The Internet and Predatory Behavior

The Internet is filled with predatory trolls that will take anything that could destroy their targets and use it. This actually happened to one person who became the victim of both online and offline harassment because someone found some information about him and posted it online so that other trolls can find him and harass him. The victim of such an unfortunate occurrence has been led to Darius Fisher, who runs Status Labs. According to Huffington Post, Status Labs is one of the companies that help their clients deal with what is known as digital hygiene. He has also learned about what is Internet friendly and what could result in a huge problem for people.

Status Labs is founded with the purpose of handling digital crises like these. For one thing, they deal with plenty of clients that are faced with similar problems. A lot of clients have been faced with a bad search result that hurt their career, business, relationships and other aspects of life. The unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t go away for people because it is on Google. When it comes to Google and other search engines, the search results do not go away with time until new search results are put in place for a certain keyword. Fortunately, Status Labs knows many different levels of improving reputation.

Among the suggestions that Darius Fisher, the owner and president of Status Labs suggests is to take care of all personal data. Personal data should not be online for anyone to find. Social Media privacy settings should be managed. This is to protect people from predators. Status Labs not only works on digital reputation management, but the staff of the company also gives people pointers on how they can protect their online reputation and avoid any harmful occurrences to their lives. With the improvement of reputation, the client can experience greater business and success. Follow Status Labs on Tumblr to keep up with news and events. They have an instagram as well @statuslabs.