Trump’s First Year Needs to Be Spent Cleaning Up Reputation, Political Divide

As we have all been hearing, the State Department’s Inspector General has reported various violations by Hilary Clinton, while working as Secretary of State. The major violations involve the use of her own private server, located outside the government’s range for monitoring. She not only jeopardized national security but the trust of the American public. President Obama claims he was unaware of the violations, which is unreasonable.

All this rhetoric has pushed Donald Trump’s brand popularity sky high, as he claims he will put an end to the secrecy of the long term government bureaucracy. His reputation as a business leader bodes well for success. It is reported that managers and employees within each of the government agencies, including the State Department sometimes refuse to cooperate with investigations into the activities of their offices. In short, this history of behavior has turned most Americans against the federal government, due to lack of trust and honesty.

That is why, many supporters are saying that if there is a Trump Presidency, that within the first year in office, Trump will be very busy cleaning up the bureaucratic mess that now exists. His reputation as a tough,” get things done” leader is his key personality trait people like. The responsibility of the Inspectors General under Trump, should include not only reporting on possible wrong doing, but being able to take action against the wrong-doer. The new administration should also enact new practices that would come down hard on any employee who tried to block investigations or refused to cooperate with them.

Trump’s reputation review will depend on making sure that those he appoints to various positions within his administration will be held accountable for their actions or in-actions. His reputation should serve him well – maybe he won’t even need an online reputation management company like to save him. Corruption within the government needs to be removed and replaced with people the American public can trust.

Fabletics Success And Growth

Expansion is one way that a business can gauge their level of success. When a business needs to open new stores to meet consumer needs it typically indicates that sales are high. This is the case for Fabletics. Their line of active wear is in high enough demand that the company is planning on opening 100 new stores over the course of the next 3 to 4 years.

Facebook has them as a clothing line that dedicates its sales to yoga and active wear. They use easy to wear, comfortable styles that are available in a wide range of sizes. Styles vary as well. One can find basic colors, patterns, and even florals.

The core base of Fabletics sales have been the internet user. Until recently the brand sold their goods solely online. With rising sales and more customer interest they have bravely forged into the brick and mortar arena.

The hopes is that consumers will visit the stores and try on the clothes. This will allow for a more interactive experience with the brand. While in the store the consumer will be informed as to the online format. This will include a briefing of the VIP membership as well as the monthly subscription options.

As reported on Racked, Fabletics has had some complaints from customers. The company has stated that they have addressed the issues head on. Forbes has reported that these complaints have seriously dropped off, and the Better Business Bureau also states that there are no serious complaints about the company. All issues are immediately addressed and steps are taken to eradicate them.

This is probably why Fabletics is opening brick and mortar stores while even the parent company Just Fab are still remaining solely on the internet format. Helping consumers to make the choice to shop with one business over another takes consumer satisfaction and a dedication to customer service.

Another way that Fabletics is enhancing consumer confidence in their brand is to increase the information offered on their site. Their FAQs section is enlarged to offer more information on purchases, returns, and even memberships. They are doing what they need to in order to clear up any confusion.

Offering a great product is also a way in which Fabletics is moving ahead of their competitors. Quality fabrics and a dedication to high quality production is how they remain at the top of their game. Whether they are loved or hated Fabletics is gaining ground in the garment sector and are the force to be contended with.
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