More Business Deals for Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani doubles up as the Founder and Chairman of Damac Properties in Dubai. Damac is a global property development company. Hussain Sajwani founded Damac Properties in 2002, a move that was compelled by the desire to earn billions and not millions. This was a time during which the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to own property.

Hussain took the advantage to build property because he saw non-emirates as his potential clients. His first time in the real estate business saw him selling units in his 38-storey building in 6 months even before the construction began.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Hussain worked as a contracts manager in GASCO, which is under Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Afterward, began his career as an entrepreneur in 1982, when he started operating a food service business where he supplied food to National oil workers at Abu Dhabi. He also offered catering services to the U.S Military during the Iraq war. Hussain still owns the food catering business as a reminder of where he started.

In 1990’s, way before he founded and became the Damac owner, Hussain had built several hotels that were intended to accommodate people traveling to Dubai to do business. Damac Properties deals in the development of luxury residential apartments, and hotels. To deliver exemplary products and services, Damac partners with recognized lifestyle and fashion brands. Today, Damac has development projects in Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Jeddah, Beirut, and London.

Hussain Sajwani is a very visionary and has exemplary entrepreneurial skills which have seen Damac Properties grow extraordinarily. He is among the top 100 influential Arabs in the world. He can transfer business ideas in to cooperate reality. He is an expert in property development, property marketing, finance, legal and administration.

Hussain is also successful in the capital and global equity markets. He has investment portfolios securities regionally and globally, which means the Hussain Sajwani family has large business network.

In 2013, Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump started a business relationship while building Trump’s two international golf courses in Dubai. In January 2017, Hussain reported that they were looking to more business deals with Trump’s real estate firm. The collaboration was to be enhanced through Trump’s three children; Ivanka, Eric and Donald Junior.

Damac Properties has been involved Philanthropy work. An example is when Hussain Sajwani, the Damac Properties Chair gave a check of two million towards the campaign of clothing less fortunate children round the globe.