Eva Moskowitz Wants To Help NYC Students Succeed

The Problems Of The NYC School System

The New York City public school system is in disasters as seen in the commonly reported low academic rankings of the city. The private school system is also of lower quality than many people believe and offers much less than it should. Something needs to be done about it and someone needs to stand up to that. This is what Eva Moskowitz has decided to make her life ambition in NYC.


How Success Academy Changes Things

The Success Academy is a charter school set up specifically to address these problems in NYC and create a system where people have a better chance at succeeding. Moskowitz has designed it specifically address the issues that are plaguing NYC students such as low community participation rates and poor coverage of the full breadth of academic topics. The results of her experiment have so far been successful and you can see in the results that just about everyone that goes through the Success Academy ends up going to college and moving on to a rewarding career.


Her Fight For Students Is Not Finished

She isn’t done with her efforts to reform the NYC school system. In order to get further ahead Eva Moskowitz is considering a foray into politics and working directly with the system to produce better results. ¬†As such, she has focused on making sure that the voters of NYC are made aware of what needs to be done and that they can rely on her to do it. She is registered Democrat and is expected to run for mayor next year. There is no issue more important than making sure that the future generations will be equipped with what they need in order to succeed. She is here to do just that.


About Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is an education reformer living in NYC and the head of the charter school the Succeess Academy. She has used her work to do just about everything necessary in order to make sure that the students of NYC are able to get the education that they need.