Diversant Is Solving IT Staffing Issues For Corporate America

Corporate American went through a change after the 2008 meltdown. Companies learned to operate with a smaller staff and less overhead. But the demand for one segment of the workforce has increased over the last 10 years. According to Internet sites like CareerBuilders.com, network engineers, Java or Net developers, and computer programmers are hot careers, and they keep getting hotter. Diversant, the largest African-American staffing agency in the United States, is trying to keep up with demand for IT staffers. Thanks to CEO John Goullet, Diversant is filling positions with competent people faster than expected.

John started his career as a computer consultant. Goullet decided to be part of the IT staffing industry in 1994. That’s the year Goullet founded Info Technologies. His insight, diligence, and exceptional staffing team produced excellent results for clients. Info Technologies went from zero to $30 million in sales quickly and by 2009, Forbes put Goullet’s Info Technologies as number 8 on their fastest-growing privately owned company list.

When Goullet met Gene Waddy and decided to join forces in the same industry, the merger went without a hitch. Waddy’s company, Diversant Inc., was also a top IT staffing company. In 2010, Diversant was born from those two successful staffing organizations.

Diversant offers large and small corporations qualified people that pass all the tests. Diversant performs background checks, investigates resumes, and talks to references. The team at Diversant makes sure that all candidates are more than qualified for open IT positions. When some corporations want to hire candidates directly, Diversant will assist those clients when needed. Diversant’s goal is to give companies the diversity they are looking for without compromising qualifications.

Goullet’s years of experience helps clients identify staffing personnel that fits their corporate structure as well. The IT workforce is made up of creative individuals that like the freedom of working with a team as well as working solo. Goullet and his staffing team do the legwork, and they make sure the candidates fit the tasks and the company. Goullet calls that going the extra mile, and the IT staffing industry that extra mile makes a huge difference in a company’s bottom line.

Source: http://bitsylink.com/2016/04/28/how-john-goullet-improves-it-services-through-diversant-llc/

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