The Best Plastic Surgery By Dr Rod Rohrich

The best plastic surgeons not only perform successful surgeries but also create new, more modern techniques and teach those procedures to others so that patients receive the most effective care. This is the exact profile of  Rod Rohrich, a renown Dallas Texas plastic surgeon and a Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center.


One of Dr. Rohrich’s specialties is Rhinoplasty. This is surgery that changes the shape and/or the function of a person’s nose. What makes Dr. Rohrich’s technique unique is that regardless of the number of rhinoplasties he performs, no two noses end up looking alike. This is because he spends time working with each patient to reshape the nose in a way that fits with other facial features. He prefers open rhinoplasty to the closed procedure because he can operate with much greater precision and accuracy so that there is a greater opportunity to achieve the desired outcomes. About half of the surgeries he performs are actually revision rhinoplasties. These are corrective procedures that are very complex and where perfect results are difficult to obtain.


Dr. Rohrich personalizes this service as well and uses modern techniques to lift the deepest layers of face and fill in where necessary. Each patient’s face is analyzed and multiple steps are performed so that the final look is very natural and more youthful.

Breast Surgery

Breast enlargement and lift surgery is the final procedure. The reshaping and resizing is performed to balance the proportions of the upper body. Dr. Rohrich uses silicone gel or saline implants that are placed under the glands to minimize the incision. He also founded the AiRS Foundation so that he could help women obtain breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

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Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery & How You Can Benefit

Do you like the way certain clothes fit your body? Do you hate the way certain clothes fit your body? Would you like a perky rear-end? Would you be willing to consider butt lift surgery? Butt lifts are becoming the new norm in society today. The treatments are invasive, but they’re not as invasive as other medical treatments. This means that you’ll receive a much shorter down-time for recuperation. If you have lost shape thanks to losing weight, then you’re a prime candidate for service. If you strictly want to it for vanity reasons, then you are also a prime candidate.

Lets get down to what this surgery is, and how it can benefit you. There are two types of butt lift surgery. The traditional treatment and the Brazilian treatment. The traditional butt lift does a great job of lifting the butt by removing fat, tissue and excess skin. This is made possible by an incision into the buttock. Some surgeons will utilize a technique for tightening the underlying muscles. These deep sutures are designed to hold the buttock in position, especially while it heals. For tightening sagging tissue, your surgeon can apply two distinct techniques knows as the butterfly butt lift and the upper butt lift. Depending on your specific needs, your surgeon will determine what’s best for you if needed.


The famous Brazilian butt lift is far less invasive as your surgeon will utilize a liposuction technique to transfer fat. This fat can be removed from the abs or thighs via small incisions. Injections of the fat is made through the incisions into the buttock. For those who are suffering with extreme sagging in this area, a traditional butt lift is the better route. The city of Dallas, Texas, has a number of butt lift surgeons, but make sure to do your due diligence before proceeding.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association: Committed to Health

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association of Austin, Texas has been a long-standing embodiment of the exceptional administration of anesthesia for alleviating pain and anxiety before during and after a surgical procedure for almost half a century. The Capitol Anesthesiology Association excels in the areas of anesthesia ranging from General, Regional, Local/MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care) Obstetrics and Pediatrics anesthesia. The association is bolstered by a team of physician American Board of Anesthesiology or those in pursuit of, along with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists that support the physicians and as a collective successfully provide a safe and comfortable anesthesia experience. The Certified Registered Nurses are all board certified. With the work of over 80 physicians and 130 board certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association provides quality service in more than 20 medical facilities throughout the Austin area. The application of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s abilities is not limited to work in the hospital. They also partake in philanthropic endeavors by donating they time and skills to helping those underserved and less fortunate. Additionally, Capitol Anesthesiology Association serves those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare by way of their new Dell Medical School by which they educate the future of the medical world. Above all else, Capitol Anesthesiology is dedicated to providing quality anesthesia while advancing the medical field and the conditions of many around the world.

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