Why Should You Trust Cone Marshall With Your Estate and Trust Tax Problems

New Zealand may have one of the most transparent tax systems in the world, but that doesn’t make compliance a walk in the park. Without proper guidance, an attempt at correcting your tax problems may be overwhelming and in worst cases go awry. If you are setting up a business, trust or need estate advice in New Zealand, seek advice from a licensed tax advisory firm with an in-depth knowledge of the country’s tax system. And that’s where the Cone Marshall Barristers and certified Solicitors come in.

Come Marshall Limited also stands more qualified than any other law firm or tax compliance agency in the country for two different reasons. Firstly, it was the first law office in New Zealand to specialize in international tax systems and compliance.

Additionally, Cone Marshall Limited was founded and run by some of the brightest and most experienced minds in the field of tax and international law. For instance, one of the founders, Geoffrey Cone served as a professional attorney for more than a decade before partnering with an equally qualified Karen Marshall to set up the company.


What does Cone Marshall do?

Since inception, Cone Marshall Limited has been specializing in global wealth planning by providing advisory services to both local and international agencies. The company primarily works with international families, agencies as well as banks and helps them set up trusts or partnerships or corporations in New Zealand. The company’s primary role, in this case, involves the interpretation of the various policies controlling composition of foreign companies. In some instances, the company is actively engaged in the establishment of such institutions on behalf of their international clients.


Apart from guiding their clients on tax reporting both locally and to their parent countries, the company also helps interpret other complex policies regarding succession, liquidation, consolidations, and mergers. During such scenarios, Cone Marshall helps the involved with compliance to the local laws as well as tax reporting to the various fiscal authorities. In the past, the company has also been involved in the formulation and review of several tax policies and legislative bills touching on the country’s tax system.


Why should you trust Cone Marshall limited?

Trust the Marshall’s not just because the company is led by the industry’s brightest minds, but also because they have been providing the services you need more than anyone else. Additionally, the company guarantees their clients that all their inquiries are protected by the legal and professional client-attorney privilege.