José AuriemoNeto steers JHSF into huge growth

JHSF is a real estate company from Brazil. It was founded in 1972. Jose AuriemoNeto is the chief executive officer and chairman of the JHSF. JHSF has been a huge real estate developer in Brazil having participated in the implementation of major investment projects across various cities in Brazil. JHSF is a major retail real estate developer who targets the high-income earners in the commission. JHSF specializes in developing and managing Commercial and residential property. Some of the areas in which they have invested heavily are in the building of executive airports, Executive hotels and restaurants, and shopping centers/ shopping malls.

JHSF has invested in a leadership team that is able to identify the best business opportunities to invest in, which has a likelihood of bringing huge returns. The company aims to ensure that all clients are able to find suitable solutions for their needs. They try to cover for the current market and also the future market. Their aim is not to invest in property that might be rendered unfashionable in the few years. It is about building a property that will dominate for decades to come. JHSF has had most of its investment projects in the cities of Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. The company leadership decided to focus on the high-income earners since projects aimed at them are more likely to generate higher revenues for the company. JHSF not only aims to invest in real estate business, it does something for the community in which they operate. They are involved in coming up with social projects focused on empowering the people through education and life skills.

Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto being the chairman and CEO of the firm is tasked with the role of steering the firm into growth. He is supposed to oversee investment projects in the both retail sectors and shopping sector. Jose Neto has also another achievement of guiding his father into starting a project known as ParqueCidadeJardim. This is the largest real estate project in Brazil. His father was the was the president of JHSF before Jose Neto the company as the executive leader.

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