Doe Deere “Queen of Unicorns” Inspires Many to be Magical

Bright colors, an edgy look, a successful businesswoman, and a creative inspiration are just a few ways that people describe the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup. All of those things have culminated together to make Doe Deere a leader in the makeup world. She’s a woman who if you’ve seen her, you’d instantly know exactly who she is. That’s because she runs Lime Crime and embodies exactly what makeup means.

Deere created a company to help people be themselves. She wanted everyone, man or woman or no gender, to be able to express themselves however they feel comfortable. She understands that many people, including herself, view makeup as an art form and therefore she wanted to give them the colors that they need to express themselves. Deere saw a need for unique colors that couldn’t be found. Many drugstores and makeup shops across the county and even the world only carry a select few colors. When it comes to lips, typically shades of red are found. When it comes to eyeshadow, shades of brown are found. When it comes to eyeliner, you’ll typically find just dark colors like black. Deere knew that wasn’t right and therefore Lime Crime was born.

Lime Crime is available online and they have a whole slew of colors to satisfy just about anyone. Their lip products, especially their Velvetines, have been a hot trendy item over the years. That’s because the product glides on smooth and is available in shades of blue, green, purple, red, brown, and more! There’s a color for every season and every reason, just like Deere envisioned there would be.

In a recent interview with Guest of a Guest, Deere spoke about how she’s always been an imaginative soul. It’s no wonder she was able to come up with makeup products that compliment a unique look. Deere has always looked flawless, unique, and a little bit edgy. She’s been rocking the bright hair and lips. Both are a compliment to her soft and delicate skin. It’s easy to see why they call her the “Queen of Unicorns.” It’s because she helps everyone, no matter where they come from in life, look and feel magical. Learn more:

Deere herself grew up in Russia before moving to the United States. Her home is now in Los Angeles but she never forgets where she came from. Deere had to push hard every day to make a name for herself in the competitive makeup industry. When Deere was just 13, she started her own little business of selling temporary tattoos. She had a real knack for it from then on she was able to grow. Deere was able to inspire her customers to get tattoos when she was just a teenager. Now, she’s able to inspire almost anyone to embrace the look that they want.

Lime Crime even has a section on the website called the lookbook where people can share their unique look and how the products from Deere helped them embrace who they want to be.