Dr. Rod Rohrich Attempts To Make The Use Of Fillers Safer

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s popular plastic surgery specialist Dr. Rod Rohrich is continuing his campaign to improve the safety and standard of the plastic surgery industry with a new study into the dangers of facial fillers. Dr. Rohrich has recently been looking to help patients and surgeons improve the standard of plastic surgery around the world by improving techniques and safety measures to make sure the industry provides the best possible results for patients as they undergo their procedures. In his latest study the acclaimed surgeon who was named one of D Magazine’s top surgeons in a recent peer reviewed report provided information and advice on the problem of facial fillers causing blindness in patients.

Although the incidence of blindness being caused by facial fillers has not reached epidemic levels it is thought the number of cases have recently been on the rise around the world. Rohrich and his research team believe the problem is actually more widespread than originally thought, largely because the main sources of information on the subject have been well respected and known surgeons. The research team believe the number of patients suffering blindness because of the use of facial fillers is higher than reported with less well known or experienced surgeons not providing information on the problem in a bid to protect their reputations.

Dr. Rohrich has published an algorithm he hopes will assist other surgeons in halting the blindness problem from becoming any more of an issue by limiting the problems of facial filler use. The surgeon, who traveled to Oxford University to study pediatric plastic surgery, has revealed his own techniques and those uncovered by his team that he hopes will bring about the largest level of safety for all individuals undergoing surgery. By following the safety algorithm Dr. Rohrich hopes surgeons will limit the number of people suffering temporary or permanent blindness following the use of facial fillers in the future.

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