From Now On, It’s Only FreedomPop For Me

I rarely take advice that I get from friends and family members, but I had to listen when they told me to join FreedomPop because it was something that save me a lot of money. I’ve been with T-Mobile for the last 10 years, and I can’t believe that I made the switch to another company, but there are several reasons why did this. Although I enjoyed using the services that T-Mobile provided me, FreedomPop is giving me a much better deal for a lot less. I can’t understand why a company as big as T-Mobile can’t give me better prices for the service I was using.

I was getting unlimited talk and text, but my data was never unlimited, and I was paying over $60 each month. If I went over my data, I ended up paying even more money. I was told that I should use Wi-Fi services to accommodate myself when I needed more data, but why should I do that when I have unlimited services? I really got sick and tired of getting a higher bill each month, and I figured that I could go to another company that had lower prices.

FreedomPop has such low prices that I wonder how they stay in business. FreedomPop even has free cell phone service that I had considered getting, but I like the thought of having unlimited services that I can use at any time. I simply unlocked my T-Mobile phone and was able to use it on the FreedomPop network, which is something that was very convenient. After getting my phone unlocked, I purchased the FreedomPop sim card online, and unlike T-Mobile, I only paid $0.99 for the sim card, but T-Mobile charged me $20 when I bought their sim card.

I started my service the same day that the sim card came in the mail, and I’ve never once had a call drop or had bad call quality when I’m using FreedomPop services. I also learned that I can take my cell phone overseas in dozens of different countries to use the phone service, which is crazy because there are no roaming charges within those countries. Joining FreedomPop has been such a great change for me, and I would always encourage others who are tired of overpaying to companies like T-Mobile to switch the FreedomPop because their prices are really the best out there.

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