Keith Mann Wants New York City Youth To Go To College

The college ideal is something that is being pushed on all kids in charter schools in New York, but it is really hard for a lo of these kids to make their way to college. They have dreams, but they cannot afford to go there. Keith Mann is a businessman in the city who wants to pay for a kid to go to college every year. He called his new scholarship the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, and it is for any kid who is going to a city charter school today.

Keith decided on the scholarship because he had better opportunities when he was a kid, and he sees kids every day who would go to college if they could. The program keeps kids out of jobs that they might hate, and the program will send kids off the schools that are not all that expensive.

Anyone who gets the scholarship is given $5000 a year to go to college, and the scholarship will be given to just one lucky kid every year. These kids mostly go to charter schools in Brooklyn, and every one of those kids has been given a much better chance of succeeding because they get a head start on funding their college educations.

Keith is a successful businessman who runs his own search firm, Dynamic Search Partners, and he is willing to help every kid in the program make their way to college. He is paying the money out of his own pocket, and he is willing to help kids who need extra helps with financing for school.

Keith Mann has committed money to scholarships for charter school kids because he knows they have a harder path to success than other people. He is the kind of guy who knows what it is like to want to have the best education possible, but he does not want kids to assume that they cannot get that education.

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  1. He offers suggestions, and he writes letters for kids who need recommendations. He is paying for one kid to go to college every year to help bring Brooklyn out of the doldrums that have hit their schools. This is really a way for the essay writer to book an appointment with them at Brooklyn.

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