Fortress Investment Group, the Undisputed Expert in Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a worldwide investment management company. The company is well-known for its in-depth and specialized expertise in diverse management strategies in private equity, liquid markets, credit, hedge funds, and traditional assets. The company was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in New York. Read more on

Since its inception, the company has experienced tremendous growth and expansion its operations and investments. The company currently manages assets worth over $70.1 billion on behalf of 1,750 clients. The client base is comprised of both individual and institutional investors across the globe. Fortress Group is a publicly listed company with shares trading in the New York Stock Exchange.

Fortress Investment Group launched its credit business in 2002. The business is managed by one of the principals, Peter Briger and is run by a team of 500 highly qualified professionals. The credit business focuses on investments in illiquid credit, undervalued assets, and distressed investments. Since its inception, the business has made significant investments in distressed cycles and major credits across the world.

Through the Private Equity business, Fortress Group focuses on investments in asset-based businesses and cash generating ventures. The company has acquired significant stakes throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. The Private Equity business is headed by Randal Nardone, one of the co-founders.

Fortress Investment Group is also one of the leading managers of long-term and publicly traded permanent asset vehicles. Among the assets under the control of the company include the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure, NewMedia Investment Group, and Eurocastle among others.

Fortress Investment recently acquired a limited interest in Red Rocks Energy Partners L.P. Under the agreement, Fortress Investment Group attained the right to own 7,200 acres of seismic land previously under the control of Red Rocks Energy. The acquisition also granted Fortress Investment Group the right to develop oil and gas in Oklahoma counties of Garvin, McClain, and Grady.

The acquisition of Red Rocks Energy became the second major investment for the Fortress group in the oil and gas exploration sector. Previously, Fortress had sealed an agreement with IOG Capital. Under the agreement, Fortress Investment provided $350 million as drilling capital for operators in the United States. Visit