Looking for a Day Off


I work at home doing online marketing for a company I’ve been with for over seven years. Last month I was given one of the biggest projects of my career with a dog food company called Beneful. For weeks now I have been advertising their puppy chow, dog treats, wet food and every other Beneful product you can think of. Although I enjoy my career very much, this project has me completely worn out. Last week I stayed up until almost 3:00 A.M. every single day to try and catch up on what I missed the week before. If it wasn’t for my husband’s truck breaking down over two hours away, I probably wouldn’t be so far behind.

My deadline for this project is in three days and after that I am on to a company called Freshpet. I have already done a little bit of research on Freshpet to see what I am working with and I have to say they are one of the more interesting brands. The founder of the company had created this brand to allow dogs to eat organic foods, which means all fresh meats and produce. It is a big difference for dogs when it comes to eating bland dry food everyday to eating delicate meat strips in a delicious sauce. What dog would honestly turn down Freshpet?

Even though I am more than ready to take on this next project, I wish I could get a two day break after completely all of the Beneful advertising. I have literally been on every social media site like Facebook, along with numerous search engines sites. I feel like I have put Beneful on 90% of the web due to the 200 or more hours I have put into this job. I have never worked this long and hard for any product. The great thing about this project and career is that I do get to choose my own hours and work from my own home, so that way if I really do need a nap I can take one whenever.