Doe Deere Makes Her Dreams Come True

Doe Deere was born and grew up in Russia and moved to New York when she was 17. Doe describes herself as being ambitious and imaginative. She always had big dreams and wanted to become a musician, which she did when she was in New York. Being a musician taught Doe to appreciate those that supported you – such as attending her concerts. She feels she was always an entrepreneur, even at a young age. When she was 13, she would see temporary tattoos to her classmates. Temporary tattoos were just a novelty then, but she made them cool by wearing them and insisting it was okay. Although she lived in Manhattan for a while, she considered Brooklyn her home/stomping ground. Doe associates her time in New York with her band, which is where she met her husband. They were both song writers and learned to collaborate. They worked well together in the band and things grew from there.

Does loves bring and vibrant colors. She was unable to find those colors back in 2008, so she began to make her own. She is seen sporting vibrant hair colors, expressing her true inner-self. She feels that make up should allow you to express yourself and be true to who you really are as a person, not cover it up. In the beginning, she was surprised to see so many woman gravitate towards those same vibrant colors.

Doe believes everyone should follow their heart as everyone has something special (a unique skill or quality) that only they can offer the world. She views her customers as unicorns, being magical, unique and special in their own individual way. She feels that when you tune in to what you can offer, that is when you really start to blossom. Being true to herself and following her ideas is how Lime Crime, the make up company was born.

Doe majored in Fashion at FIT in New York. Doe loves that Lime Crime allows women, herself included, to be able to express themselves in their truest form. Her line gives women the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement. Her confidence shows in her pictures showing off her vibrant colors. Doe is definitely an inspiration to women to follow their dreams.

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