Kate Hudson is now an Iconic Figure in the Rise of Fabletics

Most purchases are increasingly being determined by the power of the crowd. In most instances, most consumers source out reviews from their fellow customers to be able to make a final decision on whether to buy from a dealer. The in-depth association and trust that is created from the reviews are high. They take the reviews so important as if they are personal recommendations from someone that they know. A good example of a brand that has grown due to positive reviews by customers is Fabletics. Since it was launched four years ago, the online retail company has increased by more than 200 percent and over 235 million dollars in revenue.

The membership number that has so far subscribed to the company is more than 1 million. TechStyle is the current parent company of the Fabletics, and according to the Corporate Marketing Officer, the growth of the enterprise can be highly associated with the embracement of the user’s reviews or the crowd. The company has been leveraging the prominence of reviews in most of the time. The impacts of customer review are invaluable, and they can quickly build customers loyalty, acquisition and customer retention from brands across all industries. The management and the marketing team are now increasingly relying on online reviews as part of the decision making process.

There is so much power in great, genuine and authentic reviews by the consumers; they help to create sensitive consumer products that will enhance maximum customer satisfaction. While creating a business strategy, considering reviews from users regarding a product or service is very imperative and can be effective in boosting sales leading to higher LTV and high return on consumer acquisition investment. According to research conducted, positive reviews improve search ranking in a search engine. Therefore, a product with more positive reviews will most likely appear in Google’s local 3-pack and the top in an organic local search result.

About Kate Hudson

For Kate Hudson, being a co-founder in one of the fastest growing athleisure retailer commonly known as Fabletics is one of her greatest achievement. She together with other co-founders has tremendously built the brand in a market that is highly dominated by the established athletic warehouse. With the assistance of Kate Hudson, the company has been part of the e-commerce, and it has generated a $250 million revenue run rate with sales increasing by 43 percent in the last one year. In just for years in business, the company has been able to build more than 21 million followers on twitter and open more than 18 retail stores.

Kate Hudson has been a key figure in Fabletics, and she has continued to bring new ideas to the company which has helped increase its performance. The fashion brand has applied all possible methods to be all inclusive and empowering. The company recently introduced lifestyle quiz program to help consumers get personalized outfit picks. Lifestyle quiz involves filling out a form with questions relating activities and work out that one enjoys most including styles and active wear that one prefers. The system then picks out the most suitable wear for the consumers. The process is fun and enticing and is something anyone should try it as it is straightforward and easy. The quiz can be accessed by clicking https://www.fabletics.ca/get-started.