How Customer Reviews Have Redefine White Shark Media’s Business Strategies

Throughout its existence, White Shark Media has had to equally deal with compliments and complaints from its customers. The firm generally recognizes the fact that it takes dedication and time to achieve near-perfection. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Therefore, it has been using customer reviews to gauge the level of customer satisfaction in its services. In line with this, it ensures that all compliments and complaints are addressed accordingly. This explains why the firm is highly rated by its clients.

How Common Complaints are Addressed

To guarantee customer satisfaction, White Shark Media has put in place structures to ensure that any complaints about its products and services are addressed as soon as possible. Addressing these concerns helps the firm to streamline its services. The following are some complaints that White Shark Media has handled in the past.

Customers Losing Touch With an AdWords Campaign

After close scrutiny, the firm noticed that the reporting structures that it had put in place could not allow clients who own small businesses to review their reports. Consequently, most of them had lost touch with their AdWords Campaigns.


When this complaint reached White Shark Media, the firm started educating its clients about the workings of their new campaigns. Once a client is armed with this knowledge, he or she can easily locate the performance of each individual keyword or ad.

Communication Breakdown

This problem bedeviled White Shark Media Complaints team for a very long time. It was a matter of great concern because communication is pertinent to the success of any consultancy agency.

During the firm’s early days, most clients felt that communication was poor because of difficulties in getting hold of a contact person within the firm. To stem this, White Shark Media implemented a number of strategies.

Scheduling monthly status calls through the Go Meeting platform was done to enhance the flow of communication. This has given the firm’s clients and strategists an opportunity to review monthly reports. This way, they can pinpoint weaknesses, which need to be addressed. Being an online conferencing platform, Go Meeting saves time and money.

Clients who complain that their old campaigns perform better than White Shark Media’s optimized campaigns are often linked with experienced supervisors. The work of these specialists is to provide regular feedback to SEM strategists, and to oversee the rollout of new campaigns.

Under the new system, the strategists work on the feedback to enhance the performance of these new campaigns. This has enabled White Shark Media to offer impressive services.