Keith Mann Offers Scholarship to Underprivileged Students

Keith Mann, the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, is pleased to announce the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The award is for high school seniors who plan to become innovative business leaders upon graduation. The Manns have partnered with Uncommon Schools, a New York-based non-profit charter management organization, to give this scholarship to a student graduating from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn.

Joe Frick, a college counselor and Uncommon Charter High School, has expressed his gratitude for the scholarship on behalf of the faculty and students. Frick shares that without the Mann’s financial award, some of the students at Uncommon Schools wouldn’t be able to attend a four-year college.

Students who are interested in the scholarship are required to write a 1,000-word essay, detailing the ways that a college degree will have them achieve their business goals. Keith Mann is a strong proponent of education as well as a philanthropist, which is why he is pleased to offer this scholarship to students. As the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann is also committed to finding innovative leaders and pairing these professionals with the companies that will help them achieve success.

Mann has shared that his company wants to support the mission of Uncommon Schools by assisting low-income students who want to attend college and jumpstart their careers. He is confident that the scholarship will help students to realize their academic and professional potential.

One graduating senior from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn will receive the scholarship each year. The application process opened on February 29, 2016, and the scholarship winner was announced at the end of March 2016. The scholarship is worth $5,000 is is applied toward the cost of the student’s college tuition.

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