Helane Morrison:A Legacy Of Intelligence, Hard Work, Integrity, And Success

Helane Morrison is a woman who’s career is very noteworthy. Through her intelligence, hard work, discipline, and integrity she has made a name for herself in law, government, and business. Along the way she helped change many people’s perception of what is possible for women and shattered the glass ceiling that once limited women’s careers. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she went to school out West and became famous for her work with Appeals Court and Supreme Court justices, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Hall Capital Partners LLC.

Helane Morrison left her native Brooklyn, New York to attend Northwestern University. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, she moved on to the University of California, Berkley to study law. While there, she was editor in chief of the California Law Review. Once she graduated with her Juris Doctor in 1984, she became a law clerk for United States Appeals Court justice Richard A. Posner. That was followed a year serving as one of United States Supreme Court justice Harry Blackmun’s law clerks. Morrison then took a position with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a law firm based in San Francisco, in 1986. She was named a partner in 1991.

That was just the beginning for Helane Morrison. After spending 10 years practicing law, Morrison left Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and accepted a job with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Hired as the San Francisco District Office head of regional enforcement in 1996, she was quickly promoted to district administrator and later regional director. Her job put her in charge of enforcement for Alaska, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Northern Nevada, and Northern California. Under her leadership, the SEC took on numerous high profile cases and took even large and well-known companies to task. She earned a reputation as someone willing to stand up for justice and the common man.

Eleven years after taking a position with the Security and Exchange Commission, Morrison left to try her hand at business. She became chief compliance officer and general counsel for the private investment company Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. This is a company owned and operated by women that managers the finances of some of the wealthiest families in the United States. As in her previous positions, Morrison was a great success. She is now also the company’s managing director and an executive committee member.

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