How Julie Zuckerberg’s Recruitment Expertise Improves Corporations

Any company that would like to increase its productivity should focus on recruiting employees who are talented. The hiring process is a little cumbersome since talent cannot be noted through a simple interview process. Acquiring the best talents requires professionals who are skilled in the field. One of the leading recruitment and staffing experts is Julie Zuckerberg. She started her career in the sector about 15 years ago. Her long stay in the industry has enabled her to acquired sufficient experience. Zuckerberg presently works as an executive talents acquisitions manager of a German bank that is known as Deutsche Bank. She is licensed to practice law and holds a Juris Doctor from the New York Law School. The recruitment professional also graduated from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a degree in philosophy.


Julie Zuckerberg is one of the women who has had a successful career. She has been hired by various leading organizations to serve as the head of recruitment. Her first job was at Hudson, which employed her as the candidate placement director in November 2002 and she served until October 2007. The firm is an expert in the provision of recruitment and staffing services. Julie assisted the company in hiring various professionals on both a permanent and temporary basis. They include paralegals, case managers, attorneys, and people who had any support skills that could be needed by Hudson’s clients. The customers that Hudson served included financial organizations, law companies, and top corporations in various industries. Julie also took good care of the professionals that she hired by ensuring that they were offered the best working environments.


Julie Zuckerberg loves her profession and is always determined to achieve more. After five years at Hudson, she was offered a better job at Citi Global Functions. Julie was the executive recruiter of the firm. She helped the organization in hiring professionals in auditing, compliance, and legal fields. The recruitment guru led the organization to adopt better recruitment techniques such as internet searches, direct sourcing, and employee referral. Zuckerberg used excellent tactics that bettered the competence of Citi Global Functions’ staff. She also dealt with issues such as equity buyouts, immigrations, promotions, and relocation of expatriates.


Julie later joined New York Life Insurance after serving Citi Global Functions for about four years. She served the organization as an executive recruiter for a few months and the left for Deutsche Bank. Zuckerberg was appointed to act as the bank’s executive talent acquisition manager. Her expertise has been essential in bettering the recruitment procedures that the firm uses in global talent acquisitions. She was in charge of hiring leading executives such as directors and managing directors. Julie assists in training various recruitment teams at the bank. The company’s productivity has improved since she joined it due to her excellent service.


Apart from her career as a talent acquisition expert, Julie Zuckerberg participates in various activities that benefit the community. She supports human rights, animal welfare, economic matters, and civil rights. Zuckerberg also loves photography, technology, running, and art. She interacts with people through Twitter and Pinterest.


The talents of Julie Zuckerberg are vast

Julie Zuckerberg dutifully executes the responsibilities of the Talent Attainment Administrator, while retained by Deutsche Bank. Julie has created a great deal of attention for herself, from her extensive history of know-how and her vast qualifications. She is celebrated for her gift of working hand in hand with commerce leaders in the secured asset area of trade including the retail side of management. Julie is amazingly the industry by establishing dialogue, in addition to managing high level administrative exchanges that routinely pertain to business stockholders. Her highly experienced guidance is often regarded as being central to recruiting competent people and her staffing policy is accepted for generating an unyielding and long-lasting effect on the penchant of an institution’s output stance and often delivers a medley of exceptionally talented and versatile laborers.


Julie Zuckerberg moreover, has expertise working with the task of being the Senior Manager Recruiter before changing her status to that of Faculty Acquisition Leader. She has also, peaked in her skills by being promoted to Deutsche Bank’s V.P. During this stretch, her talents were perfected by managing vital associations with top-notch business enterprises, to establish a massively invaluable assortment of capable laborers. Julie Zuckerberg has furthermore fashioned associations with a plentiful extent of industry affairs to more concisely control the recruiting practices for achieving adept employees. This is fundamental for filling major roles, for instance, US Compliance and Central Administrator, not counting Investor Connections, among other fundamental roles.


She is accredited as having a group of adept industry savoir faire and perception. She has also excelled prominently in the responsibility of Primary Laborer Taskmaster, while laboring with pride at the enterprise, the Hudson Global. This, being her first dedicated business engagement in 2002. During her servitude at the Hudson, for about the span of 5 years, she recruited into the company a flood of legal personnel and exceptionally qualified senior management teams, for an assorted quantity of firms. This stable influx of laborers helped satisfying an array of open roles. After she vacated her position at the Hudson, she loyally committed her talents to Citi Global. While at this renowned consumer bank, she developed her gifts as the Leading Labor Recruiter. This status permitted her the autonomy to generate advanced approaches for brining in experienced recruits by using the internet, social media promotional tools and via express sourcing of labor. These are some of the countless and truly inspiring avenues made use of by Julie, to get hold of the most eligible recruits. She displays a keen competence to juggle a number of tasks and when employed at Citi Global, Julie excelled as Vice President of the corporation. Some of her more exciting accomplishments involved the moving of new laborers through the difficulties of immigration, through to repatriation.


Her vast perceptive skills, attained from working as the company V.P., while laboring at the New York Life Insurance Establishment, provided Julie with the talent to engage in laborer events fill vacated positions with expert recruits.

Doe Deere Makes Her Dreams Come True

Doe Deere was born and grew up in Russia and moved to New York when she was 17. Doe describes herself as being ambitious and imaginative. She always had big dreams and wanted to become a musician, which she did when she was in New York. Being a musician taught Doe to appreciate those that supported you – such as attending her concerts. She feels she was always an entrepreneur, even at a young age. When she was 13, she would see temporary tattoos to her classmates. Temporary tattoos were just a novelty then, but she made them cool by wearing them and insisting it was okay. Although she lived in Manhattan for a while, she considered Brooklyn her home/stomping ground. Doe associates her time in New York with her band, which is where she met her husband. They were both song writers and learned to collaborate. They worked well together in the band and things grew from there.

Does loves bring and vibrant colors. She was unable to find those colors back in 2008, so she began to make her own. She is seen sporting vibrant hair colors, expressing her true inner-self. She feels that make up should allow you to express yourself and be true to who you really are as a person, not cover it up. In the beginning, she was surprised to see so many woman gravitate towards those same vibrant colors.

Doe believes everyone should follow their heart as everyone has something special (a unique skill or quality) that only they can offer the world. She views her customers as unicorns, being magical, unique and special in their own individual way. She feels that when you tune in to what you can offer, that is when you really start to blossom. Being true to herself and following her ideas is how Lime Crime, the make up company was born.

Doe majored in Fashion at FIT in New York. Doe loves that Lime Crime allows women, herself included, to be able to express themselves in their truest form. Her line gives women the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement. Her confidence shows in her pictures showing off her vibrant colors. Doe is definitely an inspiration to women to follow their dreams.

The interview with Doe Deere on Guest of Guest can be found here:

Helane Morrison:A Legacy Of Intelligence, Hard Work, Integrity, And Success

Helane Morrison is a woman who’s career is very noteworthy. Through her intelligence, hard work, discipline, and integrity she has made a name for herself in law, government, and business. Along the way she helped change many people’s perception of what is possible for women and shattered the glass ceiling that once limited women’s careers. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she went to school out West and became famous for her work with Appeals Court and Supreme Court justices, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Hall Capital Partners LLC.

Helane Morrison left her native Brooklyn, New York to attend Northwestern University. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, she moved on to the University of California, Berkley to study law. While there, she was editor in chief of the California Law Review. Once she graduated with her Juris Doctor in 1984, she became a law clerk for United States Appeals Court justice Richard A. Posner. That was followed a year serving as one of United States Supreme Court justice Harry Blackmun’s law clerks. Morrison then took a position with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a law firm based in San Francisco, in 1986. She was named a partner in 1991.

That was just the beginning for Helane Morrison. After spending 10 years practicing law, Morrison left Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and accepted a job with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Hired as the San Francisco District Office head of regional enforcement in 1996, she was quickly promoted to district administrator and later regional director. Her job put her in charge of enforcement for Alaska, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Northern Nevada, and Northern California. Under her leadership, the SEC took on numerous high profile cases and took even large and well-known companies to task. She earned a reputation as someone willing to stand up for justice and the common man.

Eleven years after taking a position with the Security and Exchange Commission, Morrison left to try her hand at business. She became chief compliance officer and general counsel for the private investment company Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. This is a company owned and operated by women that managers the finances of some of the wealthiest families in the United States. As in her previous positions, Morrison was a great success. She is now also the company’s managing director and an executive committee member.