Malcolm CasSelle’s Achievements

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of the Worldwide Asset exchange (WAX). He is also the CIO of OPSkins that is a company dealing with the selling and buying of video games. Previously, he worked as the CTO and president of Tronc. He oversaw the growth in property and leveraging of digital assets of the firm. He also served as the general manager and SVP of Digital Media at SeaChange. SeaChange acquired Timeline solutions that offer solutions to companies for display, measure and discover social content.

Malcolm has led many start-ups in the digital industry that include, Xfire and Mediapass. He has also actively invested in companies like Zynga, Facebook, blockchain verticals and in big data. Early in his career life, he co-founded the PCCW that is a telecom company based in Hong Kong. The company is valued at over $35 billion. While still part of the company he helped raise a lot of money for the company’s private transactions. Malcolm has a Computer Science degree from Stanford University and MIT. He has excellent knowledge of Mandarin and Japanese language.

He has actively developed WAX to what it is today. WAX is a platform decentralized to allow everyone to efficiently operate a functioning market without any investments in security, payment processing or infrastructure. The platform is well designed to support over 400 million online users who buy, collect and sell game items. It utilizes the power of the Blockchain Technology to allow virtual goods to be tokenized easily and further be exchanged for the cryptocurrency.

The trading between sellers and buyers is made possible by the use of the smart contract. This mechanism underlies every transaction that takes place on the platform. Millions of users are allowed to create virtual stores on a decentralized platform. This provides instant security, payments, and trust among users. This has served to bring more participants into the platform every year. WAX is on the way to enabling a mass cryptocurrency adoption. It provides everyone with free access to all items available for sale. WAX, therefore, provides users with all the advantages found in The Blockchain.