Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: How to take high-quality photos using your Smartphone

In order to take good quality photos with your Smartphone, here are 10 useful tricks from Figueroa to help enhance your Smartphone photography.

Prepare for a good shot

Take your time by creating a good composition, improving the shot angle and lighting as well as determining where the individual whose photos you’re taking should be looking. These are actually basic aspects to quality photography on Crunchbase, and you should also apply them when using your smartphone.

Learn the principles of composition

Nothing rivals composition as a means to take interesting pictures. Speaking of rules of composition, turn on the grid lines on your smartphone. This superimposes a series of grid lines on your Smartphone’s camera screen on that’s centered on the rule of thirds which states that a photo should be fragmented into thirds, both vertically and horizontally; thus you have nine sections in total. Therefore, by placing the person or object of interest at the point of intersection between the grid lines, your picture will appear more balanced and interesting.

Get closer to your object

Often, you are tempted to zoom in especially when taking photos from a distance. However, you should avoid zooming in because it can make your picture appear blurry. In contrast, get closer to what you want to capture. You don’t want to compromise on the quality of your picture.

Use natural light

A photo taken with a flash of the Smartphone camera often looks overexposed, has negatively altered colors and the human subjects appear washed out. Rather than using the flash of your Smartphone, why not make the most use of natural light? This affords the photo a more balanced lighting.

Get a third-party camera app

For better Smartphone shots, you need to get any of the renowned third-party camera applications including Camera 360, Manual, Camera +, Camera ZOOM FX and ProCamera. As opposed to the standard app in your phone, third party applications mainly offer several options, including adjusting zoom, use of different flash alternatives, and so on. Source:

Understand the features in the Camera Application

You can either read the guidelines on the developer’s site or watch a video tutorial on YouTube to learn about the various features of your camera app.

Sensible use of HDR

HDR, the acronym for High Dynamic Range helps you achieve a balanced exposure in a picture characterized by enough shadows and highlights. However, by overusing this Smartphone feature, you risk taking pictures that look out of place.

Use filters moderately

There are quite a number of things that specific filters can do. For instance, specific filters can allow you to highlight certain details which were previously unnoticeable. Nevertheless, not all your photographs need filters. So, be wise.

Know how to edit

Editing your photographs is imperative. You can take advantage of the numerous photo editing apps out there for Smartphones according to Figueroa. You can download and start using VSCO or Snapseed mobile app and explore the various editing options like saturation, fill light, contrast and grain.

A clean lens

Always make sure the lens of your Smartphone camera is clean. Simply clean it regularly before taking photos.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur and a mentor for aspiring business professionals. Although he is a Venezuelan native, he is a reputable Panamanian professional executive. At the moment, he serves five Panamanian companies in three role capacities: The president, CEO, and treasurer.