Pastor Hosea Collins and His Transformation with Dherbs


Pastor Hosea Collins has recently been in the media because he made a life-changing decision to save someone that he cared about. He used the famous Dherbs Cleanse to lose 130 pounds. This weight loss not only benefited him, but it benefited his wife’s health. Hosea COllins was introuduced to the cleanse from the Dherb’s website,

According to, the Dherbs Cleanse is a body cleanse that works throughout the full body. It is an online resource for a variety of herbal supplements. Collins used 5 of these supplements to lose his weight over a period of seven months. His wife needed a kidney and he wanted to volunteer his very own. He was too overweight at the time, so this is what inspired him to start the Dherbs regiment. While using the cleanse, Collins also held a strict diet and began a daily exercise routine. Collins was over 300 pounds at the start of the cleanse, and has now dropped down to 222 pounds. He was then admitted to be a part of the kidney swap program and is still waiting to hear whether he is a suitable match for his wife. He feels that his life has completely changed since his weight loss, and his goal is to return back to his weight of 200 pounds.


Hosea Collins appeared on the Steve Harvey show on June 6th, 2016 to talk about this journey to health.


More Information About the Dherbs Cleanse

The Cleanse is used to detoxify the body. Through the detoxifying process, any unnecessary weight is released. The immune system is also strengthened and energy levels are increased but toxins are being released. Patients have also reported a more positive attitude towards events that were happening in their lives. To learn more about the Dherbs process, and it’s positive effects on the body visit  Otherwise you can learn more about the progress people have made on the official Tumblr account of