Dr. David B. Samadi Talks About Visiting A Doctor During Menopause

Menopause is something that every woman experiences after a certain point of time in her life. Even though this is something that is inevitable, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding what menopause is and what it does to your body. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive time, after which she will not be able to give birth. When a woman experiences the first signs of menopause, visiting a doctor is crucial. Because of the changes that one is going through, there are of course things that one would need and precautions that one would have to take to be healthy. Asking your doctors all the right questions is one of thee best ways in which women can know what all they would need to do when they first start seeing the signs of Menopause coming their way.

Women begin to experience early signs of Menopause when they are around the age of 45-50. During this time, they go through a period known as perimenopause, which means that the body is preparing to end the reproductive cycle for good. This is usually the best time to visit your doctor and seek help and the medications that one would have to take. Since the body is going through so many changes, it becomes essential to maintain the right amount of nutrients and vitamins in the body, which is also why a doctor’s visit for the right prescriptions is a must. Women also tend to be alarmed by the symptoms that they start to experience when going through menopause. A doctor is usually able to tell if the symptoms that one is experiencing are normal or not, and if they are unusual, what treatment they should usually take to treat it.

Dr. David B. Samadi is a urologist who has worked with hundreds of women who have gone through menopause and other related conditions. He has been the doctor to numerous celebrities and has spoken at some of the biggest medical events in the country. His expertise and knowledge on the subject matter is incredible, which is also why he is such a prominent personality in the field of medicine. Currently, Dr. Samadi works at the Lenox Hill Hospital and is the chief of robotic surgery in addition to being the chairman of the urological department of the hospital. He also regularly performs various surgical procedures on the patients that come to him.