Class Dojo: Connecting Education and Community

Class Dojo is an innovating creative online communication platform for the educational industry. Teachers are always seeking avenues to communicate with parents, in support of the students and the classroom. Class Dojo has developed an online program that is providing classroom connection between teachers and parents. In a generation where parents are interested in strengthening communication with their child’s education, this ground-up organization has provided a user friendly solution.

Outside of the teacher-parent connection, Class Dojo also offers educational materials that they have developed in collaboration with educators. Creating this community has given the ability to cross boundaries with innovation educational tools. Class Dojo has risen popularity within in their 5 years of forming they have already reached 2/3 of schools in the United States as well over 180 countries, and has the capability to translate in 35 different languages. Teachers are able to build their online platform sharing teaching information with other teachers without releasing any information regarding their students. The students information is only between the teacher and parent with the option to be removed by the parent, this is an option that was well thought out as it gives parents control over their child’s information. The key tool that can be used between the parent and teacher is the Instant messages and announcements feature. The benefactors with being able to reach a parent or the parent reaching the teacher keeps down phone time as well as getting important information out to each other in a timely manner if needed.

Creating the ability to support teachers and their passion for education is a remarkable asset that is beneficial to the students. Creating a positive culture with classrooms derives inspiration for students to want to do more, be more for their education. The positive feedback from the teacher and parents can also be seen on the “Wall of Love”, it is a beautiful page with a display of appreciation excitement the kids have about their classroom. If the students have something they want to their parents to see that they are doing in the class, the teacher can easily take a picture and post it to the “Wall of Love”, parents are able to capture the great moments in their child’s day.


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