Dr. Rod J. Rohrich And Your Path To Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a decision that most people find themselves making for various reasons. One of them is because they are tired of the effects of aging on their face. Another one is that they hate the big dorsal hump in their nose. Other reasons could include having breast that sag because of breastfeeding. If getting plastic surgery to help get rid of these issues is what you are looking for, going to Dr. Rod J. Rohrich in Dallas Texas. He will have you looking your best in no time.

Dr. Rohrich is considered the best plastic surgeon in the nation, which is why people seek out his expertise in the craft. They want to know about the safeness of it and does anyone truly live the results they get. He goes over every procedure that he does and offers solutions that might work in some cases where you do not need surgery. One of those is Botox. You can get injections in your face instead of having it tighten. That might solve the problem and take years off of your skin. If you get consultation done, Dr. Rohrich can help you determine whether getting the surgery is necessary.

The other improvements that do require surgery are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty, and neck lift. If you find yourself needing any of these it is easy to see a little bit of apprehension. When Dr. Rohrich gets done, you will be glad you actually did it. The results will be absolutely amazing. At least one of these procedures has minimal scarring. That is the breast augmentation procedure. You can choose between saline or silicone implants and look your best up top with either one. So if getting plastic surgery is something you want to do, make your appointment.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Attempts To Make The Use Of Fillers Safer

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s popular plastic surgery specialist Dr. Rod Rohrich is continuing his campaign to improve the safety and standard of the plastic surgery industry with a new study into the dangers of facial fillers. Dr. Rohrich has recently been looking to help patients and surgeons improve the standard of plastic surgery around the world by improving techniques and safety measures to make sure the industry provides the best possible results for patients as they undergo their procedures. In his latest study the acclaimed surgeon who was named one of D Magazine’s top surgeons in a recent peer reviewed report provided information and advice on the problem of facial fillers causing blindness in patients.

Although the incidence of blindness being caused by facial fillers has not reached epidemic levels it is thought the number of cases have recently been on the rise around the world. Rohrich and his research team believe the problem is actually more widespread than originally thought, largely because the main sources of information on the subject have been well respected and known surgeons. The research team believe the number of patients suffering blindness because of the use of facial fillers is higher than reported with less well known or experienced surgeons not providing information on the problem in a bid to protect their reputations.

Dr. Rohrich has published an algorithm he hopes will assist other surgeons in halting the blindness problem from becoming any more of an issue by limiting the problems of facial filler use. The surgeon, who traveled to Oxford University to study pediatric plastic surgery, has revealed his own techniques and those uncovered by his team that he hopes will bring about the largest level of safety for all individuals undergoing surgery. By following the safety algorithm Dr. Rohrich hopes surgeons will limit the number of people suffering temporary or permanent blindness following the use of facial fillers in the future.

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Neuroscientist Jorge Moll Discovers Life is Hardwired for Altruism

Neuroscientist Jorge Moll discovered a link between altruism and a primitive part of the brain responsible for pleasure receptors like what one would feel in response to food or sex. Moll made his discovery while studying the brains of volunteers when asked to make a selfless or selfish decision. This discovery laid the groundwork for an examination of the link between human behavior and its physiological impact on the brain (http://www.idor.org/nossa-equipe).


In the study, volunteers were asked if they would keep a sum of money for themselves or give it to charity. Those who decided to give the sum to charity were noted to have activated the part of their brain designed to feel pleasure. Those who kept the money had the opposite result.


Jorge Moll’s research is important as it shows a biological link between human behavior and morality. The brain is designed to provide pleasure for making decisions for the good of the group. The basis of this neurological result is likely empathy, as the individual making the decisions must sacrifice something for themselves for the good of others.


This discovery served to underline the results of similar studies done both in the animal kingdom and in individuals with impaired brain activity. Sociopaths and psychopaths were noted to not be able to experience this pleasure receptor and would always make decisions that supported their own means. This research has the potential to change the way we view those with immoral behavior, as there is a clear physiological link between pleasure and altruism.


Jorge Moll discovered this link in 2006 while completing research with fellow neuroscientist Jordan Grafman at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Moll is also the President-director and member of the governing board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education and was elected as an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 2008.