Doe Deere’s Interest in Makeup

Lime Crime is an innovative business that provides makeup enthusiasts with a bright selection of makeup that includes all colors of the spectrum. Doe Deere is a common individual to see as she is continuously modeling her new products on social media site such as Instagram. Doe Deere is a prime example of a woman who chose a profession not only because she loves it, but also because she is good at it. With over a decade of experience in this profession, Doe Deere has literally created an explosive internet-based brand name. In recent news, Galore magazine sat down with Doe Deere to talk about her brand name. Galore magazine interviewed Ms. Deere to not only learn about the history of her brand, but also to learn about her secret to the success of her brand. During this interview, the interviewer learned not only about Ms. Deere’s passion for what she does, but also learned about her intentions for the future.

When asked when Doe Deere first fell in love with makeup, Doe Deere stated on her Lime Crime blog that she has been in love with applying makeup ever since the early age of nine. At nine years old, Ms. Deere distinctly remembers dressing up with her friends in bright clothes and bright accessories. Though Doe Deere admits that she may have not applied makeup in the best and most attractive way, but her creativity for the action always was demonstrated. Doe Deere has always been a creative child and has used this talent to make a name for herself in the world of business.

Doe Deere is not just a pretty face, but also a businesswoman who has truly found her calling. During her interview with Galore magazine, Doe Deere also discussed her decision to create and internet-based brand. This decision was due to the fact that she wanted her business to receive fast feedback from the customer. This decision has not only kept her humble in the business, but has also encouraged her to continue improving the products that she sells to each customer. Doe Deere has bright plans for the future.  Follow that future on Facebook for news and updates, or the Lime Crime Tumblr for further information.