For Madison Street Capital, Being The Exclusive Financial Advisor To Medium and Large Sized Companies Is A Testament To Their Credibility

Madison Street Capital Advisors (MSC) is a financial firm that is based in Chicago and has been in existence for over a decade. MSC works in areas like private equity, mergers, and acquisitions, corporate tax planning, advising, capital, and other services. MSC provides solutions to both the public and private business spheres.


MSC was created in 2005 by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala. MSC has the critical knowledge, experience, and background to work with the top middle market investment businesses. Recently, an international investment banking firm, which was working as an exclusive financial advisor to Infiniti HR, arranging a debt facility for Infiniti HR. Infiniti HR is currently headquartered in Burtonsville, Maryland, and was founded in 2008. Infiniti HR provides human resources as well as business process solutions for both small and medium-sized firms. Infiniti HR helped these firms focus on their core operations. The facility was provided by the finance company, Oak Street Funding.


The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway announced the Oak Street Funding and Infiniti HR deal in July 2018. The Senior Managing Director of MSC, Barry Petersen led the announcement of this deal between Oak Street Funding and Infiniti HR.


Madison Street Capital is a trusted company that has that comprehensive knowledge concerning corporate finance. And it also has a good record for structuring contracts. MSC has a history of creating exit strategies for entities in both the private and public niches. Staff at MSC have received honors from industry as well as industry groups. Madison Street Capital is an excellent resource for other entities to query regarding conditions, trends, and outlooks concerning the areas of hedge funds.


Madison Street Capital views the emerging markets as their core piece for driving the growth of its clients, globally. MSC will continue to pinpoint those significant assets in these markets. The company has earned the vital trust of its many clients in the U.S. and globally. MSC has an unwavering dedication to the top tier of professional standards. MSC has offices in Illinois and Oregon. They also have offices located in the countries of Ghana and India.


Oak Street Funding, which is an Indianapolis-based company, provides financing for financial service firms. Oak Street also offers third-party loan services for many financial institutions. Oak Street utilize their proprietary technology, knowledge, and their deep passion for top-quality service and products. They provide funding for companies in the U.S.


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