. The company also gives back to a variety of charities. Talk Fusion tries to make video promotions as engaging and entertaining as possible. This company now operates in 140 different countries. Sign up for their trial to learn more about what they offer.

Talk Fusion Introduces A 30-day Free-Trail To Provide An Opportunity For New Customers To Try The Service.

In just a few years, Talk Fusion has become a leader in video emails and video newsletters, and it is now proud to be the eighth-largest online video content provider in the world. The company has surpassed big corporations such as Yahoo, MegaVideo, and CBS according to Bob Reina. The company offers video auto-responders, video conferencing, and more. About eight years ago, people would have laughed at the idea of Talk Fusion. But now, the world is headed towards video communication through a cutting-edge video technology for the today’s marketplace.


The truth is that video is widely being used today, and Talk Fusion is part of the transformation. Part of the reason is that the company continues to develop video technology applications but also abiding by the direct selling mantra of keeping it simple. What’s more, Talk Fusion makes its product easy to use for its consumers as one of the reasons many people have preferred the magnetic opportunity.


Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of the company believes that video technology was an inevitable part of the evolution of communication. It all began with the spoken word on the radio; then the world embraced the moving pictures on television, then it came to email communication, and now its smartphone and tablets that carry video. According to Bob Reina, nothing helps people to communicate better than video.


When asked about his challenges during an interview, Bob Reina said that when he started the company, there was no market to target as any person was considered a prospect in the business. Several years down the line, the company has made it easy for businesses and individuals to get started because anyone can register online instantly, get an ID and password to log in and start using the product of their choice immediately.


Talk Fusion has finally launched the much-anticipated 30-day free trial to prospective consumers to try the video communications solutions provided by the company. According to Bob Reina, people who have tried the service have ended up buying it. It is with that trend the company saw a need to provide its new customers a 30-day free trial and decide if they still need the service.


The Internet and Predatory Behavior

The Internet is filled with predatory trolls that will take anything that could destroy their targets and use it. This actually happened to one person who became the victim of both online and offline harassment because someone found some information about him and posted it online so that other trolls can find him and harass him. The victim of such an unfortunate occurrence has been led to Darius Fisher, who runs Status Labs. According to Huffington Post, Status Labs is one of the companies that help their clients deal with what is known as digital hygiene. He has also learned about what is Internet friendly and what could result in a huge problem for people.

Status Labs is founded with the purpose of handling digital crises like these. For one thing, they deal with plenty of clients that are faced with similar problems. A lot of clients have been faced with a bad search result that hurt their career, business, relationships and other aspects of life. The unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t go away for people because it is on Google. When it comes to Google and other search engines, the search results do not go away with time until new search results are put in place for a certain keyword. Fortunately, Status Labs knows many different levels of improving reputation.

Among the suggestions that Darius Fisher, the owner and president of Status Labs suggests is to take care of all personal data. Personal data should not be online for anyone to find. Social Media privacy settings should be managed. This is to protect people from predators. Status Labs not only works on digital reputation management, but the staff of the company also gives people pointers on how they can protect their online reputation and avoid any harmful occurrences to their lives. With the improvement of reputation, the client can experience greater business and success. Follow Status Labs on Tumblr to keep up with news and events. They have an instagram as well @statuslabs.