Thor Halvorssen Unpacks Socialism

Fox News invited Thor Halvorssen on a program with host Trish Reagan to unpack some of the issues with socialism. This interview coincides with conversations from the presidential campaign trail about the socialist policies that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been pitching to voters this year. While many of the ideas from Senator Sanders are appealing to Americans struggling to pay their bills and stay out of debt, Halvorssen explains that they just may not be all that they are cracked up to be.


Halvorssen’s main warning about socialism has to do with the preservation of human rights. This makes perfect sense because Halvorssen is the President of the Human Rights Foundation out of New York City. Halvorssen says that while not all socialist governments are bad, there is a serious tendency to absorb too much power too quickly with socialist regimes. One of the major ways that this happens is that the socialist government sets price controls and starts limiting the supply of certain goods. When these goods become staples, such as food, water, gas or medicine, this can present a very real problem for society. People will have limited access to these necessary things, which can culminate in a major humanitarian crisis.


Halvorssen says that not all socialist governments get it wrong, but there can be disastrous results when they do. He relies on Venezuela as an example of how badly things can go under a socialist government. Right now, that country is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis that could tear the entire country apart. People do not have access to food and medicine that they desperately need. Hospitals and schools have shut down, and there is widespread chaos. Thor Halvorssen says that not every country gets socialism right, but Norway and Sweden are examples of ones that did.


Halvorssen may not be a fan of socialism, but he is supporting Senator Sanders in the upcoming presidential election. When asked about this, he said that he simply could not support Hillary Clinton because of her many connections to dictators around the world, which present a serious problem for human rights.

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Thor Halvorssen Gives Fox News a Lesson in Socialism

Thor Halvorssen is a spokesman for human rights and an advocate for personal freedom within world governments. He is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum which is an annual meeting extolling the rights and freedom of mankind; it is equivalent to the the Davos World Economic Forum but oriented toward freedom and the elimination of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes.
His mother was shot and his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela when under the control of socialist Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen explained that socialism can work in countries whose governments have separation of powers and mentioned Norway, Denmark and Sweden as positive examples. As evident from this Youtube video, the interview took a turn for the worse when Halvorssen criticized Hillary Clinton for accepting monies from dictators in the middle east. He continued to derail the railroading of Bernie Sanders as a socialist by saying that he, himself, had sent Sanders the largest legal political contribution possible for his campaign. See the interview here:Your text to link…
Halvorssen is a humanitarian, thoughtful, engaging, dedicated and brilliant.  He, even, has a creative side as a successful director of film documentaries. For more information:Your text to link…
This attempted hatchet job by Fox against Bernie Sanders is an example of a simple-minded interviewer being subjected to the truth of a complex matter; a matter which Americans are averse to consider. While the rest of the world employs socialist concepts regarding health and social security, Americans seem to see any attempts with socialism as anti-democratic. The truth is that America has socialist programs, but the ignorance of history and world governance has severely restricted the collective political imagination of our citizens. The size of the U.S. Government continues to grow but the two major political parties have become adverse to cooperating with one another, while the electorate seems to be more concerned with the rights of the fetus and how intimate a politician’s relationship is with a Christian god.

Setting the Record Straight: the Koch Brothers

Moyers & Company recently addressed some of the creative myths flying around about multi billionaire industrialist Koch brothers and helped readers gain a better understanding of this often-publicized, powerful political duo. Charles Koch has remained largely behind the scenes for decades while they supported conservative political candidates and free market economic policies with their massive war chest of financial resources. However, in recent years, the Koch brothers have been the constant subject of intense media scrutiny for their vocal opposition to the Obama administration’s policies and financial support of conservative political candidates.

In setting the record straight on the Koch brothers, Moyers & Company reminds readers that Charles Koch actually been supporting libertarian causes and free market economic policies for decades and are much more concerned with the bigger economic picture than simply setting back the Obama administration’s policies. In fact, the Koch brothers have spoken openly about their opposition to the policies of George W. Bush’s administration and took a remarkably more active role in politics since then. Another common misconception about the Koch brothers is that the brothers are simply throwing their own money and candidates and causes that interest them personally. Far from operating in isolation or simply to promote the singular interests of their company, the Koch brothers have a much more expansive agenda of seeing free market economic policies dominate the political landscape. The Koch brothers have been steadfast in their belief that free market economics and a very limited role of government are the best paths forward to prosperity for the country as a whole.

The company has been in the Koch family for generations, and the Koch brothers are continuing the tradition of their father in increasing the company’s involvement in the oil refinery business by branching out into related activities, such as pollution control.  Koch earned an engineering degree and has a sound technical background to support his economic and financial savvy. He is frequently consulted for his economic and financial opinion and has written two successful books about the principles behind his success in business. Charles Koch generously supports many educational causes based on free market economics and speaks frequently on his support of classical liberalism.